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Catching Husband

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We have been married for over 20 years and he has masturbated from the first but thinks I don't know about it. Once I found some video tapes that he had made while I was visiting my mother during the summer (I'm a teacher and have the summer off). He was playing with himself all over the house and even in the car. I spent about 4 hours watching those tapes one day when I had a day off and he was at work. I got so hot and wet and came 5 or six times. Before the kids came home I had to return them to his hiding place. When I went to get them again they weren't there anymore. Guess he found a better hiding place. I was so disappointed but knew that he would be mortified if he knew I had seen them. I guess it was so exciting to me because of my tendency towards voyeurism which I have concealed all my life. I used to hide in the bushes near the hill behind our house and watch my older brother play with himself through the bedroom window. I think he peeked at me sometimes too when I was in the shower. I never locked the door and sometimes it would be left open a little even though I had securely shut it. I enjoyed the thought of him watching me as I soaped myself all over. I could imagine that he got a hardon and went back to his room to jack off. One Saturday while he was at a friend's house I snooped and found a towel under his bed which was virtually encrusted with dried semen. I washed it and put it back under his bed but never told him. Last week the kids were spending the night with friends and I was really tired from the holiday activities. Mike was on the computer as usual so I gave him a kiss goodnight and told him that I was going to make an early night of it. He said that he'd be up in a little while and continued installing some software. He does computer stuff for a living and though I am not computer illiterate the things he sometimes talks about are beyond me. He has recently been interested in video conferencing since they got a big system at work. I went to sleep watching some Jennie reruns but the beer that I had had soon made it necessary to either get up or wet the bed. The bathroom is on the second floor and he works on the computer in a room that if you stoop down at the top of the stairs you can see into. On an impulse I stooped down in the darkness and could see perfectly into the room where he was sitting with his bathrobe dropping from his shoulders to his sides. When my eyes adjusted to the light I was surprised to see that he had the desk lamp pulled down very close to the desk top. Curious, I crept down the first few steps of the stairs and sat watching him furiously pumping his swollen penis while staring at the computer screen where I could just make out a window showing another man doing the same. He would pause occasionally to type something and then return to stroking himself. I reached under my nightgown as I sat on the stairs and began fingering my clit which was dripping by now watching Mike as he leaned far back in his chair and shot great streams of cum all over his chest and stomach. I had to stifle a moan as I also had a blinding orgasm at the same time. Breathless, I crept back to the bathroom and made a great noise flushing the toilet before I went down the stairs. I asked him if he would be long and he said that he had just finished and got up carefully wrapping his robe around himself. I could see the semen seeping through the light cotton fabric but pretended not to notice and went back upstairs to bed. I wish we could share more together but I guess that after a long marriage that you become parents rather than lovers. We still make love and I now come very quickly thinking of him sitting there in front of the computer that night. Guess that it is weird but I hope he spies on me sometimes when I am not aware and gets the same thrill



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