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Caught by Mom and Sister

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This happened to me four years ago.


It was getting late in the afternoon and I knew they would be leaving soon. I couldn't wait for them to leave. It seems as if they've been lingering around here for hours. It was a little after three in the afternoon, and my mom was taking my sister, Heather, to the mall for some back to school shopping. With my dad at work, I'd have the house to myself for at least two hours.

I had just graduated high school, and was leaving for my freshman year at college in a few weeks. At 5'9' and 140 pounds with my smooth body, I looked more like I should be starting high school instead of college that fall. Though slight and boyish in stature, my blonde hair, blue eyes and cute face did occasionally attract the attention of the girls, but seemingly not often enough. Therefore, today I found myself very much horny as usual. And the prospect of an empty house only served to boost my desire for some self-sexual gratification. Knowing this, I refrained from my normal morning 'whacking' session in the sanctuary of my bedroom in order to savor the event.

I was wearing a pair of blue and yellow lacrosse shorts with no shirt to cover up my smooth chest. I could feel my cock sporadically stir in anticipation for what was cumming later. Though it could have also been the red bikini briefs I was wearing. I wore all kinds of underwear. Boxers, briefs and when I really felt horny I would wear some of the sexier bikini or g-string style that I had in the back of my drawer. This particular pair was made of a silky nylon, and probably to some degree resembled girls' panties, which likely contributed an alluring 'taboo' factor. I liked the way I looked in them. I would often admire myself in the mirror or just hang out in my room wearing nothing else but them. But more significantly, I liked the way they felt. The smooth, silky nylon fabric caressed and teased my cock in all the right places. By now, my cock was showing obvious signs of the delight brought about by the titillating, silky confines of the bikini briefs. I waited patiently by playing video games and listening to my iPod for my mom and sister to leave for the mall, all the while I tried not to make my semi-hardon any more noticeable then it was.

'Bye honey, we'll be back in a few hours. Tell dad we're bringing a pizza home for dinner' my mom said to me as she and my sister headed out the back door to her car. 'Bye mom, buy me something cool' I replied, pulling the iPod buds from my ears. She rolled her eyes at me and grimaced as she closed the door behind her. From where I was sitting in our family room I could hear her car start and idle a bit before pulling away from our suburban home. 'About time' I thought to myself. I shut off my PlayStation and bound up the steps to my room. I pulled a battered shoebox from under my bed and grabbed my DVD copy of 'Bi the Way 6' and a plastic bottle of KY lube. I removed my shorts and threw them on the bed. Wearing only my red bikini undies, I bounded back downstairs with DVD and lube in hand. I could have easily watched it in my bedroom, and in hindsight I wish I did. But with an empty house I opted for the big plasma TV in our family room, plus that was where the couch was.

My erection was straining, it was five inches fully hard and was quite obvious through the front of my briefs. I popped the DVD in, grabbed the remote and dropped on the couch. I jumped through the chapters until I found some of my favorite scenes. The DVD featured guy on girl, girl on girl and even some guy on guy action. I would never describe myself as gay or even bisexual, more like 'bi-curious' at best. I alternated between rubbing my cock through the soft, silky fabric and putting my hand inside to slowly stroking it. After awhile of this, I rolled on to my stomach on the couch then began to grind my cock onto it. The pleasure was intense and I could have cummed within minutes. I edged for a while longer, and my cocked ached in anticipation to spurt. After watching a few more scenes, I decided to do something that I've done only a few times before, but was truly an amazing way to cum! I grabbed the KY lube and walked into the kitchen. By now my hard on was sticking out above the waistband of my briefs.

I went to a kitchen drawer and removed a box of Ziploc sandwich baggies. I pulled a baggie free from the box, opened it, and squirted in a generous amount of KY lube. With that, I put the lube filled baggie in the microwave for a few seconds. When it beeped that it was finished, I took the now warm, lube filled baggie back into the family room for some serious self gratification.

Loud moans from the porno were emanating from the TV. Perhaps too loud, so I turned it down a bit. I placed the warm, lubed baggie between two of the cushions on the couch, and pushed my briefs to my ankles. I leaned down to mount the couch. My practically hairless cock, sought out the warm, wet opening of the baggie and found it. I gently thrust deeply. Intense waves of pleasure swarmed over me! It felt so incredible! So warm, wet and tight! This was as close to the real thing that I could conjure up in my perverted mind. I took one deep thrust and held it there. The profound feeling of delight was enough for me to close my eyes and moan softly and lean my head back in pleasure. I turned my attention to the porno. On the TV screen were two hot guys, one blowing the other. I began to slowly thrust my hips up and down. Each thrust felt as if I were being plugged into an electric circuit the rewarded me sheer pleasure for my efforts. I humped slowly and steadily for a few minutes. I was getting close to climax, but I kept holding back. I alternated between soft moans and louder grunts. I was finally going to allow myself to cum, it had been long enough. Then I heard my mom scream my name.

'Tyler! Oh my God what are you doing?' My head turned to the back door, where my mom and sister stood in varying degrees of shock. My sister's eyes were wide and she had her hand drawn up to her mouth. My mother was stunned as well as angry. She turned to the TV with the two hot guys on it and screamed again. 'What are you watching? What the hell is going on in here?' I had jumped to my feet and tried to pull up my briefs, while my lubed erection pointed upward, glistening in the soft light. As I fumbled about trying to hide my shame, something terrible happened to me. I began to cum, and cum a lot! Huge wads of semen burst from the tip of my cock causing my knees to buckle. In what seemed like an eternity, stream after stream of hot sperm shot forth. Most of it landed on the sofa, but some had spurted onto my sister's leg just below her skirt, causing her to shriek and recoil as if she were splashed with boiling water. My body convulsed as the orgasm took place. My fresh load was obvious as it pooled on the couch, it's off white color a deep contrast against the black leather of the sofa. My sister looked in awe as my sperm ran down her leg, finally stopping at her sock. I struggled to speak and 'Ugh, I-I'm sorry' was all I could say as I finally managed to get my silky red bikini briefs up to my hips. My shrinking cock still oozed, and a large wet spot became visible on the front of them around the outline of the head of my penis. I lowered my head as I turned to my mother. Tears began to fill my eyes.

'I'm so disgusted right now!' my mother said harshly, and slapped me across the face. 'I-I'm sorry' I stammered. 'Sorry? My ass! Not as sorry as you're gonna be' she replied. 'You wait here. Don't move!' she scowled as she angrily pointed a finger at me. 'For God's sake clean that up' she said, gesturing to my cum and throwing a box of tissues at me from the end table. 'Heather, please turn that off!' she barked, referring to the porno that adorned our family television set, as she hastened her way into the kitchen. I shyly offered to clean my sister's leg, to which she replied 'Um, that's OK. I'll do it.'I handed Heather some tissues and she silently wiped her leg, her face showing obvious signs of disgust. I kept my head down and mopped up my cum off the sofa with a handful of tissues. Heather fumbled for the remote to turn off the DVD player. She was visibly shocked since she and my mom abruptly came home. She looked at the porno on the TV and then to me. 'Um, are you gay?' she asked softly. I said nothing, declining to explain my actions. 'Mom forgot her purse. That's why we came home' she said. 'I'm sorry.' I whimpered, not knowing what else to say. Our mother could be heard talking loudly to herself as she slammed drawers in the kitchen as if looking for something.

She re-emerged from the kitchen, still visibly angry. In her right hand was a white extension cord that was folded many times over. I shot up straight, shocked at what I was seeing. Heather backed against the wall, her eyes wide and again covering her mouth with her hand in awe. 'Get over here' she motioned. I stood frozen. 'Tyler! Get over here now!' her voice was louder. I walked towards my mother and I looked at my sister, as if she could somehow intervene. She only stared back, unsure of what she about to see next. Once near, my mother reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair. I winced in pain. 'I said come here' she snarled. She sat on the couch and pulled me across her lap by my hair. As I resisted, she tightened her grip. She finally let go of my hair, and with the same hand she pulled down my red briefs. She raised the cord over her head in her other hand and brought it down on my exposed butt. 'Crack!' went the cord against my bare ass. 'Crack! Crack!' twice more. I cried out from the sharp, hot pain that was searing across my buttocks. 'Crack! Crack! Crack!' by now tears were rolling down my face, and I could taste their saltiness. 'You're not being punished... for... masturbating' she said obviously uncomfortable with the word. 'You're being punished for the extreme lack of respect you have shown this household. Our couch, our TV, this is where we sit as a family. You've disrespected it in such-such filthy, disgusting ways!' 'Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!' The pain was excruciating by the time she let me up. I pulled up my underwear and stood with my head down, not sure of what to do next. 'Now apologize for what you've done.' My mother said. 'I'm sorry mommy for what I've done' I woefully said. 'Turn and apologize to your sister, she had to witness this. She's probably scarred for life!' she ordered. I turned to face my sister. 'I'm sorry that you had to see this Heather.' I sobbed towards my sister.'Now go upstairs, and don't come outside of your room until your father gets home.' I sprinted upstairs towards my bedroom where I flopped on my bed and cried for so many reasons into my pillow, knowing I would be facing some difficult questions later.



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