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Caught Her

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I love to watch discreetly


We had been going through a bit of a rocky patch in our otherwise happy marriage and had taken up a course of relationship therapy that turned (to my surprise and delight) from the our general communication with each other to our sexual relationship.

A key part of the therapy was that sexual intercourse was banned by our (school mistress like therapist) whilst we went through a complete analysis and sharing of our personal sexual histories-Needless to say this was very revealing for us both and indeed helped us to resolve a number of small issues that had become quite big ones. Each of us was required to follow a program of personal re-discovery-alone. We would then reunite sexually after the 6 week course. The net result being no intercourse or shared sex for 6 weeks!

As I read through the detail of my program it dawned on me that my wife would have pretty much the same agenda-one that involved a lot of personal attention and yes leading to exploratory masturbation. Something that I knew she did but had not really ever caught her more than fleetingly. We agreed that we would follow the program at the same pace-so I knew exactly which bit we would both be following on any given evening. Part 5 of the course was the interesting one:

HERS: Before taking a warm bath or shower stroke yourself gently all over your naked body-admiring all parts of your body and telling yourself you are beautiful. Then using an oil or lotion focus around your crotch area to deliberaltely let the senasations raise your arousal. Sit in front of a mirror and spread your vaginal lips to reveal the inner labia. Use saliva .... and so on.

Knowing that my wife would be doing this exercise had me in a state of huge excitement-but how could I get to watch? In the end it was easy-Our bathroom happens to have clear glass windows that look onto a flat roof. By closing the blind onto a shampoo bottle a gap was left at the bottom-the view was of the whole room whilst she would never know. The scene was set.

I said I would use the shower downstairs and we agreed to leave each other in private for 1.5 hours or so. I set the shower running and listened for the bathroom door to shut which didn't take long. I was soon stealthily crossing the flat roof with my heart pounding. My eyes feasted on my wifes gorgeous naked body through the glass that night and she looked more wonderful than I had ever before. She was turned to the basin and brushing her teeth. Her bottom jiggled as she washed her teeth. Then it happened-clearly she had built up her own anticipation of the sexual exercise to come and she raised her left leg to place her foot on the bath edge. Her right hand went to between her legs and she played gently with her clitoris as she finished brushing her teeth.

The teeth clean she rinsed and then turned to the drawer where her exercise notes were kept. The small hand mirror she placed on the batch edge and she straddled it. She turned to page 5 and read-my heart pounded. She was clearly skipping all the oiling stage-good girl! after a short read she placed the pages to one side and placed her hands on either side of her vagina parting her lips wide. Oh what a wonderful sight-she was so wet down there. She brought her right hand to her lips and spat some saliva on them which she spread over those beatiful lips-not apparently concentrating on the clitoris but massaging the labia, spreading them, pulling them, patting them. Then after a little of this she was clearly ready to come and she added a little more saliva before proceeding to make a gentle cicular massage of the clit itself. It didn't take her long and the nipples came up about 5 seconds prior to orgasm just as they do when we have sex together. The orgasm hit her hard-we had not had any sex for some time remember. Her face was a picture of glorious joy as the feelings tore through her.

She still doesn't know I saw this but it doesn't matter it has made me love her more fully and appreciate her more. Now we are much more open about maturbation and happily do it in front of each other.



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