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Caught & Guilty

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Several stories recall how a family member or friend showed up at an inopportune moment. I had such an experience when I was 19.


Jerking off was the nicest pastime of my teenage years, I think. Is there any other possible activity that is more enjoyable? Two of my friends showed me how when I was 12. The three of us were all over at Teddy's house and his mom left to go shopping. It didn't take long for Mike and Teddy to have their dicks out of their pants. I just sort of followed suit. My first orgasm was dry, but within a few months I was spewing jizz just like the rest of them.

All of this was my secret though. I had a younger sister so there was no discussion of sex with her. And my parents were both very narrow minded about anything sexual. They made it clear that 'self abuse' was WRONG. PERIOD. I was always careful to lock my bedroom door whenever I 'abused' myself. And I kept super quiet.

During my teen years I was quite shy. Although there were some dates, I didn't have a steady girlfriend and remained a virgin until I left home for good. But my right hand served me very, very well-like at least once a day and often more than that. I'm circumcised so I learned to dry stroke my cock shaft. That's the only way I had ever done it.

Fast forward. The summer I turned 19, I worked with a social agency that operated a recreation program for younger teens. At the end of August we organized an outdoor trip for the group to wind up the summer. Three girls and another guy, all about my age, accompanied the kids to an outdoor camp about fifty miles in the country. It was four days of packed activity for the kids-and also for the five of us who supervised. Bob, my partner, and I shared a tent. We were so bushed at night, we fell asleep as soon as we hit the pillow.

The last night out, Bob and I talked about the three girls who were part of our team. I think we both were pretty horny just talking about them. But there was too much to do and no time for getting together with them. Just before dropping off to sleep, he said he'd have a good jerk-off session as soon as he got back home. He mentioned that his jar of Vaseline was waiting beside his bed. I asked him to explain. He told me how he always greased his cock head and then stroked it directly with his fist; there was no other way, he said. I had never tried anything other than dry stroking my shaft.

I was too tired and too shy to do anything more that night. The next morning we herded the kids onto the bus and headed back home. It had been four whole days of abstinence; I had never gone that long without jerking off. I think the most was maybe a day and half since I was 12. Needless to say, I had a hard-on all the way back home. It was hot and sticky and the kids were noisy. But we had plenty of cokes and who cared anyhow-this was the last day of the program.

No sooner did I arrive home than I headed up to my bedroom for some badly needed relief. I was wearing only my bathing suit, a T-shirt, and my runners. No one was home so I stopped at the bathroom to pick up the household jar of Vaseline. 'May as well try out Bob's recommended method,' I thought.

Well, for all you circumcised guys who started out dry stroking like me, you will appreciate what was in store for me. I kicked off my runners and swim suit, flopped on my back on the bed and greased up with the Vaseline. Man, I was amazed at the difference in sensation when my cock head was directly stroked with my fist. What a feeling. It was so very good. It was as nice as learning how to jerk off for the first time, all over again.

But the intensity was building up very fast so I got up off the bed and stood in front of my dresser, just to distract my mind a bit from going over the edge too soon. As I stood in front of the mirror stroking, the orgasm became too powerful to hold back. I just let myself holler out loud with an 'AGH' that could have been heard by the neighbors and shot my load in powerful convulsions of my cock and balls. Maybe it was the four days of not jerking off. Or maybe all the cokes we had been drinking. Whatever the reason, a big quantity of jizz shot out of my cock. It flew out like there was no tomorrow. I was standing a couple of feet from the dresser and the first jizz blob hit the lower section of the mirror. Then 3 or 4 more more streams fell on the white cotton covering that was on the dresser, soaking it. What a mess.

Man, jerking your cock head directly is pure pleasure. Being so wrapped up in my ecstacy, I didn't even notice that my kid sister had come into the house. I turned to the doorway and there she was with a shocked look on her face. Kerry was 14 at the time. I tried to pretend with a couple of lame excuses but apparently she had been there watching since I got up from the bed. So there was no use trying to cover it up. By this time I had wrapped a towel around my waist although my cock was still tenting. I told Kerry that this was personal and to please not mention it to our parents. She said she thought I was a pig, turned and left.

I went for a shower to clean up feeling really guilty. By the time I finished toweling dry, I could hear my mom who had arrived home. As I started back to my room, I realized that my mom was there. She was going to do a load of laundry and went to see if I had clothes for washing. She was standing in front of my dresser, looking at the streak on the mirror and the wet blobs on the dresser scarf. Her look told me that she knew exactly what this was. She took the dresser scarf and my soiled clothes, walking past me saying, 'The Vaseline belongs in the bathroom cabinet, Steven.' She was clearly disgusted with me.

I wiped up everything. A while later I sat down to dinner with my parents and Kerry. She wouldn't look at me. Almost nothing was said during dinner. It was like a great crime had been committed. I was humiliated. Later that night my dad said something like, 'So I suppose you think you're a real man.' I didn't answer.

After another day of few words between us, things gradually got back to normal. No doubt my parents were disillusioned by the discovery that I jerked off like all those other poorly behaved boys, etc. etc. But they got over it. And I guess I did too. It took me several years to get past my own narrow views. Today I fuck a lot. And I jerk off and spew jizz a lot. And I love doing it.



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