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Caught by College Roommate

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This memory still makes me squirm and brings back horrible feelings.


Like many people who post stories on this site, I also have a pretty embarassing masturbation story.

It was a pretty grey and chilly Friday afternoon about 3 p.m. of my freshman year of college. The first week of classes of the new semester had just ended, and I was sitting trying to figure out what to do on this Friday night as I knew many people would be partying. I got back from class about 2:30, finished for the day, and went to my room and just played around on my computer checking email and what not. My roommate was about to leave for a three hour lab at 3:00.

He left the room and I continued to surf the web for different things. Suddenly, almost forty-five minutes later maybe, I got incredibly horny. I have no idea why. I think maybe it was the thought of being in the room alone. Sex had not even crossed my mind not once that day, but now it was raging. I figured since my roommate would be gone until about six, I had the room to myself for a while.

I shut the door, locked it so no suite mates could walk in, and then set everything in place. I placed my chair in front of the mirror on the closet door (as I like to watch myself in a mirror) and placed some old newspaper on the floor below so that it would catch the cum. Then I got some paper towels for clean up and my bottle of lotion.

I was having a great session and stroking my dick for about ten minutes and watching myself in the mirror when suddenly two or three streams of cum spurted out onto the newspaper below. Aww man! I thought. I haven't even been jerking long and I've already jizzed. I stopped for a second, but then I noticed my dick was still hard and not softening, and it still didn't feel 'emptied'. So I kept on going. My dick stayed hard and I kept on stroking.

I don't know how much time went by, but eventually I lubed up my hand with the lotion and stroked until pure pleasure. I pointed my dick, ready for aim, and then several large jets of cum squirted out. I hadn't jerked for a week since returning from Christmas break, so I guess there was a nice load saved up. It squirted a few feet from me. The first stream hit the closet door mirror, the second hit the floor past the newspaper, and then several more squirts landed on the newspaper. Whoever was outside my closed room door most likely heard the 'thud, thud, thud' of the cum landing on the newspaper.

Aaaaaaah, that was great! I thought. I came twice, and it was so unusual. I got out of my chair getting ready to clean up. Suddenly, I heard the turning of a key at the door. OH SHIT!!! I thought. My roommate was back already! It was only 4:30 p.m. How stupid could I have been?! Since it was the first week of class, his lab didn't go all the way until 6:00 p.m. The professor had let out early and my roommate was back already.

As I heard my roommate struggling with the door, I had just enough time to pull up my underwear, and was in the midst of pulling up my jogging pants when my roommate barged in. No time to clean up or anything. He walked in, and immediately he knew what was going on. He looked awkward and just tried to ignore me, shut the door, and came on in without saying a word. I didn't say anything either. I was embarassed as hell. He coughed and proceeded to put up books and act as if everything was normal.

I'm sure he saw the cum-covered newspaper on the floor and smelled the aroma of the cum. That was so humiliating. Plus, he saw my chair in a position in front of the mirror, and he saw the paper towels and lotion. I quickly started throwing all of those things in my laundry basket trying to get them out of view. I tried to act like I was in the process of getting ready to do laundry, but there was just no covering up. My nut and cum odor was strong in the room.

We went on to life back in the room trying to be normal, but the atmosphere was so awkward neither one of us was saying a word to the other. We already didn't get along all that great, and now this event just stiffened the atmosphere even more. Well, I guess my roommate knows I jerk off now. Gosh, of all things I wanted him to find out, I thought. I ended up leaving the room to do laundry I hadn't planned on doing just to provide some sort of cover-up.

I vowed I would never ever masturbate again in my lifetime. That vow didn't even last several hours. Later that night, I snuck to the bathroom downstairs to jerk again, thinking about the wonderful cum I had had earlier.



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