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Mom caught me


It all started when I was 18, as any good story goes... The day I was finally allowed to walk into an adult novelty store and purchase the toys I needed to get off! Prior to this day I was using things like carrots, toothbrushes, my fingers and once a banana! Yes I am a male, and yes I enjoy anal masturbation, and no I am not gay.

So there I was, sitting at home in my room with my loot in front of me, I began to unpack each new toy like it was Christmas! First the anal beads, a long string of five, one inch beads. Second came the dildo, shaped like a penis I admit it seems a little odd but none the less it had a suction cup on it to mount on the wall. Next came the 'probe' a long thing dildo with a bulge at the end used to stimulate my prostate. Finally, I bought a vibrating butt plug, it was a nice size and had three speeds.

I started off slow, I was no amateur to anal play but new to these toys. It was late so I felt no need to be too quiet. I warmed up quick with the anal beads and probe slowly working my hole up to the next toy, the dildo! I used some more lube I bought from the store which was nice compared to my spit and hand lotion. I mounted my toy on the edge of my desk and slowly lowered my butt onto it. I felt so full and ready to rip open but I forced it deeper, biting my lip I felt my cheeks touch the desk and knew the entire toy was buried deep in my ass. I pulled out slowly arching my back, a line of pre cum was drooling down my cock. I felt the contour of the penis shaped dildo inside my anus reach the head, I could feel every detail of the cock and knew it was time to sit back down. Lowering myself slowly over the cock feeling every inch suck back up my ass. I rode it up and down like a carousel for what seemed like hours, till my own cock felt ready to burst. I pulled it all the way out and looked in the mirror as it slid from my hole, lube still clinging to the toy as my ass gaped open.

I was ready for the final thrust. Grabbing the butt plug I greedily shoved it up my starving hole. It went in with ease but felt good none the less! I felt so dirty, so hot and horny, I admired its fit in the mirror. I took the remote control in my hand and turned it to the first speed. My eyes crossed, it felt like a taser gun, electricity shot up my rectum and into my spine. It felt so perfect, too perfect, I had to cum, I was considering cleaning up, grabbed my towel tossed it over my shoulder and went to take a shower and jack one off into the toilet...bad idea.

I kept the plug in my ass for the walk to the bathroom, another bad idea. I wasn't used to the plug and it fell out of my butt half way down the hall and went kicking off on the tile floor. In the same instant I heard my moms door open up and her foot steps advancing. I grabbed the plug and hid it the only place I knew where, back up my ass, then quickly tossed the towel around my waist to cover my nakedness. She stood there rubbing her eyes, 'what's with all the noise' I looked at her and said I was taking a shower and that I was sorry. She just stood there staring, could she hear the plug which was still vibrating deep inside me? what was she looking at I thought, I made a move to leave and realized my erection was poking through the towel staring her in the face.

I ackwardly moved to cover myself up, again apologizing for the noise and to my dismay her eyes didn't move from the towel, which then fell from my waist as I tried to correct my erection. With the towel at my feet I stood exposed to my mother, hard erect penis waving in the air with my limp balls dangling below and I am sure she could make out the cord hanging out my behind. I stood frozen unable to bend down and pick up the towel without the plug shooting out my behind.

It was bad to be standing in front of her like this, but worse if she found a plug up my ass. She stood staring, in the dimly lit hall way. She finally turned around and walked back to her room leaving me naked in the hall with the plug still going off in my ass. Thinking she had gone to bed for good I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it hard wanting to cum so bad. I was on the edge when my mom came back out of her room completley naked. Her hand was between her legs and I knew she was fingering herself with one hand, in the other she held a remote too!

We stood there watching each others pleasure, I could feel her eyes on me. I heard her moans echo through the hall, she turned around showing me her ass and indeed she had a plug up her butt too, I could see the cord disappear between her cheeks but I didn't need that, she bent over on the ground and stuck her butt in the air. I saw her fingers vigorously working in and out of her vagina and her hole was sucking on the plug like a pacifier.

She was having an orgasm, I could tell, her fingers went deep into her pussy as a jet of goo came running down her wrist, her anus clenched hard on the dildo before it went shooting out of her butt onto the floor, her hips were humping the air like a stallion. She finished and turned around just in time to see me blow my load onto the floor, five ropes of cum landing just inches from her toes. I stood there catching my breath as she gathered up her plug and walked back into her room without saying a word.

I went to the bathroom to take my shower not too surprised to find my mom in there cleaning off too. I figured it wouldn't hurt to save some water and clean off with her so I jumped in next to her, grabbed up the soap and went to work on her body. She was smooth to touch and it got my blood going again, we giggled as my cock perked up, my toes curled as she took hold...



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