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Candle Lady Visits

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Finally got up enough nerve to ask her...


I previously wrote of when I masturbated in front of the 'candle lady'. She is a casual friend of my wife's and sells candles part time.

The last time the candle lady was at our house I was on the couch masturbating. Yes, I'm positive she got a good look at me!

For several months I plotted my next masturbation session, and waited for the ideal time and conditions. Finally, I got lucky: I had the house to myself, and found out that the candle lady was going to stop by and leave some order forms for purchasing candles for the holiday season.

I slipped out of my work clothes and put a robe on, nothing else. I put a couple of cd's in the stereo and sat on the couch, slowly stroking my penis. I had decided to gather up enough courage and ask the candle lady if she would spend a few minutes with me.

I heard her car in the driveway and went to the side door. I purposely tied my robe very loosely, so it was partially open. I opened the door and greeted the candle lady, inviting her in. She stepped into the kitchen with me. She was dressed in jeans and a light pullover sweatshirt.

We made small talk for a minute, and she asked me if she had taken me from a nap. I replied that, no, I was going to take a shower soon, that's all. I told her that I've been spending a lot of time by myself, since my wife travels a couple of times a month, for her job. I then asked the candle lady if she'd like to come in for a minute, and show me all the order forms. She followed me into the living room.

I had left some newspapers on both chairs, so the only open seats were on the couch. She sat down and opened her folder and pulled out a few pieces of paper. I then sat down next to her, and made sure my robe was open enough so she could see.

We were talking about the various candles and finally I told her I needed to ask her an important question. I told her that I hoped she didn't get upset. With that introduction, I KNEW she wanted to hear more!

I told her that I must be going through a mid-life crisis a little early, because I'm constantly horny and always touching myself. I told her that, in fact, I was masturbating when she pulled into the driveway. She looked at me a ltttle nervously, but replied that her husband must be going through the same thing!

I got a little braver and untied my robe so she could see my semi-erect penis. She said my name, and repeated it again. I then started to play with myself and asked if she would just sit there and watch me. She managed to mumble 'okay.'

In a matter of seconds I was fully erect and feeling good. I kept glancing over at the candle lady, and her eyes were on my erection. I began to get very warm, and my heart was beating very fast. I told her I'd stop if she felt uncomfortable, but she didn't say anything.

I then told her I was about ready to explode, and would she help me out for the last few seconds? Without any hesitation, she reached over and softly grabbed my penis and slid her hand up and down expertly. I was in heaven! It had been a long time since anyone but my wife touched me.

I didn't last too much longer, in a matter of 30 seconds or so, I was at the 'point of no return.' I told her to do her best to aim my penis towards my chest. She obeyed, and after a few more gentle strokes I started exploding all over my chest and stomach. She kept stroking as I came, she knew what she was doing!

I told her 'thank you' and reached in my robe pocket for a tissue. I gave her a tissue to wipe her hand and used a second one to clean myself.

The candle lady then said she should be going, and without another word, she said to have my wife call her when she wanted to place another candle order. I followed her to the side door, and off she went.

I went back to the couch and sat down, thinking about what just happened. I was starting to feel a little guilty, when all of a sudden, the candle lady honked her horn twice as she pulled out of my driveway! Hmmm. Maybe I'll try again, soon?



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