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Caught By My Friend Through Window

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this happened to me when i was 13
after i was walkin home, i asked my friend (lets call her mary) if she was gonna come over and she said maybe but probably not. Anyway, when i got home, i did my usual jack off session in my room. I was on my bed and jerkin off to a pic of mary. After i cummed, i looked around and saw mary looking through my window with her jaw dropped. I covered myself and really embarrassed and closed the blinds.
i ran to the front door and she was already there. I asked her what she was doing here and she said that she felt like coming over. i asked her why she went to my window and she said that she kept on knocking and doorbelling and i didnt answer.
Anyway, i told her to come inside (no one was home and not gonna be home until 8:00 at night.). We started watching tv and she finally brought up the incident.
she said 'so...do u do that all the time?' i acted like i didnt no and said 'what?, jacking off?? yea' then i finally brought up the courage to ask her if she wanted to see and she said yes. i was sooo horney so i told her to come with me to my room.
we got into the room i asked her to take off her clothes. she asked why and i said because guys like to look at girls when we jack off. To my amazement she took off her clothes and i saw my first naked girl. Her tits were pretty big and her pusssy was barely growin sum hair. I was really hard at this point and stripped really quick. i took my cock and began strokin while she was focusin on my cock the whole time. She took came closer and told me to stop. then i was surprised. she pushed me onto the bed and started sucking me off. I was in heaven. i cummed really really fast and just licked the tip and sucked me dry. i returned the faver and put her on the bed and ate her pussy out.
she tasted soo good. I was fucking her tight pussy wit my tongue. her body twitched and arched and She cummed pretty fast. Then we started making out exchanging eachothers cum. sweeet.. since my dick was already slick with her spit and my cum, i asked her to turn around. i positioned myself and inserted my 6.5 long cock in her ass. she pulled away and complained that it was too big but i said 'its ok it wont hurt'. i continued to stick it in and i started goin in her ass in and out. i started increasin the pace and was seriously deep penetrating her ass. she was yelling and moaning really loud. i started to moan and had and shot my biggest load in her ass. we rested and she suggested something. she asked if i could fuck her and really quick, i said yes.
i laid down and she got up on top of me. she positioned herself and inserted my dick. i yelled out 'OH MY GODDD!!!' it felt sooo good because she was sooo fukin tight.. she was practically squeezing my dick off. we were both yelling as she was riding my huge cock. she moaned and came. her cum was dripping down my cock. i moaned at shot my huge load in her. we laid down and held eachother in our arms. we got in the shower and did it all over again.
this was the best time of my life, we kept on doing this for almost half the school year almost 3 times a week. It was the best time of my life. that is until the real fun happened and she brought a few friends.



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