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When I was sixteen I was sent to my uncle's farm to help out for the summer. It was mainly a dairy farm but he also had about a dozen horses which he used to hire out in bulk or to riders on the farm. My job was to clean out the stables every day and help to look after the horses.

One day when I was on my own and working only in shorts, I got very horny and started to put my hand in my shorts and stroke myself. I soon got a boner and felt I needed to cum, so I went into a horse's booth and dropped my shorts, closed my eyes and started to jerk off.

I nearly died when I heard someone say to me, 'you look like you're having fun!' It was my uncle's stepdaughter who was eighteen and home from college. I quickly grabbed at my shorts and stumbled when I tried to pull them up, this made her laugh. I have never been so embarassed in my life. I pleaded with her not to tell my uncle to which she said she wouldn't if I finished what I had started. I said I couldn't so she said okay, she would tell her stepdad. So I agreed.

I said I needed stimulation, so she said would do this, and showed me her panties by lifting the front of her dress. It certainly worked because I was now hard again and started to stroke myself. She told me she had not seen an erect penis on a man before and was mesmerised by what I was doing.

She asked if she could touch it and when she did it was too much for me and I shot my load into the hay. She was fasinated by this and started to ask me all sorts of questions like how often, where, etc. I now had my shorts back on and I started to ask her questions, like did she do it too? She told me she had tried but nothing ever happened. She got all wet and had nice feelings but never an orgasm. I was very ignorant on the workings of the female body then and could not give much advice except to tell her to try again tonight after watching me.

The next day when I was cleaning out the horses she came in to me and reported that it had worked last night and she never imagined it would be so wonderful. This made me very horny so I plucked up the courage to ask her could I watch her, after all, she had seen me. She said okay and we met up by the lake that ajoins my uncle's farm later that evening.

When we met there, we were both nervous and I suggested we both strip off our clothes, which we did. She was a plump girl with big breasts and thick black pubic hair but to me she was a godess, the first naked woman I had ever seen. My hard-on was bursting.

I was slowly stroking my cock and she was watching me, then she put her hand between her legs and started to rub herself. I could see that her hair was all wet and she started to softly moan and then all of a sudden her legs clamped together and she made choking sounds. This was too much for me and I came and came and came, to this day it was the best orgasm of my life. She had come and so had I. We started to laugh and then went for a skinny dip.

Over the summer we repeated this and went on to touching each other to orgasm but we never actually had sex. At the end of the summer we went our ways and are both married with children.

We do meet now and again at family gatherings and we always give each other a knowing wink and smile.

God I loved that summer.



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