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Caught by a Friend

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My friend Sarah and I were talking on Facebook and I invited her round to my house the following day. However, that day, I forgot she was coming.


I woke up at about eleven o'clock on Saturday. Both of my parents were away on a special anniversary vacation, and that left me alone in the house, I had insisted I could look after myself for a couple of days.

After about an hour which included breakfast and just watching TV in my shirt and boxers, I decided it was time to get dressed. Remembering that I was alone, I decided to srtip down and stroll upstairs totally naked. Taking off my boxers, I could feel my cock being 'liberated' and feeling free in the open.

As I went up the stairs, I suddenly turned around with an idea. I went back to the living room and put my hand on my cock. I started slowly, I was breathing heavier as I got harder and harder. I reached over to the computer in the corner of the room and put on some Porn.

There I was, naked in my living room, pumping my hard cock to porn.

All of a sudden, the door opened. I jolted upright.

'Hey Matt? Where are you?'

I heard Sarah's voice and panicked. I had completely forgotten that I had invited her over the night before. I tried to find any clothes but there was nothing, I switched off the computer and ran into the kitchen.

'One second!' I shouted.

'Well where are you? You said you'd be ready for us to go into town about now. I'll wait in the living room.'

There's a problem. The kitchen is linked to the living room, I can't get to my room without going through there, meaning I would have to pass her.

All of a sudden, there she was, staring at me.

'Well, I was just looking for a soda...' She said slowly.

Luckily my cock was hidden by the table.

'So,' she continued, 'what are you doing?'

I could feel my face getting bright red.

'You really wouldn't want to know.'

'I don't think I need to guess. You were having a wank, weren't you?'

I might need to clarify that Sarah and I were not boyfriend and girlfriend. We didn't often talk about sex, although the casual innuendo did come up if we were trying to be funny. So this really was not what was needed.

'I suppose...' I stuttered, I could not have been more embarrassed.

She burst out laughing.

'Oh my days I cannot believe I just caught you masturbating! This is so hilarious!

'Er Sarah...can I go and get dressed now?'

'Okay, if you want to, though I find it difficult to believe you wouldn't struggle getting on underpants right now!'

I cupped my hands to form a protective shield over my cock, although that took some taking considering I was still hard. I edged around the table little by little. Sarah was trying to get a peek every time I moved.

'You know, you can 'finish' if you want. I won't bother you. But I want to watch, though.'

An idea came to my head. This would help ease the situation, I thought.

'I will only continue if you do it with me, how about that?'

She looked at me disgustedly.

'But I don't do that sort of thing!'

'You know, I read online that all girls our age who say they don't masturbate are lying.'

I wanted to wag my finger at her but considering the situation I thought it would be better if I didn't.

'Okay, I do it. A lot. That's not true, though. My friend doesn't and I've tried to convince her to. But nothing!'

'So, if you want to see me do it, you'll have to do it too,' I said quietly.

She stood there for a bit, then moved over to the sofa.

'Come on, then. I haven't in a few days so I'm in need of it anyway!'

She slowly undid the buttons on her shirt and threw it to the ground. Then it was her trousers, she slid them off and let them sit in a crumple on the floor. She was just in her bra and panties now.

'You first,' she said. 'Show me that cock of yours.'

I stood in front of her and slowly moved away my hands, little by little, until all six and a half inches of me was pointing at her.

'Wow, you're quite big!' she said excitedly.

'Your turn, I said, 'I need something to get me off.'

'Don't you watch porn?'

'I had it on before you arrived!'

'Oh, turn it back on for me! I looovvvve porn!'

I went to the computer and thankfully it was just the screen I had turned off.

When I turned around again, the bra and panties were gone, and she was sitting there playing with her clit. I couldn't believe my eyes. All of a sudden, I felt my hand grasped on my cock again as if automatic. I stood over by her again and started pumping, this time harder than before.

To be honest, I had forgotten there was porn even on in the room, I was so fixated on Sarah's perky tits with her pointy, hard nipples, and her tight little pussy with two of her fingers going in, out, in, out. I could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was, she was moaning loudly as she got more and more wet.

I edged several times because I didn't want the moment to stop. But soon, I knew I had to let go.

'Ooooohhhhhh Sarah, I'm so fucking close!'

She looked up at me.

'Do it on my belly, it'll make me cum so hard!'

I stepped closer and closer to her as I got closer and closer to cumming. Finally, I was there.

'Oooooohhhhhh man yes! Fuck yeah! Ooooohhhhhhh!'

I felt several shockwave ripples going all the way through my body, I was tingling from head to toe as I let go completly and sprayed my cum all over her.

She soon had an amazing orgasm too, on a dare I licked a little of my cum off of her as long as she tasted her own juices. She ate the rest.

We have done much more since then, but it all started there. Never knew so much fun could be had from being caught.



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