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Caravan Antics

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When I was younger, about 13 or14, my mum had this friend, who also had a daughter. Mum's friend used to come over to our house and me and the daughter would play. One summer my mum somehow managed to get us an old caravan, she put it out in the back garden and it became out little play area. Well, let's say we certainly did some playing in there. My mum and her friend would sit in the house talking away for hours, totally oblivious to what me and Evie were getting up to.

The people who had owned the caravan previously, were obviously male, they had left a number of pretty hardcore porn mags under the mattresses. Which of course we devoured at every chance we could get. Our young innocent minds were being filled with images of women, dressed in lace and leather, with whips. Or just totally naked, thrusting dildo's into each other's wet dripping pussy's, with those faces of pure pleasure. Well of course, me and Evie wanted some of that.

We soon started collecting things that resembled those wonderful tools we were seeing the magazines. Long, smooth objects that we soon, could experiment with. Excuses ranged from, we want to make out own 'cucumber and cheese sandwiches in the caravan' to 'we want to do some drawing with the sharpie markers in the caravan.' Soon our collection was building.

One day, our mums decided to go shopping. Evie and I both recognised that this would be the perfect time to have some fun. So off our parents went, quite happily leaving us with a caravan full of what seemed like innocent toys to play with.

Once they had been gone a while, the doors and windows were locked, the curtains were drawn and we got down to business. First we lay all of the magazines out, on our favourites pages. We took off our clothes, taking in every single inch of each other's bodies. This was it, finally, it was time. Laying on the double bed, we browsed through the magazines, wondering what noises those amazingly beautiful women were making.

First, Evie took the cucumber. She opened her lips and pushed it in as far as she could, letting out a little yelp. I couldn't believe my eyes, the cucumber had fit. Evie began pumping the makeshift dildo in and out of her tight perfect pussy. I could hear her juices. I could see them dripping onto the bed. Her face was blushed, thinking she was embarrassed I turned away. I could hear her moaning, I wanted to turn around, and watch her. Witness the pleasure she was experiencing. Soon she was screaming at me, 'turn around, do this, pump it in me, hard, harder, I can't do it myself.' She began shaking; I thought she was having a fit. The smile on her face suggested otherwise. Soon, her body relaxed and she let out a long, sweet sigh. I pulled out the cucumber, glistening with Evie's juices. It smelt amazing, so I licked it all off. Evie told me that if I could clean up the cucumber then I could certainly do the same to her. Nervous, I crawled onto the bed, pushed her legs apart and began lapping up her juices like some dirty dog. They tasted so much better coming straight off her flesh. Once she was cleaned up, it was my turn.

I lay back against the pillows, propping myself up, I told her I wanted her to do it because it looked to good. She kindly obliged. Before I knew it she was making my pussy wet by licking her fingers and shoving them up my cunt. If that felt so good, I could only imagine what it was like to have something else up there. Next came the sharpie markers, one, two and three. I looked down to see the ends of them coming out of my pussy, soaked with my cum. I thought Evie would use her hands to push them in and out, but instead she mounted be in a scissors position, so that her pussy was directly over mine. She began grinding against me, she knew exactly how to take me to the edge. Only to bring me back again for more. I couldn't take it any longer, my body anchored up, my hips bucked, I was screaming, begging her to just finish off. Instead she took the pens out, I was becoming angry. She sat down and began pleasuring herself with the cucumber again, that was it. I couldn't stand it. I sat in the same position she had, making the cucumber into a double ended dildo, we had found a way to pleasure both of ourselves at the same time. We sat there, thrusting our way through many wonderful orgasms, removing the cucumber only to taste each others sweet juices and to use our fingers to pleasure each other. I have no idea how long we spent in that caravan together that day, but I do remember lying there, gasping for breath, smiling and knowing that it would be something we would remember for the rest of our lives.

Happy jilling girls, I'm off to find a cucumber :)



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