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Caught by Mom and Sisters

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I can't believe this happened


When I was fourteen I was masturbating regularly. Usually doing it when taking a bath or a shower. This being the safest way since I always locked the door.

However, one day I got home from school around 3:00 p.m. and there was a note that said my mom and two sisters were out shopping and would not likely be home until 5:30 p.m.. I was to do my homework and get cleaned up for dinner. Since I was hot and sweaty I decided to clean up first.

The shower in our main bathroom was out of service so I decided to use my mom's bathroom off their bedroom. I stripped in my room, grabbed a towel from the linen closet and walked through her room. I noticed a pile of clothes on the floor. It was clothing my mom had worn the day before. Curious, I lifted up to see what was there. My eyes got big, my mouth got dry and my cock got large.

There was a silk half slip, silk panties (crotchless...I can't believe my mom had these) stockings, garter belt and bra. I picked each one up and ran them through my hands. I thought how nice and smooth these were. I then started to do something I could not believe. I started rubbing my erection with her panties. It felt so good. Then I thought why stop there, I have a while before anyone was home. I slipped on the panties and slid my erection through the crotchless area. I then put on the garter belt and stockings. I then put the half slip on. I then stood in front of a mirror. I felt so horny. But something was missing I went into her closet and got a pair of high heels and put them on. The slip stuck well out where my cock was. It was getting it wet where it rubbed against the fabric. I was ready.

I slid onto my mom's bed and laid on my back. I admired my outfit. I pulled up the slip onto my chest and started to tease myself. Soon I was jacking away. I then saw the bra lying on the bed next to me. I doubled up the cup and draped it over my cock. It felt sooo good. I just wrapped my hand round the outside and started to jerk off. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the feeling so much, yes, I did not hear the door open. I was happily ignorant of my surroundings.

Suddenly, I could not hold it anymore and began convulsing in the biggest orgasm I had ever had. My ass was bouncing off the bed as I thrust into the bra cups filling them with my warm cum. Just then I heard to my horror a chuckle. My eyes opened wide and I looked at the door. There was my eighteen and sixteen-year-old sisters looking at me and giggling. I was laying there in my moms undies with a wet bra covering my deflating cock. I must have turned ten shades of red.

Then I heard my mom's footsteps coming down the hall asking what is so funny. Everything went silent as my mom came around the corner of the door. She stood there with no expression whatsoever. I was still laying there with my hands on top of the bra covering up my cock not knowing what to do. My mom asked my sisters to leave the room and that she would talk to them later. I thought I was going to get it now.

She closed the door and sat down on the bed next to me. She moved my hands and lifted up her bra with a huge amount of cum over it. She then saw my wetness on her slip and panties. She laid the bra back down. She began rubbing my arm gently and with a low tone started talking to me. 'I know you must be very embarrassed right now.' I was barely able to say anything in reply but yes in a whimper.

'Son I should have expected you would be going through this now and should have had a talk with you but you being the only male in the house I just did not think of you as growing up yet.' I just laid there taking comfort from her words and touch. 'With your sisters, they would talk with me and I knew when the right time was to show them how.' (my mom showed my sisters how to masturbate)'I understand that a man masturbates to relax himself and to take care of sexual urges. I guess my little boy is a man now.' I looked up into her motherly eyes. She smiled and continued to rub my arm tenderly.

What I did not expect was that my cock started to grow. It was now sticking out from under the bra. I was getting embarrassed again. She looked down, smiled, reached over and moved the bra to the side. Fully erect I was five and a half inches and very thick. She said,' I have no doubt you are a man now.' She lightly moved her hand over my penis and it sent an electric charge through me. 'I guess that once wasn't enough to satisfy you. If you like I will leave and you can take care of it....or you can take care of it while we talk.'

I could not believe it. I looked at her and she smiled and I shook my head yes. So I reached down, grabbed the bra and wrapped my cock again. She then said, 'Would you wrap it so that the end of your penis sticks out?' Again, I was taken aback but adjusted the bra so I was sliding my cock in and out of it. The conversation continued, 'You should be more careful and that this should always be done in more private conditions. I understand how you like my things when you masturbate but you should be more respectful and ask me before you use them.' By this time I grunted my acceptance of her request.

She then started to encourage me by saying things like how manly I was and how I will make some girl very happy some day. Her caresses moved from my arm to my leg. I could not hold it anymore and started squirting cum up my chest and stomach. I must have pumped for a full minute. I finally squeezed out the final load and relaxed. She took her finger and rubbed it around in the pool of cum. She then told me to clean up and make sure I get her things in the laundry. She also told me that she will talk to my sisters and make sure it is all ok.

I showered, cleaned up and placed my moms things in the laundry. I went out and ate dinner with them as if nothing happened. When dinner was over my mom and oldest sister went into the other room. My younger sister and I cleaned up. As we finished she leaned over to me and said, 'It was so cool to see you jack off and I am sorry if we embarrassed you.' I said that was ok and that I guess I asked for it for not planning ahead. I also said I am lucky that I have really cool sisters and a mom who were able to understand. She then said, 'Sis and I decided that if you are in need of anything to jack off with, help yourself to our panties or whatever.' I thanked her then she did the final surprise. She said 'However, if you do, we expect you to model them for us.' With that she gave me a quick kiss and a smile and walked away.

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