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Car Jacking

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Reading Noeme's story today about her perfect gentlemen 'John' brought back all the memories of my first night with 'Dave'. Sorry if all these car stories are a bit repetitious for you readers but just wanted to share my story....


It all started out with a simple ride home after work last spring. Dave offered me a ride, and I was over the moon. We were chatting in the car and I was enjoying this man's company. His gentle manner, dry sense of humor and quiet intelligence made for such a refreshing change from all the dorks I hung out with. He'd just ended a serious relationship and had moved to the city from overseas. I was in the middle of a break-up. Well, no, truthfully I hadn't quite got around to it yet but the writing was on the wall. As far as I was concerned it was anyways.

I was telling this mild-mannered man about my boyfriend. About his abusive behaviour and voracious sexual appetite. How he wanted to have sex with me everywhere and anywhere, relentlessly, with no foreplay... just wham bam thank you m'am. He was one of those men that pushed my head down onto his cock for me to satisfy him orally. I must have given him thousands of bjs over the years. Yes, I admit part of me found it exciting at first, his animal lust, but now I longed for something else. For someone else.

I glanced over at Dave. We'd pulled over outside my apartment and were losing track of time with the conversation. I could see he was enthralled with my stories of my boyfriend's near sexual depravity. I saw his hands resting guiltily in his lap trying to hide the conspicuous bulge in his pants. I carried on the flow of conversation relating how my boyfriend ordered me to go without panties. How he needed immediate access to my labia and clit at all times. How there were times in restaurants when I was so sopping wet from him fingering me under the table that I had to wedge napkins and even part of the tablecloth up there to stop myself from soaking the chair or banquette. We mainly ate in bars with paper tablecloths so all I had to do sometimes was tear a bit of the paper off and push that up my skirt to catch the flow.

Dave was getting good and hard now from my talk and I could see he was getting the old 'cuntstruck' look. A wet spot was appearing on his pants and he was shifting a little in his seat. My skirt had ridden up my thighs and I was giving him a good view of my lovely legs which he sure was appreciating. I quickly lifted it up some more and flashed him my pussy. I wasn't wearing any panties (what's that British expression 'she's all fur coat and no knickers'?? LOL!!). He coughed in embarrassment but remained composed. I carried on talking and then I just did it. I seized the moment .. and him! I reached over and moved his hands out of the way of his stiff prick, unbuckled his belt, reached in for it and started to pump. Oh god! Men just love it when I take control like that. The men I've known in my town sure have anyways! LOL! I could see this man was not going to make a move on me so I did it for him. As I was working his dick, I told him all about how red-faced I got in restaurants and how I tried not to let the waitress know I was being fingered by my boyfriend under the table as I ordered my chicken wings and diet coke. I described my wet labia lips, no panties on, my juices leaking all over the chair and dripping on the floor as my boyfriends fingers were wedged in my cunt.....

Dave was on the edge of cumming now from all my raunchy talk so I quietened down a bit and focused on his beautiful cock. He was just about to explode and I got worried about his cum going all over his trousers and nice shirt. I usually had tissues or wet wipes in my purse but didn't have any on me this time. Dave groaned and said he was cumming and so I quickly bent his cock over and caught the first rope with my hand. So much salty cum squirting out. It went everywhere..all over my hand and some!

It was a real powerful orgasm and I felt proud of myself for having given him such a release. He sat back afterwards, shaking slightly and moaning. He clearly hadn't had anyone do that to him in a loooooong time. He then reached in to return the favour and felt my wet, sopping labia. Oh, I'd been waiting for his touch. I spread my legs out while he gently stroked and fingered me but, I find it really hard to cum from just fingering so after awhile we had to leave it there for the night.

Anyways, I did dump my boyfriend finally. It always takes meeting someone else for me to clue in that I'm with the wrong guy! Now I'm with the right one and he's a keeper!!



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