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Car Fun

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Remember when?


When I was in high school I dated a very attractive but shy girl named Jan. She had long black hair, very pointed breasts, a great figure and a rounded rear that always gave me an erection when I watched her from behind walking down the hall. God, the way it moved was beautiful. Before we dated I often lay in bed remembering her nice rear until I shot hot cum all over my sheets and had to go get a towel.

Our first few dates were not too sexual but eventually we got more involved and always ended up in a corner of the front seat of my father's car necking up a storm until the windows fogged.

I discovered that this almost shy girl was extremely hot when she let herself go. She liked to French kiss over and over while I caressed and petted her outside her clothes. Eventually we reached the point where she let me slide my hand up under her skirt and cup her mound. Her nylon panties were always very warm and wet. She would never let me go beyond that point to slide my hand up under them. But what I did with my hands outside really excited her enormously.

She would get very breathless. She held me tight and I heard her panting. She thrust her nylon covered pussy with a full mound of hair out toward my eager hand. I felt her nylon covered legs go stiff. I stroked her slowly. My fingertip could feel the bulge of her clitoris pushing against the silk like the head of a tiny penis. From feeling it lightly it felt like a small, very slippery marble.

Whenever I lightly rubbed it with my fingertip Jan jerked and moved as though it drove her nuts. With my right hand behind her cradling her beautiful round ass, her panties tight over it, I felt her clenching her cheeks in pleasure, her butt often jerking back and forth. My warm hand slipped so smoothly against her there that her ecstatic movements were almost making me ejaculate in my pants.

Doing this to her pussy made my fingers almost get an electric buzz from it. When she teased herself as long as she could stand it, she would gasp, push herself into my hand, her legs would stiffen and both my hands could feel her throbs as orgasm after orgasm went through her. It must have felt so good to her that all she could do was clutch me and throb with her waves of sexual pleasure.

It was very exciting for me to do this to her, to make her come so hard over and over again. Sometimes I felt so good feeling her up and sensing her growing passion that I throbbed with her and loaded the inside of my underwear with half a cup of my own cum.

If I didn't, then, after she came down from several of her incredible orgasms, she pushed me off her and was determined to give me pleasure. Once, when I asked her why she got so excited with my hands rubbing her pussy under her skirt, she confided that once as a young girl when they were on a long car trip with her parents driving in the front seat and at night she sat in the back with an older man who was a friend of her parents. As they rode along and he was talking to her parents, he casually lay his left hand on her thigh and moved it back and forth a bit. Jan thought little about it, just a kind of friendly thing. But one thing led to another and soon his hand slid beneath her skirt and was exploring further.

Jan said she began to feel a moist, excited tingling between her legs and she just sat back in the darkness and with her heart beating a mile a minute, she spread her legs a bit more and hoped he would touch her where no man had ever touched before.

Apparently it was the most exciting thing she had ever felt because he began rubbing the crotch of her now soaked panties and kept rubbing them right where her very stiff clitoris now pushed out until she thrust her hips up and almost cried out. She bit her lip to keep from screaming and experienced a full, hip-jerking long drawn out pussy-throbbing orgasm that she said almost made her faint when the man tickled her stiffened clit and she gave him a very wet hand.

Afterward he quietly took out his handkerchief to wipe his hand. He grinned at her in the semi-darkness, coughed to cover the sound of him unzipping, then she watched intently while he pulled out his large, stiff penis and began masturbating beside her. Jan watched him excitedly.

The parents were talking in the front seat, the car radio was playing soft music and Jan was suddenly getting very wet panties again. Her cunt felt as if she was going to spasm with good feeling again.

The man reached for her hand but she shyly pulled away. But the second time he took it she could not resist. She said she sort of cupped her hand over his large wet penis head and began squeezing and rolling it. The man immediately stiffened, gasped, clutched his handkerchief over her hand and ejaculated over and over against it. Jan said that when she felt the hot shots of his cum hitting her hand she was now so excited that she had another throbbing orgasm in her soaked panties.

For years afterwards she masturbated repeatedly remembering that event, and when she took me with her hands she stroked the shaft with her left hand and cupped my pulsating gland with the other. But I was just too turned on by her story. She hardly began when I jerked and throbbed my hot shooting appreciation all over us both.

Jan gasped at the suddeness, smiled and said, 'Oh, God, oh, God, I know that felt good to you, Oh you came so much!' I said, 'Well you made it feel so good.' 'Did I? Did I make you crazy hot? I love doing this to you.' She never gave me a chance to get soft.

'Oh,' she grinned in the darkness. 'You're still so hard. Want to do it again? You still like it? Does it feel sexy like fucking. I love making you do it with my hands. It makes my pussy feel so good. You're going to have to do me again after this. Are you ready to cum? Does this feel good?'

She did the trick with her hands again, slower than before enjoying teasing me with her very experienced fingers, but gradually speeding up. Then her grin broadened knowingly and naughtily as my hips lifted clear of the seat and she just stared intently at my stiffened penis jerking spasm after hot spasm in her warm wet cum-covered fingers.

I never forgot those great times in the car and still get off on stories describing others doing likewise. If this gave any of you young women wet panties reading it, and remembering your own hot times doing these things, please share your stories or comments so we can all get off again as intensely with you as I did with Jan and of course with Connie whose stiffened, slippery large and happy clitoris always knows what I mean.




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