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Catching My Friend's Step-dad

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I was at my friend's house for the weekend as they lived at the lake. Her mom, step-dad and us were swimming most of the day. I remember mentioning to Liz, who was 14 also, that her step-dad was really cute and that he seemed to be checking us out a lot. She said 'Gross'. Anyway, I got out to go up to the house to use the bathroom. I didn't pay any attention to what anyone else was up to.

When I got in and was near the bathroom, I realized that someone was already in there. I was kind of upset because I didn't think I could wait. I looked out the window to see who it was I was waiting on. I didn't see Liz's step-dad out there. As I was quietly waiting in the hall, I heard strange noises like moaning. OMG! He was in there masturbating!

I really freaked out at first, but remembering how good he looked and I liked that he thought I was sexy. I really wanted to see him do it, but the door was closed. I listened for a little while more, getting more and more turned on, when I remembered the other door in their bedroom. I quietly snuck in there and it was open! I slid close enough to see in and saw him standing in front of the sink. All I saw at first was his butt, but then I could see his hand moving up and down and see his dick in the mirror.

As I watched my friend's step-dad masturbating, my hand went into my suit bottoms. I was rubbing my pussy, getting really wet. I wanted to orgasm but was afraid to because I am really loud when I do it. I was turned on and scared at the same time, but really fascinated at seeing my first real dick. Suddenly he made a loud moan and got real stiff. I could see in the mirror that a lot of white stuff was coming out. Knowing he was cumming and thinking of me made me really excited. but I was to afraid to get myself off.

Just as I was backing up to get out of there, I looked in the mirror and saw him looking right at me and he winked. OMG!!

I ran out of the house and back to the lake. I just peed right in the lake and when I did I had my best feeling orgasm ever up to then. The warm water and hot pee when I was so excited made me cum like crazy. Liz and her mom both looked at me real strange and I ducked under the water from embarrassment. I told them I got a cramp. It wasn't until two years later when her mom and him had broken up and he moved away that I finally told Liz about catching him masturbating. I still think about what I saw sometimes when I masturbate.



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