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Can't Stop Thinking About Some More

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This is interesting, I'm not sure what category to put it in. I'm shocked myself. I guess FF & FM would work. This is what happened tonight.


My friend called me at work today to say she was leaving for another business trip early tomorrow. She told me she can't stop thinking about this past weekend and asked if I would be free tonight. I told her I was getting home from work at 3 today and the kids were going with their dad from 3:30 - 7:30. So I told her to come by at 3:30. She did. She immediately told me she wanted to play again and asked if we could use our vibes too. I went to get mine and we spread blankets on the floor and stripped naked. She asked me to lay on my back and to spread my legs which I did. She immediately began licking my pussy. The pleasure was amazing, I started to moan and sigh and breath really heavy. I kept saying oh yes, oh yes over and over and moaning and this time instead of closing my eyes I lifted my head to watch her. The sight of her head between my legs made me even more excited. She suddenly stopped and I was thinking, oh no, you can't stop know. But she reached for my vibe and took the tip of it and inserted it into me. She did not turn it on, just put the head of it in me and then started licking my clit again. She stopped again and sat up. I just laid there watching her. She pushed my vibe into me as deep as it would go and turned it on low. MMMMMMMMMM the vibes ran through my pussy and felt so good. My clit was throbbing and I was so wet the vibe was slipping out. She grabbed a couch pillow and put it in place to hold the vibe in me. Then she reached into her back and took out 2 vibes. She inserted one into herself and turned it on, then she took the other, turned it on high, put the head of it on her clit and placed the other couch pillow on the floor. She straddled the pillow and humped it a bit and it was holding both vibes in place. She then leaned forward and rested her chin on the pillow holding my vibe in place. She used her finger on me and slid it up and down my very slippery slit and few times. Oh the sensation was so good. I was in heaven. She spread my lips as though she was going to lick me again but she started moaning herself and started humping her pillow real fast. She turned her head to the side and rested it on my pillow between my legs and her humping motion pushed my vibe in and out of me a bit as her head was moving my pillow as she humped her body. She tensed and screamed as she orgasmed. I couldn't take it and reached down and played with my clit with my finger. After she came she collapsed and laid w/ her head still on the pillow. I started bucking my hips and moaning and groaning and she placed her chin on the pillow and watched me close up wildly wiggle my finger. My legs tensed and I felt the wave hit me. My whole body shook. Finally I calmed down. We both lay there a while exhausted. We talked a bit and then she said she had to get going. She had to pack for her trip. I told her that was ok, to have a safe trip and I'd talk to her when she got back. She left and I sat mesmerized for about 20 minutes on the couch just thinking about what had occurred. Then I was going to head to the shower. It had gotten a little cold so I slipped on a t-shirt and panties. I was about to grab my vibe to clean it off in the bathroom and then shower before the kids got in. Just then there was a knock on the door. I was not expecting anyone. I opened it us and to my surprise there on my porch was my guy. He said, I missed you so much, can I come in. Of course I let him in. He had no way of knowing the kids were with their dad as it's not their usual time. He just wanted to stop by and say hi. But then I mentioned they were gone and he pretty quickly noticed my casual attire and wondered himself. Hmmmmmm, he said, do we have time, let's take advantage. Oh my! Well, he started kissing me right there in the foyer then led me to the living room and we wound up on the couch engaged in some heavy kissing. His hands wandered all over and he caressed each breast and then down to my belly and slowly he slid one hand down my panties. Wow, he said, my god are you wet. I told him I'd been doing some solo playing. This turned him on even more. He asked did you cum and I said yes. He said well you will again. He asked about the little set up on the floor and I said to him, you know I like to use my couch pillows sometimes. This intrigued him. He said, wow, you were using your vibe. I said yes. He looked around and saw it sitting on the end table. He immediately reached for it and we moved down to the floor. Hmmmmmm. Feels like I'd just been there!!!!!! Well, I figured, round 2. Totally unexpected. I could not bring myself to tell him he just missed my friend or to tell him about us so I left it that I was fooling around on my own. He stripped off my shirt and panties and I helped him out of his jeans and shirt. He was fully erect and it was pushing against his underwear. I find that so sexy. I reached into his underwear and stroked the head with my fingertips. He laid on his back and pulled off his underwear. I stroked him with one hand and then caressed his balls with the other while I rolled my palm over the head. He was so hard and moaning loud. I wrapped my hand around him and slid it down to the base and gently licked the head making little circles with my tongue. I slowly stroked him and put the whole head in my mouth and sucked it. He was breathing heavy and saying oh my god that's so good. I continued to lick down the base and back up again and then I stroked him some and then I put the head and most of his dick in my mouth and sucked him hard. I knew he was getting ready to cum so I pulled off him and he was so excited he rolled me on my back and spread my legs wide. He said, I bet you haven't had this in a while and went down on me sliding his tongue up and down my slit. I chuckled to myself. He was thinking all I'd had in 2 full weeks was my fingers and my vibe and no oral. Little did he know I'd just had it less than an hour before. But it still felt good and he sucked hard on my clit. A bit too hard and I became sore, especially from the attention it has just received. I pulled his head up which is his indication I want him to penetrate me and he was ready and willing. He got on top of me and rammed in deep. He pumped hard and fast in his excitement. As far as I know, he's only masturbated and has not been in a pussy in 2 weeks. He did seem a bit more excited than usual and he came fast and hard blowing a huge load into me. With him it's different. Afterwards we cuddled and talked and caressed and played right there naked on the living room floor. He got hard again as we kissed deeply and he rolled on top of me and penetrated me again, this time slow and steady and gentle. He kept this up for a long time then pushed up with his arms and thrust deep into me and came again. He never did use my vibe on me. I invited him to shower with me and I took the vibe into the bathroom with us, cleaned it off and put it away. Then we enjoyed a nice hot shower and I soaped him up and stroked him again. He got so hard and I kept stroking him faster and faster and gripped harder and harder. He could barely stand. He leaned back against the wall, closed his eyes and shot across the shower. We dressed and he fell asleep on the couch watching tv. My kids will be home soon and will go up to bed and maybe when he wakes we can have one more round before he needs to go home for the night.
This whole thing was completely unexpected. I still don't know if I should tell him about me and my friend. For now, I'm just enjoying watching him sleep soundly on my couch.



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