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Caught by Friend's Mom

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I used to spend quite a few nights sleeping over at my friend Ashleigh's house. After a late Saturday night her mom poked her head in the door Sunday morning to invite us down for breakfast. Lee got right up but I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed. She left and I dozed off again, but it must have been only for a few minutes. I woke up in that wonderful half-asleep half-awake state, when you're so comfy and snuggly you wish it would never end. I usually get very horny in the morning and this morning was no exception.

I quickly felt myself getting wet, and my hand slipped down into my panties. Soon I was lost in pleasure and I absentmindedly kicked off the covers and pulled off my t-shirt and panties. It was a beautiful, warm summer morning and a nice breeze blew across my naked body. I never felt sooo good! I felt an orgasm coming so I picked up a pillow and buried my face in it. Moaning softly I sped up the movement of my hand on my clit and arched my back as I started to cum. I sped up even more and pressed harder on my clit to bring on another one and moaned louder into the pillow. It was a wonderful orgasm that seemed to last forever.

As it subsided I relaxed on the bed and slowly slid a finger into my vagina, and slowly moved it in and out which made the after glow linger. Then I buried the finger deep inside me and pressed my pussy against my hand. I pulled the pillow off my face and was shocked to see Asleigh's mom in the doorway! I froze. Her eyes were right between my legs. She looked at my face and chuckled! I reached down, grabbed the covers and pulled them up to my chin. I thought I would die!

Then she came into the room and closed the door. I thought I was going to get a lecture, and I suddenly was afraid she would tell my mom! But instead she untied her robe, pulled it off and let it fall to the floor! When I saw her naked I went from horrified to confused! She sat on the bed and started to tell me about something embarrassing that happened to her. She said that afterwards she couldn't go to the place it happened, couldn't talk to the people that saw it, and she dreaded remembering it. She said she didn't want that to happen to me, she didn't want me to stop wanting to come to Asleigh's house, or be embarrassed to see her. She even said she played with herself too!

Sometimes in the afternoon when she got home from work, before Lee came home, she would masterbate. What she said totally relaxed me and I wasn't embarrassed anymore. She kinda went from being Asleigh's mom to a friend. We had a lot of frank talks about sex in the weeks after that, and it was great to have someone to talk to!

Finally I asked her the only thing I was wondering about from that afternoon, how long she was in the room. She said she walked in right before I put the pillow on my face. She thought I had seen her come in! I thought I wanted her to say she was only in the room for a moment before I noticed her, but when I realized how long she watched me, how she said it was a beautiful thing to watch, I really didn't mind. Sometimes when I go over to Asleigh's, she will give me a wink if she 'did it' that afternoon! She turned what would be something I would want to forget, into something I love to remember!



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