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Caught by Brother

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After searching the internet hoping to find other experiences like mine i found your site. Im glad im in good company


My experience happend only last week, i work in a office filled with sexy babes and as i am the only 'young' guy in the office they always tease me, lifting up their skirts as the bend over infront of me, talkin together loudly knowing i can hear them, they tell each other what they did with their boyfriends the previous night. Everyday im always horny. Last Wednesday i could stand it no more, i had a hard-on from 9am and i if i didnt jerk-off i would cum in my pants. Luckliy it was lunchtime so i drove home as soon as i could to my apartment ready to jerk off, i was so horny i still had a hard-on when i arrived at my apartment. Inside i grabbed some tissues and put on my favourite porno, i had only just pressed play when my brother knocked at the door to come in. I was so panicked that i pushed pause instead of stop and opened the door to let him in. My brother is married with two kids and is 5 years older than me. I have always been jealous of him, even better looking than me, perfect body (we go working out togther) and a sexy hot wife. As soon as my bro came in he look at the TV and laughed. 'Caught you' he said. 'Thought you come home for a sneaky wank'. I was so embarrassed i did not say anything. He then just sat down and looked at the TV which had the paused picture of a huge dick just entering Jemma Jameson's mouth. 'God, what i would give to be that man'. After i explained why i had come home, he confided in me that he had not had sex for 2 weeks after an argument with his wife. 'God i miss blow-jobs' he said as he sat back on the chair. We both agreed to watch the video as talkin about blowjobs had made us horny. 'You dont mind if i loosen my jeans' he said as he unbuttoned his levis. As he got to the last button i could see the head of his dick spring out of the gap in his boxers, the force of his dick pushing out had pulled back his foreskin to reveal his shiny purple head. 'Ahhh, thats better' he said. I was transfixed at the sight of my brothers dick throbbing with his heartbeat. Although there was a porno playing i could not take my eyes of my brother and began unzippingmy work trousers. 'Good boy, bet your ready to explode' he said as i pulled down my trousers. I said to him that i felt uncomfortable but he reassured me that we both needed to jerk-off and as we are brothers it would be fine. He stood up and took off the rest of his clothes and sat back down on the chair. He played with his chest in one hand while the other hand was pumpin his thick shaft. I asked him when the last time he masterbated and he said over a month ago, he turned to me and said that i should start to pump my dick more harder, as i was just rubbing it softly. He explained that the best wanks are the ones where its done fast, 'Look, i'll show you' and with that he took my 7' dick in his hand and pumped my dick hard, his whole hand rubbed my dick from the purple pre-cum soaked head right down to the base where my black hair lies. 'Your like me, loads of pre-cum'. I could see that he was enjoying playing with me as he was bitting his lower lip and gently moaning and heavy breathing. Then suddenly he moved to the floor where i was kneeling and grabbed my head towards his dick. 'Please little brother, please suck me off, it's been so long since i've had a decent blow-job' I thought i would have been scared, but straight away i grabbed his hard dick and placed it in my mouth. I could taste the cum from his head in my mouth as i began to rub his shaft with my lips. He soon began to move his hips in rhytym with my sucking and stopped rubbing my dick. He moved me into a 69 position with him ontop and placed my hard dick into his mouth licking and sucking my head with tenderness. I could feel myself starting to cum and not wanting to shoot my spunk i took his dick from my mouth and told him i was gonna cum 'Yeah me too, bro, just keep going' With that i began rubbing his shaft with one hand while sucking harder on his juicy cock head. I could feel his thighs start to shake and i felt happy that he was gonna cum around the same time as me. He started to pump my dick with his mouth harder and faster and our moans got louder and louder as we both got close to cumming. Even with the weight of my older brother laying on me my body was jumpin up and down on the floor and the feeling of his tongue running up and down my shaft and flicking the piss-hole made me shoot cum into his mouth for what seemed ages. He looked up at me with a dribble of cum dripping from the corner of his mouth and grabbed a tissue to spit my love jizz into. Once he wiped himself he said now im gonna cum in you. He made me kneel infront of him while he took his hard dick into his hand and rubbed it so hard it must of hurt him. He told me that i was to catch his spunk in my mouth, as he started to pump i could see he veins bulge along his shaft and his hairy balls began to tense up and rise a little. He was moaning and saying that this is heaven and i knew he was gonna cum any second, so i grabbed his dick from him and furioursly sucked him off for about 3 pumps until he shot his spunk into my mouth. I could feel him shoot 4 sprurts of hot cum into my mouth and the amount of cum was so much that it overflowed out of my mouth. As he layed back out of breath and smiling he whispered to me that that he had always wanted me to do that and was glad he finally got the chance. We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. I was happy as i didnt feel any guilt over what happened and was pleased when my brother said the same. We agreed not to talk about it, and we have'nt since. But now when im alone and horny, i think about what happend on that day and wish it could happen again.



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