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'Caught' by Babysitter

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At the age of 13 I had become quite the little exhibitionist, as my babysitter would find out.


The characters on the daffy prime time show on the RCA prattled on, the Hollywood laugh track filling the void. While I pretended to be watching it, the truth was, I had no earthly idea what kind of trite shenanigans were going on. Nor did I care. I had my white jockeys pulled down to mid thigh and I was openly stroking my big spit lubed cock. I was 13, and even though I still played little league and had a pet hamster, I had somehow turned into a full blown exhibitionist.

As I said in my previous stories, I'd grown very large very quickly. By 13 I was nine inches long at least and very thick. When I say 'very,' I mean that I was the perfect thickness for my length. Nice and thick, so thick that I had just hard enough a time getting it into my 13 year old mouth when I sucked myself, which I did just about every night.

What didn't match up was the rest of my body, which was scrawny and cute, like 13-year-old bodies are apt to be. I just had a huge cock attached to mine.

My sister and mom and each recently discovered this fact, though I don't think that either of them were aware of the others knowledge. It's not the kind of thing you go around sharing with your family members. Sis had seen me in the tub and subsequently given me a hand job. She was, I was certain, obsessed with my cock. Mom, bringing clean laundry into my room, had caught me sucking myself and witnessed my cumming into my own mouth. We'd talked about it later. She pretended to be concerned, but I could tell she was just wanting to relive it, at least in her mind.

After these incidents I started to get turned on by arranging to get caught accidentally. Sometimes it was just a flash of my semi-hard cock. Other times it was more. This is one of those times.

That particular evening mom and dad were out of town at a conference and my sister was off a school trip. Even though I was 13, my folks thought it was best if I had a babysitter while I was home alone. Daphne, a 16-year old cutie neighbor with long, straight dark brown hair got the job. I'd known Daphne forever, as she and my sister had been classmates since elementary school.

That evening I was watching TV while Daphne talked on the phone in my dad's office across the hallway. I knew that from where she was seated, all she had to do was turn her head to see my head and shoulders as I sat on the couch. The lower part of my body was blocked by the couch.

And I as started to masturbate, the sound of my stroking masked by the insipid soundtrack of Three's Company, I figured she was watching me. I wasn't moaning or groaning, but I was clearly into 'it.'

I think Daphne thought she was being sneaky by creeping out into the hallway to get a better view. I pretended not to notice. But from where she stood now I knew that she could see my entire body. I quickly pulled my tee shirt over my head and shimmied out of my underwear, leaving me naked and stroking my big cock for the babysitter to see.

Being watched was an incredible turn on, and it didn't take me too long before I was ready. Stark naked, I threw my head back and started stroking for all I was worth. And when I came it was spectacular. And I was feeling bold. I looked over at Daphne, and there she was, looking, staring, enthralled by my cock, so much that she didn't even realize I was watching her.

As she looked on, I came and groaned in ecstasy, my stuff shooting everywhere, but mostly all over my chest and stomach.

When I had recovered, I looked over and Daphne was gone. I picked up my tighty whiteys and used them to clean myself up. Taking them with me, I stayed naked and sauntered through the brightly lit kitchen toward the stairs. As I walked though there, my still proud cock swinging to and fro as I moved, I saw Daphne leaning back against the counter with a glass of water in her hand, visibly shaking.

I stopped, turned to her and said, as though it were the most natural thing in the world, 'I'm gonna go grab a quick shower, Daph.'

She started to say something, but the words got stuck in her throat. Instead she just kind of nodded and took another drink, watching my naked form as I moved through.

The rest of the weekend was even more exciting.



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