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Catching Elaine

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I have read many stories on Solo Touch about parents either masturbating their children or wanting to watch them masturbate which at times I have wondered about the rights and wrongs of. My wife Val and I have a daughter Elaine who is now sixteen and over whom I have never had any sexual thoughts or anything of that nature, she has always just been daddy's little girl to me. She's a happy and cheerful girl with auburn coloured hair, a nice figure and a pretty face and my pride and joy.

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to ask her something, she was in her room with the door slightly ajar so I pushed it open and walked in. The sight that greeted me had me rooted to the spot. Elaine was lying on her back on the bed, legs spread wide, completely naked, and masturbating herself. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was coming in quick short breaths and it was obvious she was highly aroused. Her left hand was on her breasts playing with one of her nipples while her right hand was between her legs rubbing furiously away. My eyes were drawn to that hand and what it was doing. She had no pubic hair down there, she was fully shaven, something I never knew she did. Her pussy was pouting open and from the sounds caused by her fingers obviously very wet. I would say she was getting very close to orgasm. It was probably the most erotic sight I've ever seen and it was my own daughter.

She must have sensed me being there because suddenly her eyes opened and met mine. Her look turned to one of horror and I quickly mumbled out a sorry to her and left the room closing the door behind me. To be honest I was more surprised than shocked by what I'd seen, it was one of those moments when it's suddenly brought home to you that your little girl is not so little any more, but a young woman with the sexual needs and desires of any adult. Of course I knew she must masturbate at her age but it's not something that I'd ever thought anything about until it so blatantly confronted me. I'd probably only been watching her for a few seconds but the sight of her and what she was doing was firmly embedded in my memory in every last detail.

My first thought was of regret that I'd just walked in without knocking and giving her a chance to cover up, and of how much I must have embarrassed her. Elaine stayed in her room for the rest of the evening and I thought it best to leave her alone and not try to apologise just then. The next morning was awkward to say the least, Elaine was quiet and I could tell very embarrassed by what had happened the night before. It must have been the poor girl's worst nightmare being walked in on by her dad while she was in the act of pleasuring herself. It was also the first time I'd seen her naked, or even her breasts bare, for a long time. She would happily wander around the house in her underwear or wrapped in a towel after a shower but since puberty she had kept her private parts generally hidden.

I took her to one side and apologised for walking in on her and said it was all my fault, I should have knocked, and would do so in future. I also told her she had nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, it was perfectly normal for a girl of her age to masturbate and the only surprising thing would have been if she didn't do it. She said it was okay but I could tell that no matter what I said to her I couldn't erase the fact that she'd been caught out by one of her parents and how embarrassing that had to have been for her. I told Val about what had happened the night before and after telling me I should have knocked first she too had a word with Elaine telling her that it was okay, nothing to worry about, but to make sure her door was shut properly in future if she wanted privacy.

After a couple of days things seemed to have been forgotten and Elaine was her normal self again, except for me they hadn't. I was in the shower when the picture of Elaine masturbating on her bed came into my mind again. I could see her smooth pale thighs spread wide, her hairless pussy pouting open invitingly and her fingers busily working away amidst all the wetness, just as if I was again standing in the doorway. My penis became hard and erect and I realised it was thoughts of my own daughter that had done it to me. I soaped it up and jerked myself off still thinking of Elaine on her bed. I came with a great relief and then had feelings of guilt over what I had been masturbating over.

I have now started to think of Elaine differently to before and can perhaps understand more, some of the stories written by others on parents and their sons or daughters. If the chance came up I would love to watch Elaine masturbate herself again and bring herself off to orgasm, although I would never dream of walking in on her again like last time. She has a boyfriend she's been going out with for a few months now and I wonder if he has fucked her, seen her lying naked on the bed like that wet and aroused, whether it was for him that she shaved her pubic hair off. All thoughts that I never had in the past before I interrupted her that evening.

Increasingly I have also had thoughts of perhaps letting her catch me masturbating. If she accidently caught me in the act and watched maybe that would ease her embarrassment of being seen herself. It does again worry me somewhat that I am even contemplating doing such a thing and perhaps for not the right reasons. Any comments would be most interesting.



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