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Can't Wait for the Holidays

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I love stories about catching other people masturbating. Here is one of the hottest memories of my puberty.


I grew up in a very liberal home, my parents were swingers and my mom had several female friends that I knew had to be lovers. There was nothing overt most of the time, but I knew. Mom worked part time, but was home most afternoons. Most of the time when I got home from school mom and one of her friends was there. It seemed weird that they always came to our house.

My routine, if I was antsy was to get home from school, Middle school let out 45 minutes before HS, and go down to see the surf history of my older brothers. They had impeccable taste in porn. Lots of big dick young teen photos. I would get my pump primed and then go up to my room and rub a couple out. My favorite was in the tub with my hair brush water on my clit. I could cum in no time flat.

One day we were let out early, (there was a similar Solo Touch story a few weeks ago about a boy in similar circumstances, that and my now expected Christmas present, inspired me to write).

Anyway, I got home and went to my room, which is over the garage away from most of the house. I was kind of antsy so I figured I'd rub a couple out. This was several years ago, before tablets, smart phones, WIFI, 4G. My Dad had a lap top, but the rest of the family was forced to use one of two desktops in the family room. My brothers and sister were not let out early, so I went down to the family room in the basement, knowing I would have the computer to myself for several hours. I brought my tooth brush and hair brush to assist in my efforts. If mom came down (unlikely) there is normally time to look innocent.

My older brothers did a lot of porn surfing late at night, after my folks and I went to sleep. They never cleared their cache, so I always started by seeing what was getting them off. Mostly it was just still photos, as our dial up made videos take forever. Anyway I started surfing, and this time was totally different, there were links to a movie site to buy DVDs and all the videos were of girl on girl. I was grossed out, that this would turn my brothers on. All the videos that appeared to have been downloaded, were ones of girls on a saddle vibe contraption. I figured they had to be downloading them as even as clips it would have taken too long. I did a search of the hard drive and found a bunch of clips in my Mom's document files, in a file called recipes. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I clicked on one video after another they featured two or sometimes three women getting each other off with this saddle vibe. There were different attachments. They demonstrated different techniques, I kept the sound down low so as not to alert mom as to what I was doing. Then one time as I was switching videos, the sound seemed to continue. I was scared I had infected the computer with a virus that could be traced back to me, so I rolled back the system date and rebooted the computer. As the fans fell silent it became obvious that the sound was not coming from the computer.

I followed the sound and it was coming from my parents room. I went into my dad's shop which was right below their bedroom, it was unmistakable mom and some other woman were either getting off with one of these machines, or they found a new use for the vacuum cleaner. From the sounds of things they were being every bit as well served as the girls in the video. I lay on my Dad's bench and proceeded to fuck myself silly while buzzing my clit with my electric tooth brush. I never really came down from my first orgasm. Wave after wave washed over me. Finally I was too exhausted to go on. I laid there for several minutes catching my breath.

Then it dawned on my Mom must not know I am home, and if she finds I was downstairs all sorts of cover-up may go on, and I would never get to see what the machine looked like in person, much less try it out. So I went back to my room dressed and went out to the library. I came home at my regular time and Mom and Mrs. K were in the kitchen I commented that they looked radiant. They kind of snickered and mom said that had just gotten back from a spa treatment.

Knowing what went on I asked if I could go next time. This got Mrs K laughing and she said I'd love to take you darling but I suspect your mom might have a problem with that. Mom suggested we will discuss it when you're older. Mom changed the topic. I had to snicker to myself. Visions of the clips were now back in my head and I excused myself, to go to my room.

For the whole next month I plotted how I could be alone in the house for a couple of hours. Then an opportunity presented itself. My brother had a playoff basketball game. We were all to go. I feigned menstrual cramps, and they let me stay home alone, for only three hours, but for the first time ever. In retrospect, I may have oversold it, but everyone was fine with the idea of me not being, a very dark cloud, on this family outing.

They were no sooner out the door, then I was in my parents room searching for the machine. It was nowhere to be found. Then I remembered a closet the former owner had used for gun storage. It was across the hall from my parents room in the back of the linen closet. There was a hidden panel. I don't know what made me think of it. BINGO it was a treasure trove of all things sexual. I did not know what half the stuff was, but I saw what I wanted. The machine was right out front with a bag of attachments lying on top of it. I thought of carrying it to my room, but it was much too heavy, and if they came home early there would be no way to put it away in time, so I resigned myself to using it in the hall. It was all I could do to carry it to the hall. I applied an attachment that just had a nub where a dildo would have gone all the other attachments were much too big for me.

I plugged it in and turned it on. On the lowest setting I knew it could get the job done. I sat on the machine and started moving my crotch like the girls in the clips, it was nearly instant and amazing, I came, Very hard. It took my breath away. I lay on the thing, trying to recover enough to give it another go. It became clear why all my Mom's friends would come over to our house, I so want my best friend to have this opportunity. But I never got up the courage to make it happen.

Now several years later, my hubby and I were having a sexy night in and sharing stories from our youth. I told him about the machine. He knew exactly what I was talking about, he apparently, to this day, jerks off to sex machine videos when I'm not around. I told him we would have to find a way to borrow my Mom's machine some time when we visited. I remarked those were the most intense orgasms of my life.

WELL my pleas did not fall on deaf ears. A package came today, that I thought instantly, has to be one of those machines. I wanted to tear into it the moment I carried it in from the porch. But I figured my hubby would be pissed. I checked the credit card statement on-line and sure enough, that is what it is.

I have a day off later this week, I'm going to jill to every saddle video I can find, in anticipation of trying this thing again. My best friend is coming for New Years, I suspect she might be cumming for New Years as well. I wonder if she would allow us to include the boys. I well definitely let you know when we try it out, I'll bet this is what got my parents into swinging.



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