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Caught by Sis

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Never thought this would happen


All these stories about people getting caught masturbating by a family member used to really surprise me. I always thought they were pretty dumb. I mean how could you be so stupid as to get caught whlle doing it. Well now that I've been the one to get caught I know what people mean. I still can't believe it.

This happened on a Saturday morning over holiday break. I was in my room having a little private time and relieving some of the tension that had been building up. I usually masturbate like three to four times a week in general. Well I woke up that morning feeling really horny and so decided to just take care of business as usual. I like to get my laptop out and look at some free porn sites, or some pics I have of an old girlfriend and just stroke away and enjoy. Well like out of nowhere my 14 year old sis comes walking in and catches me right in the act. I was stunned. I had the covers down and was just laying there with my laptop and slowly going at it. I jumped and pulled up the covers and am like 'OMG like don't you even knock'. I like thought I locked my door when I went to bed cuz I usually do in case I want to get off during the nite or something. She's llke standing there stunned and says 'omg sorry I didnt know.....and like looks at me for a sec and walks out and closes the door. I was like so stunned I couldn't believe it. I mean my sis and I have never talked about anything sexual or even joked about it. I didn't know what to think and I sure didn't know what she was thinking. All I know is I was so embarrassed that she obviously knew I do it now and I was feeling so weird about what I was gonna say when I saw her again.

So when I finally got the courage to come out of my room I ran into my sis watching tv in the family room. I was like so nervous my heart was racing. She looks at me and doesn't say anything and I don't say anything and just sit down. We just sat there and watched tv for a while and then she's like 'hey I'm sorry about what happened ok I didn't know you were in there or doing anything and like I should have knocked'. I was oh geez what am I gonna say now. So I'm like 'yea its like can't you knock I mean what's up with that'. She just said she was sorry and let it go. Then like a few mins later she's like 'you know its like no big deal about it anyway, its not like I couldn't have guessed you that you prob do it'. I'm thinking like omg I can't believe she's telling me this. I didn't say anything and figured I'm gonna let that one pass.

Then a lil later she's like 'so do you like do it a lot or what'. Wow I couldn't believe it. I finally said like 'its not or your d- business geez I can't believe you would even say that', She's said she's like just wondering cuz one of her friends walked in on her bro to and they ended up like talking about it a lil and her bro said he like does it a lot. I'm like 'they actually talked about it', and she's like 'yea I guess, from what she said'. So I was like so like annoyed with this that I decided to turn the tables and said 'so what about you then, do you do it'? Like wow there was this long pause and she didn't say anything. So I say see, 'yea when its you you don't have anything to say'. So finally she's like 'well since I walked in on you ....well yea, I do it too, ok, so there.'. Wow. Amazing. I couldn't believe that she actually admitted it.

So I decided to go a lil further and said 'so then, do YOU do it a lot then or what'. She said look I asked you first and its not of your business anyway. So I'm like yea your asking me but when I turn the tables and ask you you dont wanna talk about it either so why you askin me then. She didn't say anthing for a long time and we just sat there and watched tv and talked about other stuff. Then out of the blue she says 'so if I tell you will you tell me then'? Yikes, I mean I couldn't believe she said it. I didn't say anything at first and just sat there and thought about it and finally said yea ok, you go first and then I'll tell you. She's like 'are you gonna be honest or just bullshitting around'. I'm like no if your gonna be honest then yea so will I. She's like ok. So she says 'I cant believe I'm telling you this but.....ok like about every other day I guess'.

Wow. I was stunned. I mean I never like thought of anything sexual about my sis before but here she is telling me she like masturbates every other day. Wow. I couldn't believe it. So she like well are you gonna tell me or what. And I'm like yea its about the same for me too actually. She's like wow I thought maybe you'd be doing it more. So like we ended up having this wierd talk and we just kinda opened up about it and it was weird but like I couldn't believe that we had like just talked about it and everything. It got me so turned on. I mean I never thought of anything sexual with my sis before but I was thinking like wow my sis gets horny a lot too wow. She's 14 and she's got like this cute body with a really nice butt and stuff and here I am thinking wow so she's like must be in her bed doing it a lot too. Wow.

So like a couple weeks goes by and like I pretty much forget about the whole thing and one day were sitting in the family room and she's like out of the blue, 'so have you been doing it a lot still'. Wow. Here she was bringing this up again. I didn't know what to say. I said like well what do you think. And she's like 'yea I know what you mean I've been doing it more since we both admitted it and stuff for some reason'. I couldn't believe she was telling me this. I even said to her that I'm surprised your telling me this and stuff I thought u'd be embarrassed. She's like well since we both admitted it I guess I don't feel so weird about it. Then like out of nowhere shes like ' I know this is gonna sound weird but like do you think like for a few secs I could see your thing again'. OMG did I just hear that. I said omg are you serious, I can't believe you would say that. And she just like ran off. Wow. And like later we ran into each other and she's like 'ok, I'll admit it. i've never really seen one and i'm dying to see what one really looks like and i'm not gonna get into stuff with these idiot guys at school and so yea, i'm just gonna come right out and admit it and sorry I didnt mean to make you feel weird', and just left. I was like floored. OMG my sis wants to see my thing. I don't believe it. So like I'm sitting in my room that nite and thinking about it and like I was surprised but it got me so horny. I got to thinking about maybe turning the tables again and like if she really wants to see me then maybe I could get to see her too. I mean I never thought about it like that before but this was starting to turn me on and it was amazing. I like started wanting to see what my sisters butt looked like and started imagining her in her bed doing it.

So I let a few days go by and like one day were alone and I say so I thought about what you said and wanted to see and stuff. I said well if you wanna see me and look at it then your gonna have to get naked first cuz you like already walked in on me and I'm not just gonna let you look if your not willing to do the same. Shes like 'no way, forget it', and just left. I mean that was a surprise, and so I figured she prob wasnt serious after all and just let it go. Then like 2 weeks later she says, 'so you mean you'll show it to me if I get naked too, you mean like totally naked or just a quick look or what' . Im like wow she really has been thinking about this. I said well hey I dont know whatever I guess I dont know what you wanted to do. Shes like you mean you would get like totally naked? I said well no only if your wiling to get totally naked first. You already walked in on me doing it. So your gonna have to go first this time and then I will. So we like talked about the whole thing a lot and like amazingly she said ok she'd do it but like she's so nervous about it. So we waited until one day when our rents were gone and we like were in my room and like started talking about how we were gonna do it. So I just said if you like just take it off then I will and I get we can just look at eachother if thats what you want. So she like is wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt and like takes off her t-shirt and is standing there in her bra. Ive seen her in her bras and stuff around the house but knowing what might happen now had me like screaming hard already. She like turns around and like takes off her bra and shes got her hands covering her boobs and turns around and like is like 'I cant believe I'm doing this but here goes' and she took her hands away and is like standing there nervous as hell and I'm seeing my younger sisters boobs for the first time. Oh man, it was so weird and so hot at the same time. I mean they were small but man they looked pretty good. My heart was beating so fast. She like so are you gonna take anything off. So I stripped to my boxers and she could see I was hard and like kept looking at my tent and we both kinda laughed. So I said well you gotta do the rest first cuz you already saw mine for a few secs before. So she like is nervous so we just hang out in my room with her topless and me in my boxers with a tent and just kinda try to calm down before going any further. Then shes says like shes ready if I am and so like I can't believe this is really gonna happen. So she turns around and like pulls down her sweat pants and I'm like omg I'm actually seeing my sisters bare butt for the first time. So she like is standing there with her back to me and her hands over her crotch and is like come on you gotta take it off now too. So I like pull off my boxers she turns around and is like saying like 'omg omg I cant believe this' and shes like soo staring at my hardon. So she takes her hands away from her crotch and I get so see her down there and now I'M like omg I cant believe I'm seeing my sisters bush. She had this really cute brown lil bush of hair and like such a great bumm I couldnt believe it. She was like so into looking at my hard on and my butt and we just like were laughing about how we couldnt believe we were actually looking at eachother. We like we so nervous but we just like hung out in my room and took our time checking eachother out and stuff. We didnt like do a lot of touching but we basically just let eachother look and really see what they wanted. It was like so hot. I was so screaming hard. She was like so fascinated by my hard on and stuff. She even liked looking at my ass. She's kinda skinny with this really cute bubble bumm and like I almost came without even touching myself. She doesnt have a ton a pubic hair but like what shes's got is pretty darn hot. So we like were just having the best time being naked and looking eachother over. As we like got more relaxed we layed on the bed and she let me see her with her legs up and then she wanted to see me do the same thing and like after a while we got so turned on we were both like, 'so are you like so ready to masturbate'?. We like were not even close to being ready to do that in front of eachother but we like said this was so cool and so she went back to her room and I stayed in mine and we like both new the other was getting off in their own room. After we talked about how absolutely amazing that was and so like now every once in a while we get naked together and then go back to our own rooms and masturbate to what we just saw. Amazing...

So if anyone has like a similar story let me know on here. My sis and I are kinda both wondering now. We've never masturbated in front of eachother but we sure like getting naked and turned on and then going and doing it.



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