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Candle Fun

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As I get older sometimes I am not up for the rigors of having intercourse, so sometimes a quick masturbation session is the answer. When I masturbate I have found that anal stimulation is a big plus. I discovered anal stimulation years ago when I was getting my annual prostate exams. Unlike some men who dread it I actually enjoy having a finger inserted in my anus and having my prostate massaged. I tried to get my wife to massage my prostate for me but she really doesn't like doing it. So for years I have been using self anal stimulation to enhance my masturbation experience. For the past few years instead of my finger have been using a candle for added stimulation. I take a 12' candle and lube it up and insert it up my anus. I can get about eight and a half inches in me and it feels great, as I get closer to ejaculation my anus contracts around the candle creating a wonderful ejaculatory and anal experience.

This is where my story really begins. One day I was vacuuming our bedroom and the vacuum hit something under the corner of the bed. I bent down and reached under the bed and found a candle. As I picked it up my wife walked into the room and said what's that and I said a candle. Now I am very careful not to leave these around after I use them so this seemed odd to me. I looked at my wife and said 'strange wonder how this got here. She looked a little nervous and blushed a little. Then she said I must have dropped it there when I was finished with it. I looked confused and said I don't understand. Well she said I know all guys masturbate, well us girls do it also. I use the candle to stimulate my vagina. Can you explain a little I said. Well when I masturbate as I rub my clitoris and get aroused my vagina needs attention also so I insert the candle in me to satisfy my needs. It works great she said. I said better than me? She said no but different, its quick and easy and always available if you are not. She then went on to say that its deeper. She can get about 10' of the candle up her and it feels fantastic. Sorry honey but you are only six inches and that extra four inches really fills me up and takes me to orgasm heaven.

I then said I have to admit I use also use a candle sometimes for anal stimulation when I masturbate. She laughed, and then said that she is glad she is not the only one in the family with a love of candles. I went on to say I would love to watch her take 10' of candle in her vagina. (Over the years after having children and years of hard pounding by me her vaginal opening has become very large but I never realized it was so deep) She replied 'I will think about it'.

Well a few days went by and one night after dinner I was pleasantly surprised. My wife went to the cupboard and came back with two candles, and smiled. She went on to say that she thought about or conversation and was curious. If I wanted to see her have sex with a candle, she wanted to see me take one up the ass at the same time. I said that's a deal.

We went to the bedroom and undressed. She then lay on the bed spread eagle rubbing her clitoris. I stood at the foot of the bed staring at her vagina stroking myself. After a few minutes she said I'm ready, spread her legs even wider and inserted the candle in her vagina. Slowly at first then in and out until it was about gone inside her. She was holding it by the wick fucking herself with a candle. She said having fun, now it's your turn. I took my candle lubed it up and slowly inserted it up my ass. It got in about eight inches, and she was surprised how much I could take in the ass. I said I have been doing this for a while and like your vagina it stretches with use. We both laughed and continued to insert our candles and stroke ourselves. It wasn't long before we both came in glorious fashion.

Personally I don't think I have ever come more intensely.

I then went over and gave my wife a kiss and thanked her for leaving the candle under the bed.

Then I suggested have you ever thought of using a two or three inch pillar candle to really fill your vagina? She replied I will if you will.

I said ouch my anus hurts just thinking about it. She laughed and said maybe I'll try two inches next time and smiled.



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