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Can't Stop

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A never-ending story


I don't remember masturbating when I was a little kid, but I must have been obsessed with my penis even then, because my parents had me circumcised (ouch) when I was seven. I'm pretty sure they got tired of me playing with myself and my nice long foreskin.

When I was about 12, my father gave me the birds-and-bees talk, and told me masturbation wasn't manly and that I should avoid it. An hour later I was in the bathroom masturbating my penis to see what it felt like. I rubbed hard and soon felt a sensation like I had to pee. I kept masturbating and soon shot my cum onto the floor. Oh, it felt sooo good I knew I would enjoy it always, as I still do.

I quickly discovered I enjoyed reading sexy stories and began searching newsstands and bookstores for sexy material. I also discovered I loved to masturbate with other boys at the all-boys school I attended. One friend and I would sneak off to a seldom-used bathroom where we would watch each other's penis as we masturbated and squirted onto the floor.

I first masturbated another guy, my best friend, who was uncut and had what I thought was a very large penis. It was so exciting to touch him, and it always made me very hard and erect. His penis was hard and hot, but his skin was soft. I loved rubbing his foreskin across the head, watching precum bubble out of his slit. I pulled his foreskin back a little and rubbed the head of his penis. Then I pulled his foreskin up and palmed it over his glans. Soon he started moaning and pushing his penis into my hand; he came and his cum slickened my hand to use on my own very hard member. We did that for years and I still think about his hard cock when I masturbate...as I am doing while I write this.

By the time I reached college, I knew I loved to masturbate all the time and that I liked doing it with other guys. My neighbor visited my dorm room, and we started talking about masturbating. I asked if he wanted to do it then, he said yes and we showed each other our very excited penises. I couldn't wait to touch him; he was so hard and obviously excited by my own penis. Neither of us could take our eyes off each other. I got on my knees between his legs and watched from only a couple of inches as he ejaculated sperm all over his hand and stomach. I came all over myself without even touching my penis. I was so turned on.

I get turned on masturbating with both men and women, and long ago came to terms with my raving bisexuality. I figure to maximize my pleasure instead of restricting my sexuality to only one gender. I love watching a woman's vulva as she gets turned on and wet. Her clitoris extends out from between her lips as she rubs its hood, and her labia open and throb with wetness. I love it when a woman masturbates to ejaculation.

I still masturbate so much I know I can't stop doing it, and that's okay. I get doubly excited when I know another person can't take their eyes off my penis and stroking hand.

I've already masturbated today, but writing this story has turned me on again. I paused between paragraphs to spread precum around my penis, and know I'll cum again when I'm done writing. I am very close now and using a circle of my thumb and forefinger to rub around the ridge of my glans. It is so sensitive and makes my whole penis throb...oops! That was more than a throb. I guess I couldn't wait.



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