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Caught by My Neighbor

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Second time to get caught. Do I want this?


A couple of years ago, I got caught getting out of my shower and drying off then lying on my bed when a neighbor walked into our screened in room directly connected to our bedroom. It was an autumn day, wife shopping and the connecting patio door open and just the screen door closed. Lying down, eyes closed, masturbating when neighbor lady walked in and watched me for who knows how long. I posted this story at that time.

This time it was a different neighbor lady. I have been working out all summer and with a pool, have an excellent tan except for where my small bathing suit covers. For some reason, I love to tan my middle, usually covered by my bathing suit. For the past few weeks, I have taken to sliding down my bathing suit while floating on one of the pool floats we have and did just that yesterday.

Often, I do this when my wife is in the pool too and at first, it kind of upset her but after so many times, she is used to it now and doesn't say anything but does look a bit. This time, again, she went grocery shopping and would be gone for well over an hour when I slipped into the pool and slipped down my bathing suit to near my knees. Love the feel of the warm sun on my genitals, just floating in near 90 degree water and the warm sun. Thinking about whatever, I soon had a hardon. I love watching it come up from half hard to a full erection with the sun making it feel so much better for some reason. Soon, with my eyes shut, I slowly started working the shaft up and down with my right hand, feeling oh so very good. Water lapping on my balls and my cock in full erection. I keep my cock and balls shaved and hair trimmed and love the look and feeling. I wasn't planning on cumming, just feeling good.

Now, our pool is enclosed with a screen and a door on both ends. On the far end, without me hearing, another neighbor came in. She lives four houses south of me and apparently walked the back way and in and around the corner and in only to see me on the far side of the pool, stroking away. I really don't know how long she was standing there but I got the feeling somebody was watching me. Ever get that feeling? Well, opened my eyes and she was like 30 feet from me, just watching. I didn't open my eyes wide at first but just peeked and saw her and kept going. For some reason, this really turned me on and if anything, I got harder than ever. After a bit, I just opened my eyes and looked at her. She didn't say anything at all, just watched with her eyes glued to my cock and hand moving up and down.

I broke the ice by saying 'why don't you come closer and get a better look Joyce' thinking maybe she'd bolt and leave fast. No, she walked over to my end of the pool and watched fascinated.

I know, many guys who write on this site and others have large cocks. Some monster proportions but in fact, I do have a larger than normal cock as it is truly eight and a half inches long and seven and a quarter circumferance and when it gets close to cumming, the head usually swells bigger and turns a nasty purple color and as usual, when Joyce walked closer, it did just that and in seconds, I was shooting cum up on my chest, looking at Joyce with her mouth half open.

Splashing water all over myself, I washed all off, slid up my bathing suit and got out and sat down with Joyce who really didn't say hardly anything at all. I got us a soda from the refreshement refrigerator and we sat down. It was then that she said she had never seen anything like that as her husband Ralph never masturbated in front of her and his cock was half my size or so she said.

Ten minutes later, she still was saying she never knew cocks could get so big and all of that and asked if it always got that big. Well, yeah, when it's excited of course. I knew she wanted to see it again and I was only partially hard so stood up and got some ice for her glass and purposely shoved my groin into her hand. She immediately grabbed my cock through my bathing suit and I eased it down again. I was more then half hard again and in just moments, with her jacking it, soon pretty hard once more. This was a BAD idea as we could have been seen here by a lot of people so I pulled away saying 'another time' and told her why. No need to get into more trouble just for a hand job.

I am pretty sure Joyce will want to finish what she started but the time has to be right. If nothing else, we had fun for a short time.



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