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Can't Figure It Out

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Can't figure it out
This is a different situation I have yet to figure out. I live in an apartment and I have a neighbor that likes me quite a bit. She is really shy and has wrote me notes asking me if I would go out with her but never outright asked me. I am not saying that I am the best looking guy in the world but she doesn't appeal to me enough to go out with her and shes just not my type. One look at her and you would think without question that she is a butch lesbian. She always wears jeans, has very short hair, wears baseball caps, t-shirts, and is a carpenter. She has asked me to have dinner a few times in her apt and I did once to be nice.
Well one time she caught me on my way into my apt when I got home from work and we talked for a while. She told me she had a bunch of her friends husbands pornos that she had to get rid of for a while cause her parents were coming to stay for a while. She said that the other day her friend and friends husband brought them over and they put one in the vcr. She told me her friends husband went to the bathroom in the middle of watching one and was in there for quite a while. She said she asked her friend what was taking her husband so long and she told her he was probably jacking off. She said they teased him after he got out and after a bit they left. My neighbor asked me if I wanted to keep a few for a while to watch and I said yes of course. She brought them over and I asked her if she wanted to watch one and she said she didn't care. I put one in the vcr and sat down and watched with her and we both made comments about what was going on in the video. Well I was horny and decided I better go to the bathroom and get rid of the bulge in my pants. She said if your in there longer than a minute I will know what you are doing. I said well its going to be longer than a minute. I got in the bathroom and started to stroke my cock for a while. I decided to go back out after a few minutes to see what her reaction would be. She kind of laughed and said I hope you feel better. I started watching again and made a few more trips to the bathroom and each time I stroked my cock for just a few minutes. Finally I made a decision that I might get lucky and get a little even though I didn't like her more than just a friend or she would finally stop greeting me at my door every day after work if I tried something. I started to rub my cock through my jeans just enough so I knew she would notice. She didn't say anything so then I told her that since she knew what I was doing in the bathroom would she mind if I did it right here. She said she didn't care so I pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat back in the recliner and started to stroke my cock in front of her while we both watched the porno. She kept talking to me so she could face me and see my hand sliding up and down my cock. I did look in the corner of my eyes to see her watching me when she wasn't talking to me. My cock was hard as a rock and I started to rub my balls with my other hand. I picked up a cigarette and put it in my mouth and went back to rubbing my balls and jacking off. I asked her if she would lite my cig and she came over and bent over and lit the cig. As she bent over she nearly lit the center of the cig as she watched me stroke my cock. She quickly looked up when she realized she was staring at my cock stroking. I had the hope she
would go down and start sucking my cock but she went back to her seat.
I was watching to see if she started to grind her hips or maybe start playing with herself but she never did. I even asked her if she wanted to touch herself and said I wouldn't mind but she just said she didn't need to and has never done it before. She then said that she knew guys needed to do it but she just never had the need to and that was that. I kept stroking my cock slow and holding off my orgasm to see if she would get horny enough and do something about it but it never did so after about 30 min of stroking my cock I decided I wasn't going to get that lucky. I made my legs stiff and started stroking faster and faster. I could feel my whole cock shaft start to tingle and knew I was going to cum all over the place. Then I started to shoot my cum wildly and shot about two feet in the air twice and I looked over at her and she was watching it all out of the corner of her eyes. I then shot the rest of my cum all over my cock, chest and hand. I haven't came that hard in a while and it felt sooooo good.
After I was done I asked her if she would get a towel for me and she did. I was hoping I could get her to wipe my cum off of me and she did come close to doing that but she just unfolded the towel and put it on my cock and touched my cock through the towel and said she had to go. Since then she has watched me cum 3 more times while watching the pornos with her but its the same every time except unlike the first time she just stayed in her seat till I came. After I came each time she leaves abruptly and thats it. I imagine she needs to get off those drenched wet panties and play with her pussy in private cause she is too embarrassed to do it in front of me. I just cant figure it out if she is just too shy or knows she doesn't want to do anything with me cause she knows I just want to be friends with her. I don't want to push a thing cause even though I am not interested in her other than a friend, I like to have her watch me jack off. I would rather be able to watch her but I will take what I can get. She has been away taking care of a relative and I hardly see her any more but I imagine It will happen again.



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