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'Can't Call Him Little Cousin Anymore!'

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I've loved Solo Touch since I found it a couple months ago and I finally have my own TRUE story to tell. :D


I've recently moved to a new city, right next door to my uncle, recently divorced, and my cousins. I hadn't seen them in almost five years, and although we spoke on the phone and online, I don't think I ever really understood the changes that took place until I actually witnessed them first hand. After the divorce, my uncle totally submerged himself in his work, rarely ever coming home, while my cousin, Nicole, now 18, was a full time student at university out of state. My cousin, Matt, whom I was still expecting to be the 'little guy' I played Pokemon with so many Christmases ago was now a full-fledged, hormone-fueled teen, attending high school and a stark difference from the innocent guy I knew.

Now 16, he had grown tremendously since, towering at about 5'8', which is pretty tall for his age, and sporting a boyish, lean body, hugged in over sized basketball tshirts. His voice had obviously dropped and I noticed his face became more mature, but still had this fresh, teen glow.

Last Saturday, after storing some boxes in the garage, I decided to shoot some hoops, because it had been pretty cool and I hadn't had much time to myself with all the moving. Being pretty athletic myself, I missed all my playing buddies and just threw the ball around before deciding to go in. Just then, I saw Matt exiting his friend's car, probably coming from basketball practice, he's on his school's team, and then he came over, introducing the other guys in the car. After we all talked for a bit, the guys went off and we hung around the driveway, taking shots and catching up.

It was getting kinda dark so I invited him for a cola and to cool off and hang out on the back porch. While we were catching up there, we started talking about girls to which the following conversation came up:

'Yeah, I haven't got any in a while', Matt said.

'HA. You? Dude, you're 16!'

'Yeah? I got needs man.'

'Well I haven't got any kind of anything in a while. Especially with all the packing and moving.'

'Always porn.'

'Can't find my laptop charger, it's still in some box'


'In the boxes man.'

'Shit. Well, I got two new sweet movies from Mark. Wanna check it out?'

I didn't say anything. What did he mean by checking it out? Like watching it together? I don't know. I was secretly turned on, but didn't know how to go with it. I felt like he was my cousin, but he wasn't the guy that I knew. I felt like it was just one of my buddies or something. I said 'Sure', and he went next door to his house and upstairs to his room. He showed me in and locked the door behind him, stripping off his b-ball tshirt and revealing a semi glistening lean torso, tough and tensing with every deep breath he took. I was pretty hot too, but I wasn't sure if it was from the play or the situation.

While he flopped through some files and books looking for the DVDs, I noticed his boxers printed almost clearly against his think b-ball shorts. His butt looked pretty nice and round and I almost got caught staring at it when he turned around with a disc in his hand and popped it in.

It was a mix of Asian and white women and he seemed really into it, not really noticing I was there until he handed the remote to me. I just kinda took it and flipped through when he asked me to go back, finding a particular girl extremely sexy. I admit she was pretty hot, but it was very hard to concentrate in this situation. Was I going to have my first guy on guy experience?

I tried not to look at him, until he admitted.

'I'm really horny man.'

'Ha. Yeah. Me too.'

'You wanna jerk?'

I could see his semi-hard penis pushing his shorts out. I just kinda nodded in agreement.

He took it and stood up, eyes fixed on the tv and started undoing the string on his shorts. Unlike my first impression, his body really wasn't boyish at all. His armpits sprouted short dark hair and he had a fair treasure trail of hair leading all the way down to the top of his boxers. His legs were hairy and very toned. I took off my tshirt and just flung it behind the chair I was sitting on and looked over to see him pulling down his pants and his boxers simultaneously. Out sprung his hardening cock, which matched every other part of his grown body, sporting a fair amount of dark pubic hair and long drooping balls. His cock was almost at full mast and rock hard and bounced up and down when he roughly passed his hand along the shaft. He seemed pretty proud of his cock hair making it known to me and asking if I shaved or 'let it grow'. I said, I had shaved it but it was growing back and he smiled and turned back to the television, slowly stroking his now throbbing cock. It extended outward and up and looked pretty appetizing from where I was. He was big, for his age at least. I estimated it to be around my size, smaller in thickness but matching in length, about 6 and a half inches and I felt kind of ashamed to put my boy out there.

After silently stroking for a while, him openly, me in my shorts, only interuppted by one or two of his moans, he looked over and said:

'This working for you?'

Thinking he meant the scene, I said, 'Sure. Yeah.'

He walked over and grabbed the chair close to his pc desk and pulled it next to mine and just kinda leaned back stroking his cock while watching me. I didn't say anything and just continued to stroke it until he kinda tugged on my pants. He then said:

'You stroke me.'

I was like 'Okay' and put my left hand on his cock while trying to free my cock of its constraints. But damn. His cock was thick too. Much more than I estimated. He looked bigger and fuller in my hand, although I think I was just overwhelmed with it all. After pulling my shorts down past my knees, he just grabbed my cock and started jerking it pretty normally. He wasn't shy or nervous and just commented that we were around the same size.

I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand and decided to go for it and starting really stroking it long and hard, to which he just threw back his head with a sigh of pure satisfaction. He said it felt good to feel someone else's hand on his cock. I could smell his lusty odor coming off him, his legs open wide, his hairy balls jumping with every tug, his bushy pubes matted with sweat and sticky pre-cum. I was totally enjoying having his big hands on my cock. He was working me out a good jerk and was disregarding the porn now, moving his eyes from my cock to his.

He started to breathe faster after a while and his legs and face tensed so I knew he was going to blow. He stopped jerking me and just pushed himself back enjoying every long stroke on his shaft. Suddenly, he let out a loud moan and a huge stream of cum squirted out, flying across and smacking the tv screen. Smaller squirts of cum came out before some oozed down his shaft while he put his head back loving his ejaculation.

I was so hard during this and he noticed, scooping up the cum at the base of his penis and around the head and smeared it all over my stiff cock, grinding his warm hands up and down my thick cock. He came in front of me and got between my legs, stroking me hard and fast and I just tapped him on the shoulder when I was ready to pop. He continued pumping and my cum just shot straight up and fell on his chair and some on his chest. He continued stroking me making sure every last drop of cum leaked out before removing his hand and grabbing my tshirt and cleaning up.

After we cleaned up, we talked for a while, making jokes, saying how good it felt and the plans for the rest of the weekend. I ended up spending the night over at his house and we did it twice that night again. And it was still awesome.

I still can't believe how big and hairy his dick is for his age, I really can't call him little cousin anymore!



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