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Catherine's Bottomless Bus Ride

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In August 2012, I "interviewed" my friend Catherine about this particular experience. Sorry it's taken me so long to get it submitted.


Me: How about telling all the Solo Touch readers about your experience with your boyfriend at the time, on the city bus?

Catherine: Sure. I was 19 years old and he was 37. It was around 8:00 in the evening and we were going to his house. I was wearing his T-shirt and my socks and shoes, and that was it. It was a muscle shirt, I'm 4-foot-9 and he's 6-2, so it hung just past my pussy and butt. Standing still, it barely covered everything, but, walking around and especially climbing up and down steps, there was a risk of innocent bystanders getting an eyeful. It was all his idea, because he wanted to see if he could get a reaction from anyone, he liked to show me off... At first, I was a little nervous about it because I wouldn't have been too thrilled about getting kicked off the bus, but then, I really liked just walking around hearing what he had to say about people's reactions...

Me: Would you characterize yourself as an exhibitionist?

Catherine: Yeah. I would say so.

Me: So is it safe to say that you were turned on under the circumstances?

Catherine: Yes, I was. It was a free feeling without confining clothing, and also just knowing that other people might see me and become aroused. I wasn't quite turned on enough to want to do anything sexual then and there, but I was ready to go home...

Me: So what happened when you got on the bus?

Catherine: Well, it wasn't full. We took our seat and no one really noticed how I was dressed. The bus started on its way and we just sat there. We were in the middle of the bus in forward-facing seats, sitting side-by-side. I was next to the window and there was another seat in front of us, so I figure I was blocked from view from the waist down. Without warning, he slipped his hand under the shirt to see if I was wet, which I was. It felt really good! My legs were a little apart and I spread them wider so he could finger me.

Me: Were you surprised when he did that?

Catherine: No...

Me: Had he ever done anything like that before?

Catherine: No, but I knew he was feeling horny, too...

Me: So how did you feel about being fingered right there on the bus with other passengers within earshot?

Catherine: I really enjoyed it, and it was a definite turn-on, but I can't really explain why.

Me: Do you think anyone could hear what was going on?

Catherine: I could hear little noises every once and a while from his fingering, and I was moaning quietly, but I don't think anyone could hear over the sounds of the bus.

Me: Go on.

Catherine: We weren't talking, but I could feel him watching me. I wasn't thinking about anything in particular, I was just in the moment, thinking this was a new and different and exciting experience. This went on for about five minutes before he told me there was a homeless person sitting behind us watching in a reflection on the window. I liked the fact that he knew what my boyfriend was doing to me.

Me: Did your boyfriend make you come?

Catherine: No, because we had to get off the bus right after that...

I asked Catherine if she had any additional comments she'd like to make about this experience, and she said she wouldn't mind having it happen again. And when I asked if she'd like to describe herself, she said she just wanted to leave everyone wondering...for now. She does want to explain that she's blind, which is why visual details are sometimes inconveniently lacking.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about this experience of Catherine's, and that if it inspires you to masturbate, you'll write about it. I know that the image of her walking around in public in nothing but a shirt and socks and shoes and getting fingered has really inflamed my imagination...! Comments are most definitely welcome. Also, Catherine is very open-minded and loves to hear about people's fetishes...

Happy jacking and jilling!

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