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Car Jackin' .......where's Eric?

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Just the other day I was sitting in my car at the shopping center having a great jackoff session. It was a warm, sunny day, and the women looked so good in their shorts, mini skirts, and summer dresses, it was just impossible not to whip out my big cock and stroke it. A long-time 'car jacker', I always have lube and a towel ready to go. Wearing only a tee shirt and shoes (no pants at all), my eight and a quarter incher was raging harder and harder, just begging for my attention. The sun was shining into the car and making a reflection on my driver's side window and it was really hot seeing my big dick being yanked. I keep edging closer and closer to ejaculation, but would stop before I completely lost control.....wow! it sure felt great! As I sat there beatin' the meat and checking out the gorgeous babes all around the place, it occured to me that man, this would be really fun if my old bud Eric was here today.

Eric was my sort-of jackoff buddy. About a year of so back me and Eric would happen to be in the same parking lot on many occasions. I had noticed his truck a few times and always wondered what he was doing sittng in it all the time. So one day I pulled up close to where he was parked and it was pretty obvious that he was jackin'. So, after some time went by I started parking a space or two from him and made no attempt to hide the fact that I was beatin' it too. Finally one day I got the nerve to pull up right next to his truck, my passenger side next to his drivers' side. I decided it would be a blast to have him be able to see my cock as I jacked off. Since we both had tinted windows it was kind of difficult to see clearly, but after some time of getting used to each of us being there, doing the same thing, I figured it was time to show off. Eric had started rolling his window down about half way, so I could see his face and I started letting mine down part way so I could say hello, how's it goin', stuff like that (I would cover myself with a towel at this point). As we became more comfortable with each other, and realized we weren't gay....just loved to jackoff while looking at the babes....I decided to go for broke.

So, one afternoon I was already at one of our favorite spots jackin' my big ol boner, when Eric pulled up beside me. This time I let the passenger window down all the way as I keep on beatin' my dick. Eric rolled his down as well, and started getting into it as well. I just keep on jackin' as I said hey to him and told him how hot the honeys were today. I was really turned on now, having somebody there watching me and knowing he was pulling his hardon too. I would point out a real hottie and say stuff to him like 'look at the ass on that one...man, she'll make you cum'. He'd smile and agree and we would sit there for an hour just jackin' off....it was a lot of fun. We did this several times a week for a year or more, until he got another job or something and didn't come around anymore. I miss Eric, it would be nice to find a new buddy for a little 'car jackin' action. oh, well, I think I'll go for little ride.....my dick's getting hard from writing this story......now... where the heck are my keys?



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