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Car Park Relief

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Just this week we were out to a Blues concert, excellent music, and for some reason I was getting turned on by the atmosphere (and some of the female audience!) but we were with a friend, so couldn't indulge in any side-action on the way home and my wife was very tired by the time we got back.

The next day I went off to work with a 'lob'(ed. semi hard-on) and a lot else on my mind, but all through the day I kept thinking about some action on the way home, and hatching a scheme to deal with my lurking erection. (I masturbate a lot, always have; lots more accounts to cum I think!)

I had a lot to do and having warned my wife I would be late, it was probably 8:00pm when I hit the road with an hour to travel. I phoned my wife and asked if she would 'play ball' with a little indulgence. We have almost developed a language for this over the years, she is very straight and loving. I like to get her to act the 'whore', even though she isn't and just could never be. We struck a deal 'Do I get a foot massage later?' 'Yes, no problem!' I reply reluctantly, 'OK then, what do you want me to do?' I generally have my first mini-orgasm when I hear that....

I asked her to wear the same zip-up she wore to the concert with jeans, but with nothing else underneath, and to wear high heels. She should drive to a car-park near home and when the coast looks reasonably clear, walk across to my car with the zip as low as she dares. Agreed.

All the way back round the motorway I am driving so horny, I even had a call from one of my US female colleagues, which added to the pleasure. I get to the car park and find a quiet corner (we've done this before.) A few minutes later my wife drives in and parks ten yards away. Other cars come in and we wait for their occupants to go, then a guy walks through with a dog, and looks very interested in seeing two occupied cars.

I start beating my cock. Then it goes momentarily quiet and my sexy wife gets out of her car, blonde hair spilling over her collar, zip way down, and starts that wonderful high-heel tapping over to me, and opens the door and climbs in. The light coming on gives me a great view of her perfect breasts. She shuts the door and looks at me the way a working girl would. 'OK' I say. 'OK'. My orgasm is coming as I reach out and touch her breasts. The door-light dims and goes out. I say 'Now!' and she reaches across and puts her hand onto my cock and jacks me off vigorously. At the same time I unzip her jeans and plunge my fingers into her wet pussy. Both of us buck in time to the orgasm. I start to subside, she squeals and moans whilst clamping my hand between her legs.

I am in heaven...still some people in the car-park but fortunately unaware of us... I hope (or do I?)

Several tissues later we make our way home and I return the favour after dinner with an hour's foot massage. Isn't life wonderful?



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