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Caught by Mom

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True Story


Hi there. I don't know how many of the stories on here are real. I doubt some of them that result in perfect strangers having sex. Anyway, this story is completely true, and though it might not be as 'Gripping' as some of the other stories here, it is none the less true.

I have masturbated my entire life it seems. When I lived at home, I was terrified (and a little excited) at the thought of being caught. I was very careful about when and where I did it, and managed to never get caught right up till I left for college. I'm not saying my parents didn't know, I'm sure they did, but I had never actually been caught in the act.

That finally changed when I came home for spring break during my first year of school. I was no longer a virgin, but didn't have a girlfriend at the time. It had been a long drive home from school, so the first thing I did when I got home was fall into my old bed for some sleep.

I woke up the next morning to an empty house. My dad was at work, and my mom had gone out grocery shopping. My mom puts the time on all notes, so I knew she had only left about 10min before. So, having the house to myself, I went into the only bathroom to have a shower.

While I was waiting for the shower to warm up, I walked back to my room for clothes. I was naked, not concerned at all because no one was home. When I was back in the bathroom, I started getting seriously horny. I don't know why, but having the bathroom door open was a huge turn on. I stood facing the mirror, and began to slowly stroke.

I stroke in a way that I don't need lube, so I was going nice and slow, massaging my sack every now and then. Pre-cum was slowly dripping down my head, and it made the bottom of my penis slick as I rubbed. I was really getting into it when I heard a gasp.

I turned around in horror, only to see my mother standing at the bathroom door. To this day, I don't know what she came home for, all I know is that the sound of the shower must have masked the sound of the back door opening and closing.

Needless to say, I was embarresed beyond belief. My Penis began to wilt at once, and I could feel my face turn brick red. I tried to stammer out something, but my voice had failed. My mom noticed how red I was, and said 'Don't be so embarrased, it's not like I've never seen you before.' I tried to respond but couldn't. I also didn't understand why she wasn't just leaving, why she stayed there in the door looking at me.

'I need to use the bathroom,' she began, 'But I can see you haven't finished yet. As long as your embarrased, I might as well be embarrased too. I must admit, I've wondered how you looked fully developed since you were 15 or so. I think every mother is somewhat curious as to how thier little babies turn out.'

I was finally able to find my voice and said 'Are you kidding me? You wanted to see your own son naked?' Despite what I said, and how I said it, her admission stopped the wilting in my penis. In fact, I was starting to stiffen again. I wanted to cover up, but I felt to even move would make it rise faster. I looked into her eyes, hoping she would just maintain eye contact with me. She didn't.

Her eyes glanced again at my stiffing penis, and I saw her smile slightly. 'Well, it doesn't seem to bother you as much as you make it sound like. I really do have to use the bathroom, so why don't I just wait here while you finish up?' I couldn't believe I heard her say that. Well, the thought of my own mother watching me pleasure myself turned me on greatly.

I turned back towards the mirror and began to stroke again. I could see her to my side, watching my hand slide up and down my penis. I can and normally do orgasm quietly (A skill aquired from living in the dorm) but I didn't try to hold it in. I was moaning in minutes, deep moans, synchronized with my stroking. I was as hard as I could ever remember being. Pre-cum was dripping down my knuckles. My mom's eyes never left my hand and penis. In only a few minutes I had an explosive orgasm, sending semen onto the mirror, the vanity, and my hand. It was so strong my knees nearly buckled. I kept stroaking and moaning until I got every last drop out.

When I was finally done, my mom simply said 'Don't you take care of that at all while at school? It doesn't look like you've done it for ages. Well, come on out of there, I'll clean the bathroom after I'm done using the john.' I walked out, passing her in the hall, my knees still shaking. She closed the door, and I heard water run into the sink while I got dressed. A short time later, she called me from my room to help her put some groceries away. We've never spoked of it since, but it was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had in my life.



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