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Caught by Aunt

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I can't believe a fantasy from my younger years came true


Let me start off with the fantasy and I will bring it back in the story. It wasn't so much of a fantasy as a mental image I have held onto for many years. When I was about 8 years old I was staying with my grandmother and my aunt was also there. I was asleep on the couch in the living room when I was awoken by her walking through the kitchen to go do some laundry. When she was standing at the washer she had her pants unzipped because she was about the throw them in. The image is her standing there in in a pair of pink panties. Nothing special, just cotton bikini panties.

Ok, now the story.

When I was in college I would often go babysit my younger cousins for my aunt. Her husband was out on business a lot so she would go out with her friends on the weekend and need someone to watch the kids. They were pretty young so they could be put to bed early and then I just hung out until she got home, usually around midnight or so.

On the night of getting caught she told me she would be home around midnight, as usual and went on her merry way. After the kids when to bed I just sat around and watched tv. I started thinking about my aunt in that mental image and my hardon started to rage on. It was only about 10pm so I thought I had plenty of time to masturbate before she got home. I laid back in the big chair in the living room, unzipped my pants, pushed them down around my ankles and started jacking off. I don't usually try to go to fast and since I knew she wouldn't be home for another two hours, I took my time.

About 30 minutes later and I am having amazing waves of pleasure that are just not letting up and I am not aware of my aunt driving up. She walked in the front door and froze in her tracks as I just sat there with my raging cock in my hand, and I gasped completely shocked she was home so early. She said, 'well I am not going to ask what you are doing because that is obvious, but why?'. All I could say was I didn't think she was going to be back so soon and I was feeling horny and thought I had time. She asked me 'why are you feeling so horny? is it a girl at college?'. I hesitated as I thought to myself that she seems to have relaxed from her initial shock of walking in the door and seeing her nephew masturbating. I replied with 'well, no. It's you that makes me horny'.

She had a shocked look on her face and said 'me?'. I followed with, well not right now, but I have an image of you stuck in my head from when I was younger. I then told her about the story and the top of this page. She looked confused and said, 'hold on a minute. Don't move, I will be right back.'

I just sat there as my cock was becoming flaccid now due to embarrassment. I was in no way prepared for what happened next.

She walked in the room wearing nothing but a matching pink, cotton bra and panty set. 'Was it something like this?' I couldn't belive it, she was wearing the exact same thing from my fantasy. 'Yes, that's it exactly' I responded. She just kinda smiled and turned around to show me this was a thong. 'I don't think I was wearing a thong back then, but how do you like this one now?' I told her how sexy she looked and she just smiled and sat down on the ottoman in front of me. My hardon was starting to come back. I noticed she had something in her hand. She said 'I noticed you were dry so I thought this would help a little'. It was a bottle of astroglide. She popped it open and drizzled some over my now hard cock. 'Go ahead and finish. I am sorry I interrupted, but actually kinda glad I did.'

I started to get up to go to the bathroom. 'where are you going' she said. 'I am going to the bathroom to finish up'. She said,' NO NO NO, I can tell you are too comfortable where you are, just sit back and relax and finish there.' 'ok' I replied. 'Are you going to bed now?' 'No', she said. 'I am going to watch the rest of the show'.

My jaw dropped and my eyes rolled back in my head. 'Are you ok' she said. I replied, 'yes, I am just shocked you want to watch. It actually makes me very excited'. She smiled and said, 'well go ahead. I will just sit and watch.'

I sat back and went to town pumping my cock that she lubed up for me. It was amazing. I was just staring at her hot body and she sat in front of me with her legs spread so I could see her panties I fantasized about for so long. They were actually starting to get a wet spot on them. I guess she was getting aroused by this whole event.

About five minutes later I told her I was about to cum. 'Sit up straight', she told me. I was a bit confused. She pulled the ottomon closer to me and said 'just cum on me' as she leaned back to give me plenty of room. I sprayed thick ropes of cum all over her chest, stomach, legs, and even a few drops on those pink panties. I collapsed backwards in the chair breathing so hard and looking at the canvas I had just painted. It was amazing. She took me in the bathroom where she cleaned up and wiped off my penis and hands. She put the astroglide in the drawer and said, 'here is where I keep the lube in case you ever need it again'.

This was about eight years ago. I am glad I finally decided to submit this story. I hope you like it. I love this website. Please keep the good stories cummin'.



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