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Caravan Wanks

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When I was 15 my newly divorced mum insisted that she, my sister and I went on holiday together. The only problem was all she could afford was a tiny caravan in Wales, stuck on a rocky coast miles from the nearest town.

After 5 days I was bored senseless and... unbelievably horny. At 15 I was horny most of my waking life, but was used to dealing with my needs on a 4 times a day basis. Stuck in a tiny caravan with Mum and my evil 16 year old sister I hadn't dared to do it once - even in the cramped little toilet. Never had the phrase 'dying for a wank' been more appropriate. I was on the verge of climbing a lamppost and wriggling...

Then one morning Mum decided to go to the local town to shop...and my sister simultaneously decided to 'go for a walk'. My eyes widened and my pussy moistened. I had already marked out a photo of a boyband in a magazine I'd brought as my visual stimulation - not the kind of thing that tended to serve these days (I'd discovered Internet porn) but under the circumstances could have been a picture of Mr Jones the studly Maths teacher with a 12 inch hard-on for the erotic affect it had had on me for the last couple of days.

After waiting 2 minutes to make sure they wouldn't suddenly re-appear and had definitely gone...I was sat bare-bummed on the plastic toilet lid with my jeans and knickers round my ankles and my right hand making long exquisite circles round my pussy lips, occasionally giving my clit a tweak as my vision filled with sweaty boyband torsos...

'Are you having a wank in there? For fuck sake hurry up, I need to get one in before Mum gets back'

My charming sister had returned. I almost banged my head on the ceiling.

'Fuck off till I've finished'.

'Oh for fuck sake... I haven't had a wank in a week and she'll be back soon'

'Tough shit fuckface!'

'What have you got in there. Is it a magazine? I can hear the paper. You're probably wanking to the boy band like a sad little tweeny...... I've got some porn if you want it....cocks as big as your arm.... if you come out now'

She had really put me off my stroke....and pictures of enormous erections were sounding pretty good in my insanely horny state. I was really tempted.

Pussy wiped, knickers then jeans pulled up (managing to bang my head and elbows in the tiny box (ow! fuck!), I slide the door open.

'Thank fuck for that!' she said with a relieved look on her face.

'Where's the porn?'

'When I've finished' She waived a magazine in my face. On the cover a very muscular man presented a dick like a telephone pole - I almost came in my knicks.

I could hear the sound of jeans and knickers being pulled down with a lot of desperate gasping and her fat arse settling itself on the loo seat [creak creak]. Then wet snicking and a relieved sigh...

We'd always been open about masturbating - teasing each other but admitting that we both did it. 'Had a wank over my boyfriend yet?' 'Are you having a wank in there?'' What the fuck are you doing home? - dying for a wank, eh? Perving on the senior lads football again?' That kind of thing. But I had never actually heard her do the deed.

'Uh Uh fuck fuck big uh uh fuckin big fuck fu fu bigcock uh uh'. Dirty bitch. Not that I thought about boys' personalities when I did it. Teenage boys and 20 somethings tend not to have any, do they?

After that we conspired together to get Mum out of the caravan as often as possible during the rest of the 2 weeks. That poor magazine was a mess of sticky fingerprints by the end. We couldn't actually prize apart the double spread of 3 guys all blowing a huge load simultaneously after a while (our joint favourite it seemed)....we were dirrrrty girls - like most girls that age!



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