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Catching My Dad

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I was treated to a show where my father was unaware that I had returned home while he was in the act of pleasuring himself.


I always wondered about the secrets my dad's den held. I was to find out a few years ago when I was 14.
I am the only child in my family. Where we live is not important but what I happened to observe that warm summer evening was hot. I got to see my dad pleasuring himself without him knowing it. My dad had just turned 41. I would guess that he was lonely since mom had left the scene when I was 12 and it was just him and me except during visitations when I would spend time with mom.
He and I are close and this is no different when we would talk about sexual things. He was very open and I am thankful he was able to talk with me about sex. This was very different with my friends; they would tell me their dads always acted embarrassed when the subject came up.
I remember, as a boy, my dad and I would frequently shower together. Nothing sexual happened but I marveled at his penis and the hair surrounding it. His nuts were huge, too, compared to my little boy balls. He is circumcised and I am not so this, naturally, led to some questions. He explained to me that he had been cut as a newborn by the doctors with his parents approval. I still think it is a little sick that parents would even consider doing this to their baby boys and I am thankful that my parents left my penis alone. I understand this was considered the thing to do and most men have had it done in this country although more and more parents are like mine and leave their boys' penises alone.
One of my many memories in growing up was when my dad showed me how to clean under my hood when I became old enough to do this myself. I was about 4 or 5 and remember having had boners but up to this point, I had yet to see my little tip. It never occurred to me that my foreskin could be pulled back. He carefully took my penis in his hand and I remember that I started to get hard after he began to gently work back my foreskin. My dad reassured me that my boner was natural. As my foreskin drew back, I saw a nice, shiny purple tip emerge. He asked me if I felt any pain. I told him it felt good so he continued. At last, my tip popped past and completely cleared the covering skin. He then told me that it was important to keep the tip and underside of my foreskin clean. He carefully washed it with warm water which felt really good and he chuckled at the fact I had such a hard penis. With that, he slipped my skin back into place over my tip and told me that I had passed my first step at becoming a man.
I was about 8 when we had the chat about why guys get boners. We talked about responsibility, respect and privacy. My penis was mine and I was now in control over it. He told me that in a few years, I would start a transition. My penis and nuts would get much bigger and I would start to grow hair around them just like he had. He told me about sperm and that it would come out of my penis when I had a boner and did a thing called masturbation. When I was 12, he then left me some stuff he downloaded off the internet about masturbation. He hid it in the desk drawer in my room and it wasn't soon after that I found it in a moment of privacy. I appreciated that type of surprise and how it allowed me to experiment on my own.
My dad told me that masturbation is natural and that a man will do it, especially when there is no other outlet for sex. I figured he did it since mom was out of the picture. Even so, I didn't really think about it much or care if he did.
It was late that one summer night and I was spending the night at my best friend's. My dad figured I would be gone for the night. What he hadn't figured on was that I might return home to pick up some CD's I had forgotten to bring with me. His den sits just off the back door to our home. The porch light was off and it was dark. The blinds were open enough that I was able to see the action going on inside.
My dad was naked and sporting a nice boner. He was fumbling through a few CDs and he put them into his 5 disc player. He next appeared to be programming the player. He put on his headphones and laid back on the couch and relaxed.
I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that I was getting a nice stiffy at this point. He pushed start on the remote to the disc player. I would guess certain types of music and/or songs must turn him on and he liked to masturbate to them.
He took a small cord and looped it around both his erection and nut-sack. He gently tightened it. He then began to massage his thighs, stomach and pubic bush. He paid close attention to his nipples, too. During the next 3 or 4 minutes, he massaged himself but never touched his penis. It was standing at attention and I would say it was about 6 inches long. His tip was very big compared with the slender shaft of his erection. His balls were forced out and exposed due to the cord tied around his package. His tip started to emit some pre-cum which then flowed down the shaft.
After a few minutes, he changed what he was doing. He put some lube on his nut-sack and gently started to massage his balls. He would gently squeeze them, pet them, even grab them and gently pull. Even while doing this, he still did not touch his penis! He did this for about 5 minutes. I was beginning to catch on; as he was listening to each track through his headphones, he was doing something different to himself for each of the different songs.
The third track started playing through his headphones. He was now beginning to massage the lower part of his penis. He just used his finger tips and lube. Every so often, he would form a loop with his thumb and forefinger and stroke the lower part of the shaft, but only the lower part. He was very disciplined about how he went about this, something I had never tried when I had jacked myself. I usually just went for it and got it over with. In watching him, I was learning that maybe patience and discipline might be a better way to pleasure oneself.
The fourth track brought about a minor change, he was now massaging the whole of his shaft. Only the tip was left to be pleasured. Its turn was next.
For the next track, he then took a nice squeeze of lube and put it on his right palm. His left hand encased his shaft and he just held it. He then took his lubed up palm and started rubbing the tip of his penis as if he was polishing it. I could hear him moan and I could see him squirming quite a bit while he did this. It looked like he was in agony but I know he was really enjoying this almost 'torturous' part of his masturbation. After what seemed forever, he then stopped.
Next, he then left his penis alone and massaged his very red nut-sack. At certain intervals he would slowly stroke his penis as if he were going to let himself cum. I was wrong. He would go back to massaging after only a few seconds of stroking. If this were me, my penis would be begging for its cum at this point.
An hour and several tracks went by. He took off the headphones and I could now hear what was to be the grand finale song of his masturbation. I later learned the track is titled ''Bumpin' on Sunset'' by Wes Montgomery. This jazzy song is sensually slow and has a good beat to it. My dad was obviously timing his stroking to the rhythm of this music. He stopped stroking and tapped his penis, almost like he was playing it like the guitar in the song. During certain movements of the song, he resumed stroking himself. He looked to be close now. He soon started stroked himself consistently to the beat of the music.
He was breathing heavily and his stroking slowed. I saw his first rope of cum fly! His penis was standing straight up in his stroking hand and his cum flew towards his feet and landed on the arm rest of the couch. After a couple of seconds, he moaned and more cum shot out, this time more spasmodic and landed between his legs. After several shots, the last of his seed oozed down his purplish tip and onto his hand.
He laid there for several minutes enjoying his cum. He then got up and went about cleaning himself and the den up of his jizz. He then went to his bathroom to take a shower. I decided it was 'safe' to go inside. I yelled that I was back home and I just needed to pick up some stuff I forgot. He yelled back from his shower to have a good time with my friends. I'm sure he was probably relieved that I didn't catch him jacking off but you and I know better. My friends did notice the wet spot on my pants when I got back and kind of gave me a bad time about it.
Guess how I now do it myself when I have the time and privacy. My dad is quite inspiring to me and with sex, it is no exception!



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