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Catching Haley

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My first female roommate and I had a discussion and she denied that she masturbates. I shortly discovered how wrong she was.


Nearly done with my last year of college, my roommate moved out. I scrambled to find a replacement, as I couldn't afford a two-bedroom apartment by myself. Enter Haley, a cute chick I worked with at my part-time job.

Haley was certainly cute, but not pretty. She looked....average, I guess. But then, I like the average girls better-- and Haley checked all the boxes that I liked in them. She was approachable and friendly, exuberant, not stuck up, and we struck up a good friendship.

She had straight blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. I loved her smile, especially when we were cracking jokes or watching TV. Her body, too, was average. She wasn't skinny by any standard, but no where near overweight. She worked out a lot, doing exercise videos, and clad in tight stretch pants and a sports bra, provided many lasting images for me to stroke my cock to at night. She had average to small breasts, but she had a very generous ass, something I find very hot.

I quickly learned that she had a tendency for modesty. It was probably due to having me as a guy roommate. With the exception of her exercise clothes, she was always fully clothed with a shirt, sweater, pants, long skirt, or long dress. When she took a shower or bath, she always came out of her room in a long bathrobe, and scurried back to her room once she was done to get dressed.

She also had a boyfriend. His name was Rob, and he was the reason I never tired hitting on her or anything else. Rob visited often. I soon came to figure out that when they played loud music in her room they were fucking. One night I came home late, and silently entered the apartment. She was playing no music, and once I was in my room for a few minutes, I heard both of them grunting and moaning. Clearly Haley didn't think I was home. I listened to them going at it, and dropped my pants and boxers and slowly stroked my cock. They worked themselves to climax, with Haley moaning and saying, "I'm--CUMMMMING!!!" Wow. From then on, when the music was playing loud, I'd lean against the wall with my ear flat against it, hearing them go at it.

When Rob wasn't there, we had some pretty good discussions. At one point, we started talking about our respective sexual adventures. Haley disclosed how she lost her virginity at age fourteen. She was evidently quite a slut in High School, but now that she was in college, she settled down to a very happy relationship with Rob. I had no girlfriend at the time, as the last one had dumped me suddenly, and I was still getting over it. I told her the only sex I had was with my hands.

"You mean masturbate, right" she asked. I told her yes. Then I asked her if she did as well.

"Nope, I didn't need to. That's more of a guy thing, you know. Women don't need it that much"

Really? Au Contraire, Mademoiselle!

I explained to her that wasn't necessarily the case, and told her about several of my ex-girlfriends that confessed to me their masturbatory habits. "Well, I guess I just don't need it that bad. I have plenty of orgasms from sex with Rob. OK then, Haley. I had exes who were the same, so I shrugged it off.

No more than a week later, it was a beautiful summer Saturday morning. We had both woken up early. She was dressed in her standard bathrobe.I was in my boxers and a t-shirt. I made myself some breakfast, and shared it with her. We ate in front of the TV in the living room. We were watching some show on HBO. I don't remember what it was, but there was a lot of blatant nudity and sex talk on it. About half an hour into it, Haley yawned and got up, and told me she was still tired and going back to bed. Good thing, I thought, as I was sporting a partial woody.

At last, I couldn't take it anymore. I contemplated just jacking off in the living room, but decided against it. As I walked down the hallway to my room, I heard the faintest of gasps from Haley. And her door was partially open, by only a couple or three inches!

I silently approached her door and sneakily peered in.


Haley was on her bed, her eyes closed. Her mouth was open, emitting quiet gasps and moans. Every few seconds she clenched her face, and made a louder grunt. She was still wearing the bathrobe, but it was partially open down to her waist. In fact, one of her breasts was fully visible. It actually looked much larger than I had pictured it in my mind. She had very large areole, which was a pinkish hue barely distinct from the color of her skin. Her nipple was the same faint pink color, and hard and erect.

She had her right arm above, resting the back of her head on it. I could make out her left arm, deftly moving under her bathrobe, with the outline of her hand moving in sync with her grunts and moans over her crotch. I was fixated on her breast though, thinking how glorious it was and taking in its exquisite roundness and suppleness.

I froze for a second, but then the fear of getting caught overtook me. I darted back in my room, closed my door and laid on my bed. I pushed down my boxers just enough to pull out my cock, which was now at full attention. I spent probably the next twenty minutes stroking my cock, trying to listen for more sounds from Haley, but the walls must have been to thick and her noises to soft.

When I was nearly ready to cum, I heard the bathroom door open and shut, so I figured she must have finished. Knowing she had just gotten herself off despite her vehement denials that she never masturbated really set me off, and the pace of my stroking picked up. The cum was long and hard, and absolutely wonderful. My cum was all over me and the bed, but I was so relaxed, I took off my boxers and shirt and took a nap fully nude.

Sadly, that was the only time I saw her masturbate, or see her exposed like that. But the memory is retained, and I can picture so many details in my mind.



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