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During this particular summer between Sophomore and Junior Year in high school I was 16 years old. My parents decided to send me on a teen tour to see the West. I flew out to the first destination and met the people I was going to be with for the next seven weeks. About two weeks in I was taking a shower and heard girls from our tour in the next room. I saw a hole in the wall and looked through. I saw four people in the shower room, three were campers and one counselor. All were naked and showering. I was watching for ten minutes and jerking off when the director caught me. He looked through the wall and told me what I did was wrong. He said he was going to call my parents and think of a punishment.

The next day I was with the director and he was talking to my father. My dad laughed and said what is the big deal. We all did it as kids. The director said he knows but has to make a big deal. My father said let the four women watch my son in the shower naked. They agreed and this was my punishment. The next day the four people were told what happened. All were mad at me and I told them how sorry I was. The director then told them I was going to strip naked in front of them and shower for them. All four said okay. The five of us walked into the mens shower room and I turned on the water. Then I stripped out of my shorts and underwear. All three girls giggled and the counselor smiled. I am in good shape and work out a lot. I am not huge but about 5 3/4 to 6 hard. I do have a big set of balls. I asked the girls if this is the first penis they ever saw. Two said yes and one said no. I was getting hard and went under the water. I turned around and around so they saw everything. I soaped up and after rinsing off I soaped up my dick and started to masturbate. All four stopped moving and watched me. For the next five minutes they watched me masturbating. I could see all four were turned on by their nipples and when I was close I washed off the soap and stepped out of the water and finished by squirting my cum in front of them.

The counselor told me that I fulfilled my requirement and I gave a nice show. She walked out and the other three were telling me how cool that was. Two of the girls left and Cindy stayed. She told me how cool that was and she was glad I was caught. I told her I kept coming back to her and liked where her birth mark was. It was up and to the left of her pussy. Cindy smiled and said only three guys know about that. Her dad, grandfather and me. I was washing myself again and Cindy sat and watched and asked if it hurt when I am hard. I told her no, but if I was hard for a while I would get blue balls which hurt. Once I was done showering I dried off and we walked back to our camp site.

At the camp site everyone was talking about what happened and some girls thought I should be kicked off the tour. The three girls and one counselor told everyone that what I did was wrong but what I did as punishment was worth it. Cindy didn't say anything but the other two said it was well worth it and they enjoyed watching me naked in the shower. After a few days it was forgotten by everyone but Cindy. Cindy and I had been sneaking away from the camp site and meeting up fooling around. We usually will go take showers late and she would sneak into the mens room and we would shower together. We would watch each other masturbating and then make out. Cindy has given me a hand job and I have rubbed her to an orgasm. Everyone soon knew we were dating and no one had a problem.

When the tour ended Cindy and I dated for a few weeks and then ended it since she lived in another state. In November I was invited to Cindy's Sweet 16. I was the only guy and she had four other girls from the tour. I went and Cindy greeted me with a big kiss and introduced me to her friends. Her two closest friends cornered me and said they knew how we meet and thought it was cool. Later that night after the party I was staying over. Cindy was happy I came out and knew it was tough. She then asked me if I wanted to shower again for old times sake. I said sure. We stripped and showered and before we started to fool around soon Cindy is jacking me off. Once I cum I do the same for her. We dry off and I go to her room and we both go to asleep.



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