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I attend a very well known boarding school on the South Coast of England. There are strict rules here about how long for and when the senior girls can have their bedroom doors shut. There are even stricter rules about us spending too long in the company of the same girl, but my, how I now long to break that rule.


I was in my room and decided that I needed to have a little funtime. Now, usually, I do this in bed, at night nder the covers and very very quietly. This however was at 4:00 in the afternoon. I went to my door and shut it. (There are no locks) I decided I wanted to be a bit slutty about it so all I did was to lift my skirt and I started by stroking my panties. I felt really alive doing it in the day, AND fully clothed, AND (in my mind anyway) this was a 'quickie' There was something in it that felt really naughty. I was getting into it and had now pulled my panties to one side and was fingering myself quite hard. I was arching my back and totally enjoying the 'I need to pee' feeling as my fingers poked at my g-spot. My left hand middle finger was dancing on my clit as I finger fucked myself.

Just as I got to the point of no return my door opened and there was one of the prefects. Alison is tall, dark haired and totally lovely. As I said, I was too far gone to stop. Alison just stood there and watched as I had what must have been the longest orgasm of my entire life. It just would not subside. Alison stood there with a little half smile on her lips and watched me. It was the most erotic moment of my life. Eventually, the waves of pleasure subsided and I became aware of how wet I had become. I was totally and quite literally soaked. Alison made no move to go but I knew I had to go to a study group. I stood up and slipped my oh, so wet panties off, and put some more on. For some reason, I didn't even wash myself. I think I wanted the erotic scent of what I had just done still on me. As I pulled my new panties up, Alison walked into my room and picked up my wet ones. She smelled them before tucking them in her pocket. Then, she gave me a kiss and whispered 'Thanks Sara. I'll give these back later.'

My mind was most certainly NOT on the study group. At 8:00pm, the usual time for prefects rounds, Alison appeared again at my door. She flicked a little package onto my bed and walked off. In the package were not only my panties, but hers too. There was a long letter telling me in exact and highly erotic detail exactly what she had done with my panties. It included the scenario she had imagined as she got herself off. (In her letter, she told me that she had imagined me peeing on her) I sat on my bed looking at hers. They were really creamed up and smelled wonderful. Different to me, but still fabulous. There was pussy scent, but also a hint of pee too. Strangely, that really REALLY turned me on. I wondered if she had peed a little when she had cummed. That night, I masturbated several times smelling Alison.



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