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Here is a little story from my past that has always made me wet just recalling it. I wonder if others have had similar experiences. I would love to hear about them.


I started to write this story and got so wet just remembering the details so now I am masturbating while I finish the story. My pussy is so wet right now as I write this. It's such a delicious story that I wish to know if others get off on it like I do.

I distinctly remember being about 13 or 14 years old and being a very horny girl. To get release, I would masturbate quietly in my bedroom, but this one night, I decided that I needed penetration, and I quickly got the naughty idea of fucking myself with a nice thick carrot from the fridge downstairs which my mother always kept in the crisper.

I remember quietly tiptoeing out of my bedroom door, wearing a nightie but no panties, and then tiptoed down the flight of stairs into the kitchen below. They were carpeted which helped prevent any creaking stair noises. I turned on the hot water faucet and waited patiently while the water got hot, all the while listening acutely for sounds of my family waking up (but they never did), and in case they did, my story was that I was hungry and getting a snack hee hee.

When the water was good and hot, I would fill the tallest water glass I could find with the hot water, and then I'd carefully peel a carrot from the fridge. I would select a nice thick one, and I'd dunk it upside down into the glass of hot water, and take the whole thing upstairs into my bedroom. Just the mere thought of penetrating myself with that thing brought shivers to my nipples and made my pussy wet with excitement. I could hardly contain myself. But since I was the daring type and wanting to push the envelope and see what I could get away with while my whole family slept just down the hall, once upstairs I would tiptoe back out of my room, down the stairs to about the halfway mark, and lift one leg over the smooth plastic bannister, and drag my cunt down the bannister, humping it as I slid down on it. It felt so good to have that smooth thick plastic edge run along my cunt and against my throbbing clit. I was always so wet and just humping it made me even wetter. I would pretend I was fucking the cutest guy in class and then I would stop, waiting and listening in the dark to see if anyone stirred from their slumber, but they never did.

The thing was I didn't have a story for humping the bannister, if caught, so that was part of the dare, the risk, the appeal. After I'd humped it for as long as sated me, I'd lick my cunt juices off the bannister, and this in turn would make me more horny and then I'd remember the hot thick carrot calling out my name from the bedroom, and I'd scamper up to my room with my fingers already exploring my now very wet cunt, delighted in the thought that I could spend the rest of the evening snuggled into my bed with that nice warm thick carrot shoved deep into my cunt and my parents and sister were none the wiser. After much thrusting, I'd eventually fall asleep with the carrot buried deep in my cunt, and in the morning, I'd wake up to find the soft warm carrot had coloured my cunt orange. Mmmm it smelled sweetly earthy. Of course I had to dispose of the carrot somehow but my mother never did ask me why she was finding whole carrots in the composter every day!!



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