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Car Wash and Then Some!

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Started out as a car wash but certainly didn't end there!


This happened to me last Fall. My pick up needed cleaning and I went to this car wash not far from my apartment. It was a big place where they vacuum it out followed by the actual wash and then the drying and treating the tires, etc. It was here that I couldn't help but notice her.

She was with the drying group and was on my pick up. She was wearing the company's red T shirt with these tight fitting black shorts. And, what a nice looking ass and pair of legs she had! I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and what I was seeing did have an effect on me (or I should say on MY) as I was getting hard from what I was seeing and thinking.

She finished and I went to get in my truck. As I went by her I thanked her and handed her a tip. She in turned handed me a card with her name and phone number on it and said 'In case you're interested in doing more than just looking just give me a call'. She started to turn and leave and I asked her 'When'? She said 'In the evenings'.

I stuck the card in my pocket and for several days I kept thinking about her. I finally went and drove by the car wash just wanting to see her again. And, there she was. Out working on a car and still dressed in those fine looking shorts. I thought to myself 'Man; I've got to get some of that'. So, that evening, I called the number. No answer. An hour later, I called again and this time got an answer. I asked 'Is this Debbie'? She said 'Yes'. I told her I had the card she gave me and she said 'In the black pick up'? I said 'yes'. She remembered who I was. I told her I'd like to come see her. She told me her price and added 'Make sure you bring a condom'. I told her I wasn't interested in that and said 'I was thinking more on the line of getting a good feel of you ass and legs while you give me a hand job'. She said 'Sure. I'll need $X for this'.

I asked if I could come over now and she said yes and gave me her address. It was a small apartment not three blocks from mine. I told her I'd be right over.

I arrived and she let me in. She was still wearing her work clothes with those tight black colored shorts. My hands were iching to get a feel of what she had. I handed her the money and immediately asked 'May I' with my hand just an inch from touching one of her thighs. She then said 'Let me get these out of the way for you' with her thumbs in her waist band on her shorts.

She pulled them and her panties off and walked up to me putting an arm on my shoulder and her hand on my crotch feeling my cock. I put one hand on her ass and the other on the inside of one of her thighs. She felt fantastic. She then started taking my belt loose followed by the button on my pants and she pulled them down. She then said 'Let's sit on the sofa' as she picked up a tube of gel and squeezed some on her hand. I sat down with her besides me getting a wonderful feel of her ass and thighs. She then went to jacking me off. And, did she ever! I didn't know I had that much cum in me. It went everywhere.

She then got a wet wash cloth and wiped me clean. All the while I was still feeling her up. I couldn't get enough of her. She definitely felt every bit as good as she looked at the car wash.

Needless to say, I've been a regular customer of hers both at the car wash and at her apartment. Believe me, I still can't get enough of that 'stuff' of hers.



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