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Caught by Friend's Sister

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I was 1974 when I was 14. My best friend Durand and I had found out about each other's love for women and a fetish for their shoes. Our hobbies included going to the mall shoe departments and watching ladies try on shoes, to sneaking into each other's mum's and sister's closet and masturbating on their shoes. Neither one of us is gay but we loved to wear the shoes, prance around, look at girlie magazines and jack off together. His favorite thing was his mother's shiny black patent leather boots. He would lube up with vaseline and then wrap the boot around his shaft while he held the heel to tickle his balls. Mine was taking a pair of her 60's vintage shiny black patent leather heels, sniffing their odour and sandwiching the soft shiny toed areas around my shaft and pumping away. We also liked to raid the hamper to find their worn panties, socks and pantyhose to sniff.

One hot summer day in August we were riding bikes, I was getting so horny from my sweaty balls rubbing the soft shiny 'Banana seat' of my bike. My cock was protruding out my shorts as my friend said, ' Looks like we need to take care of that!' Mum is going to her bridge club so we can go and have some fun! We got to his house and sure enough, mum was gone and the coast was clear. We went into his bedroom where he hid his girlie magazines and then headed straight for mum's closet. I slipped on a pair of her shiny red shoes, my friend was putting on a pair of her open toed slings. Both of our cocks were rock hard as we grabbed through her shoe wardrobe to find a sexy pair to play with. I found a pair of her pointed toed shiny black patent pumps, spit on my cock for lube and began to rub them on my cock and balls. 'She just wore those yesterday' my friend said as I sniffed their womanly foot scent. 'I want these boots' he said, as he grabbed them from the upper shelf of the closet. They were shiny red patent leather. He put a gob of vaseline on his hard-on, wrapped the boot around his cock and began to pump fast and hard!

By this time we were so horny that we barely opened the girlie mags before we started going at it fast and hard. Moaning, grunting and jacking like two young horny boys. Then a girl's voice said, 'What are you doing in mum's closet?' It was my friend's hot older sister Pam. Somehow she had snuck up the stairs and been in the house the whole time. We both almost died from shock when she came in and told us what naughty boys we were. She was dressed in sexy sandals, shorts and a tight mid-drift top. 'Dressing like women and doing mum's shoes'! 'I'm going to tell on you!' 'Huh, just like a couple of horny toads'. 'See, I caught you!' 'Now, would you like to see a real woman?' as she pulled her top off revealing the nicest set of boobs I've ever seen.

Durand and I were limp dicked by this time but as soon as Pam dropped her shorts and started to finger her hot wet cunt we became hard again. I began to grope her leg and ran my hand toward her pussy. 'Stop, you pervert! Not so far!' she said as she slapped me away. 'I know you guys have spied on me naked and masturbated on my shoes and panties!' 'Now show me what you can really do, or I will tell!' Durand was stroking the boots hard as he said, 'Please sis, tickle my balls' She grabbed his cock and then grabbed mine. At this point, I dropped the shoes as she gave me a wonderful handjob with her sexy nails. She was on her knees giving us the service that only two young men could only dream about. Grunting, groaning and screaming, we spewed out gobs of our hot wet cum all over her pretty hair, face and titties. 'Now, it's my turn!' she said as she plowed her hot pussy with her three right fingers. My friend and I were totally spent, hot, sweaty just enjoying Pam's show. 'Oh yea!, OhhhhYes! Ohh Yeess' she screamed as her face got all red and contorted as she came. We all collapsed on the floor. I started to suck her toes through her sandal. 'Quit sucking my toes' she said as she got up off the closet floor. 'You'd better clean up your mess' she said. She then sped to the shower as my friend and I sat in awe. 'Should we go and spy on her?' I said as we both became hard again. 'No,' he said, 'We don't want to spoil a good thing!'



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