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Can't Help but Feel Wet (2)

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After my very first public admission of my favorite masturbating preference, I decided to take the considerations of fellow Solo Touch masturbators and explore my naughty but very sexy habit another level. Thank you Solo Touch!


It was a few days ago and a cool spring morning. I woke with that familiar arousal as I do every morning only this time there was a slight variation.

The wetting of my bed during the night while having another one of my hot illicit dreams just set me off! It all felt different for me though. After I had exposed myself the way I did on this site, there were a few comments that really intrigued me. It was my hot dream that woke me up, I was soaked and so was my bed! I was so horny!! I closed my eyes to try and take myself back to that dreamlike state just to see if I could recollect what made me so HOT and WET.

Then... It all became so clear!

My friend Mae and I were walking back from a night out on the town. We had such a great night, listening to music and dancing. We had a few drinks during the course of the night and because we were so excited to be out, we completely ignored the calls our bladders were making to us! At this point, our bladders were absolutely screaming for relief and because of our inebriated states and the arousal of all that dancing we did together, we had no other choice than to find a secluded spot to at least pee.

We headed down an alley, it was kinda lit but seemed clear of any passing traffic. Mae desperately had to go. She asked me to squat in front of her just in case a passerby caught a glimpse of what we were up to. I followed her instructions and squatted to 'guard' her. I heard her take a deep breath and on her exhale she started to pee onto the road. I don't know what it was, I've always had a 'pee buddy' when I went out but this time was different. I wanted so badly to turn towards her to watch. I could feel splashes of pee leaving droplets on the small of my back as I watched a trail of her pee run down between my own legs. I could feel the desperation of my own pussy as well as the urgency of my bladder.

'I can't hold on! I can feel my jeans getting wet, hurry!!' I exclaimed! Mae apologized and quickly finished off. 'Sorry' she remarked, 'your turn!' We took two steps to the side to avoid her path of pee but the spot was a bit more lit than the last. Mae pulled her skirt up again to save it from getting wet, she was at eye level with my crotch. 'ooh' she said 'you really couldn't hold on, could you?' we both started laughing and instantly the wet spot on my faded blue jeans grew into a darkening patch. I quickly pulled my wet jeans and panties down to my knees and started to let go. Now, because I had not gone to the bathroom the whole night, my hot pee came out of me like a fireman's hose to an open flame and it reached out towards Mae's red panties. This made me so horny! We were cracking ourselves up with my stream of pee chasing Mae's red hot panties. I just couldn't control it and the more I pee'd the hornier I became.

I reached down between my legs and tried to point my clit towards the street so I wouldn't make such a mess. This just made my warm piss splash all up over my bare bottom and just made me even hornier. My finger was already on my clit, so I just started to rub. I just couldn't hold on anymore!!! Mae has always been the type of girl that always said, if you gotta go, you gotta go! Well, this was one of those times where I needed to finish what I started! Mae suggested I stand up and lean against the brick wall out of the light if I needed to finish myself off. I leaned my wet bare ass against the brick wall and with my wet jeans still around my thighs I proceeded to rub one out. Mae pointed out how The light shone on both of our puddles of pee in the alley. Seeing that made me want to pee again but now I was desperate to cum as well. As Mae 'guarded' me from any possible public humiliation, I spread my legs further and continued my strong stream of pee onto the street. 'SHIT' Mae turned towards me with wide eyes and her hand up her skirt as she watched my arc of pee hit the ground below me. 'I can't believe you can pee standing up, that's HOT!' getting her that excited was enough to send me over the edge and by then, I really couldn't hold on ANY longer!!!

That's when I woke up with my finger on my hard clitoris and my bed still warm from my recent soaking!!

That morning on my way to work, I stopped at the neighborhood drug store, my confidence boosted by my blissful state of waking from such a HOT and very WET dream. I went straight to the adult diaper section and on the bottom shelf, there they were: DEPENDS maximum. I put a packet in my basket along with a container of Metamucil as a 'decoy'.

I walked up to the check out with my heart racing. I wasn't sure what I was so anxious about, buying a pack of adult diapers? The embarrassment or the excitement of what I was about to do as soon as I got into my car???

'Just on my way to see my Nana on my way into work' I offered... Did the young cashier believe me?? I didn't care! All I was thinking about was how exciting it would be to wet myself and masturbate without making a mess in my car!



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