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Caught by an Old Friend

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This story is about a friend of our family we have know for 20 years or so. I am happily married with 2 children and we have known Carol for many years through schooling etc with our childrens activities.

There has never been any sexual activity between us other some mild flirting over the years.

About 6 years ago my wife and I relocated but we kept in regular contact with Carol, who was divorced (both sets of children by this time had left home). At least once or twice a year we would either visit her or she would visit us for a week or so.

Carol has had several man friends over the years but nothing serious.

Anyway to the story. I've never really fancied her we have just been very good friends, my wife, myself and her. However having said that, I have had the occasional masturbation sessions thinking of her (she is a nurse and Having a friend attending me in hospital has been one of my fantasies)

One night when she was staying at our house for a few days, I was lying in bed (next to my wife) in the early hours of the morning with an erection. It was very hot and I was lying outside the sheets (I don't wear pyjamas) and I was slowly stroking my erect penis. I heard a noise from down the corridor and guessed it was Carol going to the bathroom which is next to our bedroom. I knew she had to go by our bedroom and our door is always open (we have cats and they go in and out). I had plenty of time to cover up but for some reason kept slowly stroking. not knowing if she would look in as she passed our bedroom. It was very dark but I saw her shape as she walked to the bathroom. When she returned her view would be directly through the open bedroom door.

I saw her walk by and stop. I carried on slowly stroking my hard penis and I could see that she was watching. It was too dark for her to see that I had my eyes open slightly and knew she was looking at me. After a few minutes I heard her move on back to her bedroom. I could have easily carried on and masturbated but my wife was sleeping next to me and although she knows I play with myself she would not like me doing it next to her (unfortunately)

Anyway the next morning I made some breakfast for us all. My wife was going out for the morning at 8:30 with some friends for her weekly bowling league. I was working from home I was still in my dressing gown but Carol had changed.

She didn't look at me at all during our breakfast - maybe was embarressed to look at me, but it gave me a thrill thinking of what happened the previous night.

After my wife left I asked her why she was so quiet. (Which I knew anyway, but it was making me horny to see what she would say). She looked at me and said it was difficult to talk about, so I looked at her in the eyes and said that as friends over many years she could talk to me about anything. - I was getting an erection so hard and only had my dressing gown on with no pyjams.

She then said that when she went to the bathroom last night she had accidently saw me on the bed with an erection and I was stroking it. She said that although she had been married and given hand jobs to her previous husband and her subsequent boyfriends - she had never seen a man masturbate on his own. Pretending to be shocked that she had seen me, I asked her if she watched and she said only for a while because she was afraid as my wife was there and also as it was too dark to see properly.

So if my wife wasn't there and it wasn't dark you would have stayed and watched- I asked.

She said that if that chance came she would certainly peek in and watch. Looking down at the bulge she said it looked like I may need to go upstairs and look after myself.

I explained that one of my fantasies was to be caught by a friend and that she would watch (I would be aware someone was watching)and then just before I came, she would come up to me and say something like 'having a good time?' and watch me finish.

I said that I must go to the bedroom and change etc. I walked upstairs and heard her not far behind me.

I went to the bedroom, lay down without any clothes and stated stroking myself like last night. Carol was at the door looking in. This was too much and it didn't take long before I was cuming. She walked over to the bed and said 'having fun' just as I had a super orgasm.

The next day was another experience - story to follow



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