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Carried Away in Flight

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This incident happened two years ago when I was eighteen. My mom and dad and my younger sister and I were flying across country to visit with a relative that we hadn't seen in at least five years. It was summer time and mom and I wore sleeveless tops and fairly short summery skirts. Mom and I sat together and directly in front of us sat dad and little sis. This was done so sis and I didn't act up. At eighteen and fourteen we could be a handful sometimes. It was an evening flight and shortly after take-off mom and I both noticed that the cabin was quite chilly. The air conditioners were probably at full blast. Mom got us two blankets and draped them over the two of us. This was much better. Now I can be a bit of a pest sometimes and I can get on peoples nerves with some of my comments and actions. Mom has told me I am immature for eighteen. She's probably right. I was bored and antsy when I decided to tease mom a bit and liven things up. Under the blanket I put my hand on moms knee and squeezed. She whispered 'stop!' I stopped but I kept my hand on her knee. With my nails I started to stroke the inside of mom's knee waiting any second for her to again tell me to stop. I was actively being a bored pest. When I heard nothing I moved my fingers up just a little bit on her leg and ran my nails over her skin. Again, she didn't say anything. I figured she was waiting until she got really annoyed and then I would hear it. This was fun. I moved my fingers up even further and now I could feel the edge of her skirt. Still nothing said. I checked to see if she had fallen asleep but her eyes were open and she was staring straight ahead. I now got real bold and adventurous and moved up further on the inside of her thigh. By now I was about halfway up her thigh. Mom never said a word. Then, the strangest feeling came over me and I no longer felt pesty but I started to feel a little excited that my fingers were this far up my mom's leg. I couldn't believe that by this time she hadn't told me very firmly to stop immediately. My sense of excitement got the better of me and once more my hand traveled upward on mom's thigh. The skin felt so soft and so smooth. I was no longer doing this to be a nudge, I was enjoying it and getting more excited. Actually excited is the wrong word, I knew that I was getting sexually arroused. I knew this was not so good but I just didn't want to stop. I again snuck a quick look at mom and her eyes were closed but I knew she was totally awake and she was breathing more rapidly. It was then that I first wondered what she was feeling. At this point I didn't go up any higher and I stopped stroking her thigh with my nails. Within just a few short seconds mom whispered to me, 'don't stop.' I could tell she was slightly panting. When I heard her say that it felt like electricity just shot down my body to my pussy. A million thoughts now raced through my head. I knew that I was not going to stop. I moved my fingers higher and then felt the material of her panty stretched over her pussy. I felt hair sticking out of the crotch of her panty. I was probably as arroused as one can get at this point. Mom then quickly raised her hips up off her seat and in one movement pulled down her skirt and panty. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. She took two of my fingers and put them into her slit and on her clit. She felt so wet and so hot I couldn't believe it. Mom then whispered, 'rub it and don't stop.' that's just what I did. After a few minutes I knew she had an orgasm by her bodily reactions. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was noticing but it was quite dark and those around us appeared to be sleeping. Mom just sat there with her head back and her eyes closed. The thought that I had just masturbated my mom to orgasm hit me like a bomb. I didn't know what to think but I knew this wasn't supposed to happen when I first touched her knee. I was just being me and we both got totally carried away.

A few minutes later mom went to the bathroom for several minutes. She never said a word to me about what just happened. That same night as I lay in our hosts guest bedroom I masturbated while thinking about what happened just a few hours ago. The next morning mom got me aside and said, 'what happened last night was wrong and it will never happen again.' I so much want mom to do it to me but I guess that's out of the question.



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