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Catching Brother

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I was old enough to know about sex, although I was still a virgin. I also knew that my brother, a year older than I, masturbated quite a bit.

Two of my girlfriends had talked about getting their boyfriends off, but I had never been with a boy long enough to get that far, but I was dying to see it. I figured my only chance in the near future to see a boy getting off was to catch my brother. I knew when he did it most of the time, either in his room or the bathroom, with doors securely locked. I stood in the hallway and listened to him quietly grunting. Although I schemed and planned and even tried to break the door locks, nothing worked.

I knew that he would usually get off after coming home from baseball practice or games, after he took a shower. If I could just sneak into his room while he was in the shower, I knew I could catch him. But, the stars had to be aligned. It would have to be a Saturday when both parents were out, when no one came home with him, and when I was home and no one was with me. Oh yea, it had to be during baseball season, too.

Finally, it happened when everything fell into place. The chanciest part was the parents maybe coming home ahead of schedule, but I was fairly sure they would keep to it. To make the trick work well, I turned on the music in my room loud enough for him to hear but not so loud that he would tell me to turn it down. I closed my door and entered his room and the old hide-in-the-closet trick seemed to offer the best advantage.

The closet wasn't all that big and it was full of stuff. I managed to work myself in and close the door enough for it to appear closed, while affording me a view of his bed. If I breathed too hard his stuff would come falling all around me so I had to be perfectly still.

Finally he bounced into the room and took off his towel and there it was. A penis that I hadn't seen since we bathed together. He finished drying off and played a while with his cock until it grew. By now I was breathing so hard I was afraid he would hear me.

He laid on his bed and pulled a bottle of baby oil out of the nightstand and poured it on his right hand. Then he took that hand and rubbed the oil all up and down his cock and over his balls. He put his left hand behind his head and looked down at him playing with himself. What a sight. Being an athlete, he had a pretty toned body, but not like a body builder. He was tan all over except where his swimsuit fit. I drank all this in as he slid his hand up and down his shaft, and I felt wiggly between my legs.

He was slowly stroking, taking his time, so I managed, with much effort, to pull down my shorts and panties, and pull my tshirt up. I had thought this through and decided not to wear my tightest shorts, but ones that would come down easily, just in case. I matched him stroke for stroke, as he rubbed his boner I rubbed my clit, and ohhhh, did it feel wonderful, better than it had ever felt before.

As he got faster, so did I. He was breathing loudly, so I guess that's why he didn't hear me breathing or my heart beating. Faster and faster we both stroked until we both came. He shot so much it looked like pee. Immediately after I came with a jolt so strong I jerked and popped the door open.

There I was shorts to my knees, Tshirt up to my neck, my fingers on my clit, and my brother and me staring at each other. He had cum on his cock, hand, arm, and belly, just laying there catching his breath, looking at me catching my breath. He still had his cock in his hand as I meekly waddled out of his room, my shorts still at my knees. I went to my room and didn't know whether to exhilerate in the afterglow or cry from embarrassment.

As I lay on the bed, coming to my senses, Derek came in, wrapped in a towel now. I raised up and pulled my shorts up, still panting. He stood there looking at me with his mouth open. I didn't know what he was going to say, but his face wasn't red like it usually was when he was going to yell at me. Finally, he said, 'I won't tell if you won't.' Whew, what a relief. I knew there was no way either of us was going to tell, but that he seemed so calm about it was a relief.

I apologized for peeking like that, but told him that I knew what he did in there anyways, and since I had never seen one for real, I wanted to see him do it. I was surprised when he told me he had never seen a girl naked or doing it either, because he had gone with some of the hottest girls in school. But then, he was known as a gentleman. He said he didn't even know that girls did stuff like that and asked if it felt as good for me as it did for him. I responded, 'Couldn't you tell?'

We let it rest then but I masturbated a few more times that day. The next time the stars were aligned I did not dare do the same thing. However, I was pleasantly surprised when, after he left the shower, he came to my room and asked, 'Do you want to watch?' Although my heart was pounding, I tried to be nonchalant, and said, 'Well, I think we won't get caught. Do I have to stay in the closet?' He laughed.

So, then started a new chapter in our lives. We have never gone further than masturbating, but what fun that was, er, is. We take the opportunity, seldom as it is, to help each other out whenever we can, even though we are both married with our own families.



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