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Carla, My Best Mates Sister

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My first story, do tell me what you think.


I was 16 when I started sharing a flat with my best mate Dave, we had been pals since we were kids. He had a few sisters which occasionally visited but I never saw them in a sexual way, seemed like we was all family. That was until his 14 year sister Carla started to visit more often, sometimes when my mate wasn't home. She had long honey curly hair, slightly small for her age and slim.

On one of the occasion she visited and my pal wasn't home I invited her in as usual and told her she could wait. It was a warm day she was wearing rough cut denim shorts with a loose fitting top. She found one of her brothers toy guns which fires foam bullets and started to fool around with it tormenting me all harmless play, but when she bent down to pick up a bullet I couldn't help but see down her top and see her two budding breasts topped off by pink nipples, she wasn't wearing a bra, instant hard-on. So after a quick rearrangement of my equipment to ease my discomfort I kept trying to arrange it so I was in a position to see them again with some success. After a few views of her breasts, I think she started to either realise what I was seeing or she noticed the bulge in my pants which I kept having to readjust or both. I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom where I started having thoughts of her catching me wanking myself to orgasm, but she didn’t. By the time I returned my pal had got home and all returned to normality, except I noticed she kept looking at me more than usual and with a kind of twinkle in her eye. We all watched a film then she had to go home.

That night I was battling my conscience thinking that she was only 14 and my best mates sister, practically my sister, but all that came to my mind was that image of her breasts hanging down and that twinkle in her eye every time she looked at me. My dick became rock hard again and I began to imagine her in my room with her top off, her hair flowing over her neck and shoulders and her taking my hand to her breast and that’s when I exploded. I couldn’t believe I got so excited so fast just with that image. I cleaned myself up and just went to sleep in disbelief.

I saw her a few times after that but always her brother was around but she was more touchy feely with me. It wasn’t for a couple of weeks later when I eventually saw her again she had been away on holiday. She just knocked and walked in, I told her that her brother wouldn’t be home for a few hours. She was fine with that and made herself at home. So I went to get a couple of drinks, when I came back she was holding that same toy gun, visions of her breasts came to mind again. However this time she was wearing a tight t shirt hugging her breasts, she must have been a B cup. So I knew I wasn’t going to get a look, but the t shirt didn’t leave much to the imagination. She was also wearing some black leggings which still showed off her slender legs but hugged her arse. It was a beautiful arse, I never noticed before, not big but curvy.

Then she fired right at my crotch that broke the hypnotic spell of the image of her body, and I went to grab the toy. We playfully fought with the toy being the main goal, few times I felt my arm brush against her breast, at one point she stretched her arm out bent over with the toy and I was positioned behind her, my crotch pressed against her arse to which came an image of me doing her doggy style and again instant hard-on which she must of felt. Still playfully fighting I begun to tickle and grab her to try and make her drop the toy which was working, then I grabbed one of her tits by mistake firstly and we both froze for a split second, then we carried on now I was a bit more deliberate with my hands and caught a feel again this time I could feel her nipple harden and she wasn’t wearing a bra again. She manages to push me down on the floor and straddles me sat on my hard dick, her hands on mine pinning me down to the floor. I probably could get free easily but this was too good. I could feel my dick throbbing and I was sure she could feel it. As I looked at her I couldn’t stop staring at her nipples poking out her t shirt absolutely leaving nothing to the imagination. We looked at each other and it felt like we was going to kiss but she just suddenly sprung up and said she needed the loo. I felt like whipping my dick out there and then stroking it to ecstasy.

When she came back she said lets watch a film, so I put one on can't remember now which all that was going on in my mind was her and her body. I curled on the sofa and she sat beside me but she sat on my feet, I didn’t have shoes on and my big toe was positioned on the inside of her thigh. Occasionally I wiggled my toe, each time I did she seemed to reposition herself so my toe got higher and higher until it was touching her crotch. I started to wiggle more often and with more rhythm, she didn’t seem to mind and seemed to press down more. I just wished it was my fingers touching and feeling her. Just then my pal, her brother walked in. He got himself a drink and started watching the film during which he told Carla that she has to sleep here, in his room as their parents were going out and will be late. Not long after I had to go to bed as I had an early shift with my part time job. When I announced this I got a disappointing look from Carla and a “OK see ya laters bud.” from Dave.

When in bed again all I could think of was her and her body, I got my dick out and began to stroke him. I was remembering when I was behind her and she was bent over, thinking that I could have easily just pulled them leggings and knickers down in one swift move to reveal her naked arse sliding my hand down her crack to her pussy. At this point I was at full speed and was about to cum and my imagination was going wild. I softly moaned “mmmm Carla” and then I came, shots of spunk spurted over my chest. This is when a heard a floor board creak outside my door and noticed it was ajar. I was certain I closed it my light was off so thought no one could have seen anything. I cleaned myself off and got up looked out the door but no one was there, closed it and returned to bed. I was wondering all night who opened my door, could it have been Carla, I was sure it wasn’t Dave he would have knocked.

The following morning I got up late, forgot to set my alarm after all the excitement so I thought I would ring in sick. I went for a shower first, just as I was finishing my shower I heard my mobile ringing, I left it in the living room the night before, so I quickly wrap a towel round me and rushed to get it. When I opened the door to the living room I heard a “Whit whoo” Carla was sat watching TV next to my phone.”ha ha” I said I got the phone and it was work ringing so I rang them to tell them I was sick. “arhhh naughty boy” she said “ I was wondering why you had not gone to work”.”Yeah I got up late, Where’s Dave?”. “Gone to college, told me I could wait here, that’s OK with you?” she said with a cheeky smile as her eyes started to wander down to my towel.”What do you think your looking at” I smirked at her.”Sorry but I cant help myself, your 'fit'.”. 'fit' I wouldn’t have said that about myself but wasn’t going to argue with her,”Whatever” I felt my self starting to get hard.”I think I better get dressed.” “Oh but ehh... emm” “what?” “Can....I..... have.... a … look”she eventually said, “what!”I replied.”Pleassseee, go on I know you’ve been looking at me”. “eh??” Just then she pushed her breasts together and up,”These, I saw you the other week peeking”. The thought came over me that she might tell her brother about me perving over her. “If I show you, you cant tell your brother” “OK I promise” with a sparkle in her eye, “what do I get in return?” I will let you have a proper look at these.” again she pushes up her boobs.

I start to slowly unwrap my towel few drips of water still rolling down my body, as soon as the towel opens my dick springs up semi hard. “wow is it always like that? That big? Can I touch it?” “Oi! What about your side of the bargain” I replied not wanted to get short changed. She then lifts up her T shirt to reveal her bra. “come on your bra as well.” I said with a cheeky smile. She turns around and unclasps her bra all I see is her naked back, with her black leggings, I glance down at her arse and notice a very visible knicker line, I felt like grabbing them gorgeous buttocks with both hands. Then she turns around with her arms around her chest then slowly opens them revealing her beautiful tits with reddish pink nipples size a 10p coin. I feel my dick twinge and get harder. “Oh my God, It just moved!” remarking about my dick,”does it always do that?” “When I get turned on, yeah” I say while giving him a quick stroke.”So can I touch it?” she eagerly asked her eyes not wandering from him, “If I can I feel your lovely breasts?” with that remark she blushed,”OK” she reaches out and gently holds my dick, I nearly came there and then,”wow, Its so hard!” I slide both hands up her waist and round her breasts, stroking her nipples with my thumbs, which begin to harden and stick out, “They are gorgeous.” I commented. “Will you wank for me, I want to see what sperm looks like?”. I thought this might be going to far, but then she said “I saw you last night playing with him but couldn't see much.”

So it was her. “Was you thinking of me?” I was stunned and shocked didn't know what to say. “I did hear you say my name.” she continued while gently sliding her hand up over my circumcised dicks head and back down. I couldn't deny it “Well you do have a hot body” was all I could think of, she blushed again. “Do you masturbate? I will if you do.” I say hoping to see more of her.”Hmm... I don't know.....I'm not taking my knickers off.” she then slid down her leggings to reveal her white cotton knickers with some small purple flowers on. I place my hand on my dick and started stroking slowly I didn't want to excite myself too much and too early, but that was going to be hard to do. Carla sat down and started to rub herself over her panties, I begin to notice her panties start to dampen and she moves one hand to her breast squeezing and teasing her nipple while still fixated on my harden cock. I quicken the pace of my strokes, and a drop of pre-cum emerge from the tip. She smirks and then places her hand inside her now wet knickers. Oh how I wonder how that felt like. “Not long now, are you ready?” I say as I quicken my pace, “mmm yeah.” she replied. Just then she said “sod this,” and quickly whipped her knickers off and partly spread her legs revealing herself to me she had a short wispy bush, her finger sliding down her crack rubbing her button, that unforgettable musky sweet smell filled the air. “Oh yeah Carla, I'm cumming.” and with that ropes of sperm leapt from my cock and landed on her pert breasts. She looked shocked and amazed at the same time “Wow! That was amazing.” as she picked up my towel to wipe her breasts, “Think I need a shower now.” she gave me a peck on the cheek, picked up her clothes and ran to shower. I went to get dressed with a smile on my face.

When she got out of the shower I was sat watching the TV, heard her wandering around, then she came in. “Sorry I got to meet some friends, but we have to do this again sometime.” she said with that sparkle in her eye and smirk. “Oh by the way I left you a present under your pillow in your bedroom.” another peck on the cheek and then she left. I wondered what she meant by present and had to look. Under my pillow was her panties still damp and with her scent.



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