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Caravan Campsites

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This is part one only, and only covers the first time this happened... depending on feedback I may write more.


It's cheap, cheerful and, if you like that kind of thing, not a bad way to holiday. We, that is my wife and I, had bought our first caravan and were getting used to it. (Badly, and by trial and error.. mostly error).

We had gone to a site in the New Forest (UK) and had set up. We had settled in and my wife had gone for a shower. The caravan next to us was almost new. (Very flash) and was owned by an older couple and their daughter who I would guess was around 18 or 19.

Now, I noticed that she didn't seem bothered by showing her knickers as she sat on the grass. In fact, it may have been my imagination, but she seemed to sit in deliberately provocative positions. Skirt, knees up, feet wide apart. I caught her eye and she smiled back. When I looked again a few minutes later, I noticed that she was in the same position, but had slipped her bra off. Two small but perfectly shaped breasts were pushing against the loosest t shirt I have ever seen.

All the next day, she seemed to be sitting where I could see up her skirt. She was obviously flirting, but that didn't mean she was interested... or did it?

After being given several hard-ons, I decided I would test the waters. I took my mountain bike off the rack and wheeled it around the caravan. I looked at her, looked over at her bike and then jerked my head over my shoulder in the direction of the forest. Then I rode off. She would either follow or not.

To my intense delight, she followed! We rode together for a while and I discovered her name was Rachael. Then we headed into the woods. It was cool, but still pleasant and we found a delightful little stream trickling away.

I discovered that she was 19 and totally hated caravan holidays to which her parents were addicted. We threw stones into the stream and then raced twigs. Suddenly Rachael said 'I need to pee. The water is making me want to go.' I pointed to a small thicket of shrubs and said 'In there?' Rachael stood up and walked a couple of paces before saying 'You can watch me if you like.' So I went with her. She lifted her short skirt up to her waist and tugged her knickers to one side revealing a very thin covering of pubic hair and she peed. I tell you, it was the most horny thing I had seen for ages. This young woman, squatting and pissing inches in front of me. Then, she let her knickers cover what were, by now, very pouty and swollen looking lips. She flopped forward onto her knees and pulled me to her and started to kiss me like it was going out of fashion. She groped my cock and took my hand to her breast under that t shirt.

She was breathing really fast and hard too. I loved that little breast, but I was really interested in what was between her legs so I pushed my hand into her knickers and slipped a finger up what was a really REALLY wet and deliciously tight pussy. Rachael gasped and started talking to me... well, asking me things too. 'Did you fuck your wife this morning?' 'Is her cunt as tight as mine?' Really hot stuff. I told her that yes, I had fucked Claire that morning. Instantly, Rachael knelt backwards and jacked my cock. Not for long, but long enough for me to know she was touching Claires juices.

Then, and I knew the moment would come, Rachael said 'Fuck me. Screw me hard.' and I knew, much as I wanted to, that I couldn't do that. As much as for Rachael's sake as my lovely wifes.

I said 'Rachael, I want to be in your pussy more than you can know, but it isn't right and I can't. But I can make you cum if you would like?' Rachael said 'yess.. ohh fuck yes...' I lay her on her back and kissed down her tummy to her wet and beautifully fragrant white knickers. I pulled them aside and pushed one, two then three fingers inside her. You have NO idea how tight she was. I pressed forward to her g spot and finger fucked her as if it was my cock in there. I took the opportunity to lying beside her with her hand on my cock and talking to her. 'Pretend this is my cock in your pussy. I fucked my wife with it this morning and now you have her juices and mine in you.' Rachael started moaning really hard and saying such filthy words. She lifted her knees and spread them wide. You have NO idea what will power it took not to fuck her brains out. Then I took a chance, I pressed my little finger against her ass and pushed. She was creaming up so much down there that it started to slip inside her and I was rewarded by her saying 'Ohhh I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm' and then, gloriously, magnificently, she did. Wave after wave and contraction after contraction. There was even a few squirts of piss into my palm too. (not that I minded that at all.)

When she came down, she jacked me off making me cum on her little titties.

They were leaving two days later, but we made time to meet up at various points during those two days. Rachael was clearly in her experimental phase. She wanted to know how Claire likes being fucked, what her pussy looks like. (She even wanted to know what Claire smells and tastes like, so I brought Rachael a pair of Claire's used knickers.)

The most kinky thing we did, at Rachael's request, was that she wanted to pee on me. I told her that I find a girl wetting herself a great turn on, so she knelt across my tummy and let it go in her knickers for me. It actually made her cum.

I guess the big question is did we? Well, the answer to that is that is for us to know.

Since then, I have found similar experiences on every single campsite we have visited. There is always someone, of whatever age, on the verge of wanting to really experiment. All you have to do is look.

Oh, and Claire? Yes, she too has had her share of 'fun' on campsites. A couple of years after Rachael, Claire started to notice men on these sites, who are no doubt looking for sex. After a few nights of me fucking her and telling her to think about the guy in the next van etc, we decided to put all pretence aside and go for it. Claire has been fingered and groped by guys, (and three girls to date) while I have lost count of the number of girls who were up for some fun.

I will never forget Rachael though. I guess at the very least she had something to tell her friends about back home, and at best, well, she and I explored a great many ways to make a girl cum.



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