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Cathy's Long Loud Orgasms

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I once spent the night with my good friend Cathy. After dinner we talked about men and sex then the conversation turned to orgasms.

Walking home Cathy confessed she enjoyed orgasms more by herself then with a guy because she was so much better at giving herself pleasure.

Once we got back to Cath's apartment she put on some sexy music and changed into a white robe. She came out of her bedroom offering me another robe she had. I was already feeling very sexy from the past hours of sex talk and I was certain the night would be soon be turning to masturbation. I did my best to keep talking about orgasms. I asked Cathy how often she liked to masturbate and how she did it most often. I confided that I too enjoyed masturbating and that I thought it was quite normal to share masturbation time with another woman even though I had never tried it at that point in my life.

It wasn't long before Cathy agreed that we should masturbate together and that it would be our secret forver. Waves of excitment went through my body when she agreed to masturbate with me. I wasted no time and took my robe off right away with the excuse I was hot.

I sat back down on the armchair I was sitting in while Cathy sat crosslegged on the couch. Cathy got up and popped in a movie and told me it was one of her favorites to watch while masturbating. She turned down the sound while the sexy music played. We both watched a couple on the T.V. make love together then the man spread the girls legs and fingered her to some nice orgasms. Cathy said she wanted a guy that could do that to her but he was hard to find. She opened her legs and while talking to me started to rub her clit. She said most guys just finger for a moment or so then when she is getting into it stop and want to screw.

Cathy kept talking as she rubbed her clit. She then told me she was very loud and that her orgasms lasted a long time when she masturbated.

By that time I was also rubbing my clit while watching Cath do the same. Cath was (and still is) a very long bodied girl. Her legs don't have much shape and they're very long. Her upper body is straight with not too curving. She has tiny boobies with long nipples. Even though she has a boyish body I still found watching her very fascinating! Soon we were both quiet and Cathy was rubbing and watching the movie while the girl got a good long clit flicking. I was watching Cathy more than the movie and soon knew I was about to orgasm. As I got closer Cathy turned to watch me with a big smile saying 'go for it girl'. She could hear and see I was about to cum. Her watching me made me even more excited as my orgasm grew and grew. When I came I allowed myself to be louder than normal and it may have aided my orgasmic pleasure. It also may have been the fact that Cath was watching me too, I'm not sure.

Soon after I came Cath was breathing harder and harder then her smile went away and her mouth opened wide. A second later she began to cum and I have never heard anybody so loud in my life. She was louder than porn stars are on film. I watched her body bucking up and down and she never stopped rubbing her clit for a very long time after her orgasm started. She was fingering her pussy hole with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. When she finally took her hands away her body shook and quaked like her orgasm was still happening. That was about the most heavy and loud long orgasm I had ever seen in my life.

Once Cathy was done shaking and the orgasm waves finished we talked about her orgasm. She said she liked watching me too and even though mine looked so much more tame I told her it was a fantastic feeling.

We continued masturbating that night for about an hour more. When we were finished I felt as though my body had been massaged by ten strong men. Cath said she had many more orgasms than usual and she said her throat was sore from the heavy orgasm noises she was making.

After Cathy I found I had a new sexual desire. I have masturbated with two other ladies since. One friend who masturbates with me a few times a month now asked her husband to join us twice which is a huge turn on. She has a perfect body and is a real pleasure to be with. He is a doll and when he watches us it drives him nuts. As much of a thrill all the others have been I still go back to the night I watched Cathy masturbate herself to those huge loud orgasms. I think she will always be one of my favorite thoughts for my own masturbation.



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