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I was convinced by those involved to send you this story.


My carpool consists of four people. There is Donna who is 30 and is married with a son. There is Helen who is 32, married but no children. Katy, who is 26 and single, is the third. I am Alisa and I'm the fourth. I am happily married and have two wonderful young children. We all live in the same small town and work at the same hospital in the city 45 miles away. When the price of gasoline started to go up a few years back we decided to carpool to save money. We have become good friends over the past few years and tend to play jokes on each other to relieve the tension of work. It was Katy that showed us your web site and told me to send in my story. (I did change our names because we do live in a small town and someone might recognize us)

Last Wednesday the hospital had Helen, Katy and myself come in and do a double shift. Donna works as a receptionist in the lobby so she had to get special permission to do a double shift because she didn't want to drive alone. The rest of us work in different labs and the hospital wanted us to do our normal shift then stay and do a shift of cleaning up our labs for a big inspection on Thursday.

The three of us that work in labs put on our oldest scrubs that day since we were going to be cleaning. Donna is the only one that is allowed to dress nicely, so she was easy to spot in our group.

The workday was just an average workday. The cleaning was slow going but we did get it done. An hour before it was time to go, I was cleaning the shelves in the back room when I bumped into the wash bucket and it fell down on me getting my left shoulder and pant leg of my scrubs wet. It wasn't too bad and I knew it would most likely be dry by the time we left for home. The problem was that I had a strong smell of pine cleaner.

It was after dark when we all met by the door near the parking lot. Everyone mentioned my smell. I told them that they only had to put up with it on the drive home and to quit their bitchin'. We all climbed into Helen's big old Buick and started for home. Donna sat in the front seat while Katy and I sat in the back.

By the time we reached the highway everybody was complaining about the smell. I said fine and pulled off my shirt and threw it out the window. The girls all laughed and thanked me. Katy sarcastically told me that she liked my bra. It was an old one that I had thrown on this morning. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes when Donna mentioned that there was still a smell and it was affecting her sinuses. I reluctantly said ok and slid my pants off and threw them out the window. I appreciated the fact that it was night since I was sitting in the backseat, in the dark, and in my underwear.

I don't know if it was because we were all tired and in a strange mood or just feeling silly, but Helen asked me if I was sure that I didn't spill any detergent on my bra, she said she could still smell it. I told her I didn't but Donna spoke up and agreed with Helen, she too smelled the detergent. I just smiled because I could see the smirks on both of their faces. Katy started to say something but before she could I pulled my bra off and threw it out the window. The girls laughed as I sat there with the moonlight shining on my small firm boobs. I asked them all if they were happy now.

It didn't take long before Katy spoke up and said there was still a lingering smell there in the backseat. The other two just laughed and held their noses. I said ok, smugly, if that is what you want, fine. I slid my panties off and threw them out the window. I asked them if that took care of the smell problem and they all laughed and said that it did.

I had a new problem, I was getting turned on by riding in the car naked. I could feel myself becoming wet. Since we were all friends I thought I would let the rest of them know it by telling them that if my husband was asleep when we got home it was going to be a hot bubble bath, candles and my fingers for some relief. Donna then turned around from the front seat and asked if I was really that horny. I replied that I was and was getting more excited just sitting there. I then noticed Katy going through her handbag when she stopped and pulled a vibrator out and turned it on. She started to giggle and asked me if I needed to use it. I told her that I had never used one and didn't know how to work it. As a half hearted joke I swung my legs up onto the backseat and sarcastically said that since she had so much experience with it that maybe she should show me how to use it.

In an instant she agreed, put the tip up against my pussy lips and gently started to push. I was so wet that it slid right in. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I had never felt vibration up inside my pussy before. Katy started to slowly pull it out again when she asked me if she should stop. I heard myself telling Katy not to stop, so she gently started to push the vibrator back in me. I heard Donna say something about Katy pushing the vibrator in me and that she couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was feeling so good. Katy was now sliding the vibrator in and out of my pussy in slow easy motions. I could feel the car turning and heard Helen say she was going down this dirt road so she could park the car. Katy was now sliding the vibrator a little faster and pushing a little deeper. I could feel the vibration deep inside me. I felt the car stop and looked over and saw Helen and Donna quietly watching Katy using the vibrator on me. Katy was stroking faster now. I grabbed my knees and pulled my legs back so Katy could get the best penetration she could. I looked at the faces of my friends as they watched the vibrator sliding in and out of me. I could feel the biggest orgasm of my life building. I could hear myself moaning loudly. All three of them said I really screamed out when the orgasm hit me. It was so intense that I thought I was going to pass out. I felt myself go completely limp.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw my friends looking at me. I felt completely drained of all energy. I heard Helen say something about getting home and then felt the car starting. I watched the stars out through the window. It was quiet the rest of the way home.

When they reached my house Helen pulled a coat from the trunk and put it around me. I slowly got out of the car and thanked them for the ride.

We had a long talk the next day just to figure things out and I realized it was a one time event. Katy then told me of your web site and that I should write this down and send it.



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