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Car Accident

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This story is about a girl I know who was involved in a car accident and an interesting event a few weeks later.

I've been seeing a girl for about a year, but she lives over 100 miles away, so most times we get to see each other is when I'm on business and stay in a nearby hotel.

Most times we have a meal in a local restaurant and then go back to my room for an hour or so, watch TV and have a kiss and a little cuddle with some touching, but never sex. We have so much fun, just each others company has kept us together.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Ann had a car accident and hurt her neck and got pretty banged up with bruises to her head. I did go to see her in hospital but because business didn't take me to the area for a while I didn't get to see her again for another 4 weeks.

She was still in a neck brace but recovering from her bruises and could get around walking OK. I picked her up at her house and we went for a meal at a local restaurant where we were laughing and joking as normal.

After we finished I asked if she wanted to come back to the hotel and watch some TV for a while. I wasn't sure how well she felt and if she wanted to go home or not. Anyway back to the hotel we went to watch her favourite soap at 9:00.

We sat on the bed as we usually did to watch. Normally we would kiss and touch but this time because of her neck brace she couldn't turn her head to kiss. After a while she said she was feeling uncomfortable and her hip and shoulder was hurting where she had been bruised.

Being the gentleman that I am I said why don't you relax and let me massage it gently for you. She said she would love it, but to be very careful and not make her move too much as her neck was still very sensitive and in the brace.

I started on her right shoulder, I was lying next to her as she watched the TV. After a while I undid a couple of her buttons on her blouse so that I could massage her shoulder better instead of outside the blouse. It didn't take long until all the buttons were undone and my hand was wandering to her breasts and then slowly to the tops of her jeans.

I said to her that if she wanted her hip done then it would be easier if I took off her jeans. Go ahead she said. I unbuttoned the top and slowly slid the zip down, she raised her hips and allowed me to slide her jeans off. Underneath she wore a white pair of panties with some lace. I started to gently rub her hip.

Although we had never had sex we did have a very open relationship and often talked about what we did when on our own and how often we masturbated.

As I was rubbing her hip I asked her if she was still masturbating after her accident. She looked at me and said it was almost impossible as any movement and she felt the spasms in her neck so she had not masturbated for 4 weeks.

After a while rubbing her hip I could sense the slight rise and fall of her hips. My hand went ever so slowly to her panties and my fingers gently traced over her vagina. I felt her move into my fingers so I kept them tracing over her sex. After a while I put them into her waist band and again gently moved them inside and down to her slit. She was soaking. Push my pants down she said but please go slow as I'm not sure if I can do this without hurting my neck.

Down her pants came and I very gently and slowly got some of her juices and softly lubricated her clitoris. Very slow and very soft I went-I could tell she was getting close, her breathing was heavy and erratic. Keep going she said, don't stop. She arched her back and groaned and grabbed my arm tightly as she came. I didn't carry on any more as she was concerned about her neck-it hurt a little she told me, but it was worth it as it was her first orgasm for many weeks.

She looked at me and said-I'm sorry but there is no way I can do anything for you as the movement will hurt my neck. Why don't you masturbate on your own, I would love to watch you.

I was hard and oozing pre-cum but had never done this in front of anyone before. But I had always fantasised about masturbating in front of a girl, so it didn't take me long to get rid of my clothes and grasp my hard penis.

Her eyes were on me slowly rubbing my foreskin up and down over my purple head. With the excitement of masturbating her I came far too quickly and shot the cum all over my chest.

We both relaxed and I put my arms around her. She looked me in the eyes and said she loved watching and we agreed this would now be part of our occasional evenings together. Before we got dressed she looked me in the eye and said 'You know, I've been with one or two other males but you may be surprised that you are the first that I've seen who wasn't circumcised' It was such fun watching your skin move over your penis like that.

I said is that the ONLY reason you want to do this again.

She didn't reply but just smiled



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