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Caught By Friend's Sis & Wow!

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Great site... I have been a visitor for months and now I simply must tell a true story from 1960 or so.
Jerry and I were about 12 and best friends with Jimmy, he was about 2 years older than us. We had been talking about girls, sex and encounters for some time, but we were not yet into any regular jacking, etc. Our single goal in life seemed to be to see a real live pussy! In those days cunt pics were unavailable and the best we ever got was nipples and butt.
One day, jerry and I were at Jimmy's and he was anxious to show us something. Up to his room we went, it was an open room at the top of the stairs(no door, no privacy-important later). His sister carolyn had a room right off the top of the stairs with a door and bath. No one was at home so Jimmy got on the bed, dropped his pants and began to pull on his uncut peter. He was tellin' us about an encounter over the weekend with an older girl names beatrice. He claimed that she coaxed him into an area behind her home(she was Jimmy's cousin) and wanted to see his penis. So he did, and she did and she showed him how to beat off. Well, we did not believe him, but all the while he was strokin', hard and rolling his foreskin on/off the head... amid questions from us, Jimmy began to tense up and shot a load 2-3 feet into the air and we were amazed ( I had never cum, but did have great hard-ons).
Then it happened, we hear her... just below the top of the stairs and peering into Jimmy's open room was sister Carolyn! She shouted what the hell are you doing? I'm gonna tell mon and dad, you pervert, all 3 of you! Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that Jerry and I had our peters in hand. Jimmy freaked, covered up and began to cry and beg, beg her to be quiet... we all said we would do antything to keep from being caught. Carolyn keep on raving and all at once said she would think it over, but wanted to talk with Jerry and me privately in her room.
We went in and she began to admonish us, etc and she then told Jerry to leave and me to stay. She said that if I did as she said, she would not tell on any of us, but that I could not tell the others. Sure, how bad could it be? Out of the blue she said to pull 'it' out, shocked, scared, timid, I finally did. My poor peter was so small, scared it was pathetic. She looked at it a long while and then started talking about it and girls. She asked about my experiences with girls, which was limited to playing doctor some years earlier. Drop your pants she said, I did... she came closer and said that was as close as she had ever been to a real live PeePee.
She then began to rub her crotch and asked if I colud keep a big secret. Replying sure, she asked if I wanted to see want Jimmy had been trying to describe...WOW! Up came her skirt, revealing garter belt tan hose and white lacy 'granny panties'. I got an immediate hard, but a new courage had possessed me and I watched. Carolyn was 16 or 17, skinny, no tits, and very homely, but I could care less. She slipped down the hose, and off came the panties... revealing a mass of long hair(never beed shaved) and a wispy little crack. I was in heaven and just a strokin'. She laid back on her bed, opened her skinny legs and for the first time in my life there was a living, breathing pussy! She told me she liked me and started to finger herself, asked me to touch it if I wanted... I did and she grabbed me and I instantly became a masterbator!
WE promised never to tell anyone ever... I did not 'til this day! Sadly we never did it again or mentioned the event... like so many of these stories, I still get aroused as I re-live this experience with peter in hand.



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